Dumbbell Dumbbell Exercises for Women at Home

Dumbbell Arm Workout to Reduce Volume and Tone Muscles

It is a common misconception that you can lose weight in the arm area by doing only isolated exercises. And that only biceps curls and reverse push-ups will help you get your handles in order.

However, the best strategy is to do a well-balanced workout that targets all muscles: legs, core, upper body, and cardio. This, along with a healthy diet, is the key to not only reducing arm fat, but toning your entire body.

Do not be alarmed that this complex for the house may seem to you aimed only at quickly pumping up your arms. As soon as you start doing the exercises, you immediately know that your whole body is working.

For best results, do this workout program at least 3 times a week, making sure to include leg and glute exercises as well.


To complete this workout you need:

Note for beginners: If you are new to fitness or strength training, then you can do this arm workout without any weights or with very light weights (1 to 3 kg). You can also do fewer reps and sets than suggested, but you can still pump your arms to the fullest with this set.

Warm-up: mountain climbers

Take the position for a regular plank on straight arms. Your body should form one straight line.

Bend your legs, bringing your knees to your chest. Minimize bounce by keeping your core, shoulders, and arms as tight as possible. Finish 20 reps counting reps from both sides as one repetition.

Dumbbell Dumbbell Exercises for Women at Home

How to disassemble a generator on a VAZ? (Video)

It is quite possible to repair a generator on a VAZ 2110 car with your own hands. You can either partially repair the element or completely replace it. It all depends on the specific situation and the degree of wear of the device.

According to the operation manual, a scheduled check of the condition of the generator should be carried out every 50 thousand kilometers. But this is provided that the device is working properly.

Checking the alternator relay on the vehicle

Replacing the VAZ 2110 generator regulator relay

However, before proceeding with the replacement, it is necessary to check whether the problem is really with the faulty relay. In this case, it will be checked directly on the car. For this you need:

  • Take a voltmeter with a scale of 15-30.
  • Turn on the engine.
  • Turn on the headlights (see Replacing headlights with VAZ 2110: do it yourself).
  • The engine must run for at least 15 minutes.

Note: you can turn on the 2nd speed, but it is best to turn on the 3rd speed, as this will consume a little less gasoline. And the result will be achieved much faster.

Checking removed relay

Replacing the regulator relay on the VAZ 2110 generator

It is advisable to check the relay together with the brush holder, since in some cases malfunctions occur due to poor contact between the relay and the brushes. To check the regulator after removing it, you need:

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