Drinking alcohol with high acidity

Walking in the summer along the embankment of Kerch in a local tent, I came across one unfamiliar design jar, but a familiar manufacturer. The price, of course, in such places is space, but the "bartender" began to assure me of exceptional taste, which, in fact, I was led to.

The famous Swallow's Nest and the Swallow are depicted on the bank, and the name is executed in a nice font - it seems to be good. But below are the attributes of regional beer - the inscription "premium" and medals won at various exhibitions, although, in my opinion, large producers have long since departed from this. The only useful information is contained in the circle - "production time 37 days", which is not a bad thing, since long aging is only beneficial to the drink.

So much has been written, but what taste is still particularly incomprehensible) Besides the "flower taste", there is no useful information.

Light filtered pasteurized beer.

  • Style - I think the Euro-lager.
  • Alcohol - 5.%. Density - 12.%.
  • Ingredients - prepared drinking water, light barley malt, corn grits, hops.
  • Volume - 0.5 liters in an aluminum can.
  • Freshness - 3 months. Expiration date - 9 months
  • Manufacturer - JSC "Beer and non-alcoholic plant" Crimea ", Simferopol. / Li>
  • Price - 130 rubles in a tent near the embankment of the city of Kerch, Crimea. / Li>

    Fairly dry beer, just right for thirst quenching on the Riviera. And on the back, they continue to show us meaningless pictograms - high-quality malt, elite hops, unique technology, but as long as possible, it would be better to write something about the taste.

    Looking closely

    The color is deep golden, there are few bubbles. The foam is coarse, but does not fall off immediately. It seems like nothing looks like that.


    Smell grainy but flat - a light grainy sweetness screwed into an equally light alcoholicity. There is a certain unmalted grain component in the aroma, apparently this is corn.


    The body and aeration are soft, as befits a matured beer, and the taste is not whole - like there is wateriness, but it comes with sweetness, and not whole because this sweetness does not seem to come from malt. Yes, and everything flows into something that looks like powdered sugar, and then there is a dirty bitterness, I think this dirtyness from hops. I don't notice the flower taste, as we were promised in the description.

    The ingredients of beer and its effect on the gastrointestinal tract

    Beer is considered a low-alcohol drink, but it is carbonated - this suggests that it contains ethyl alcohol. Some types contain up to 12 - 14% alcohol, 1 bottle of foamy drink is equal to 80 - 100 g of vodka. The constant filling of the stomach with this liquid leads to fermentation, which negatively affects the state of health: it excites the mucous membrane and poisons it.

    Effect of the product on organs:

    Bottom line - how to drink beer safely

    With exacerbation and chronic gastritis, beer is prohibited, even unfiltered. During the period of remission, this is the least dangerous type of foamy drink, but you can drink it only with the recommendations:

    • Dosage. No more than a glass a month.
    • Food. Do not drink on an empty stomach.
    • Price. You cannot save on health. Quality drinks are expensive.
    • Snacks. No chips or croutons.
    • Pills. Do not combine medicines and alcohol - it is fraught with poisoning.
    • Individual characteristics of the organism. They should be taken into account to avoid complications. Take the time to consult a doctor to ensure that the beer will not harm you.

    It is impossible to cure gastritis with beer, excessive consumption of any kind, even live, is fraught with exacerbation and development of gastritis in new stages. In addition, excessive addiction to alcoholic beverages, including beer, leads to the development of alcoholism, when it is impossible to give up drinking.

    Don't abuse alcohol

    Alcohol destroys the psyche, health and leads to the development of serious illnesses incompatible with life. Remember this when you are tempted to drink.

    Take care of yourself and your health! [Total: 5 Average: 4. / 5]

    Beer for gastritis with high acidity

    High acidity in gastritis is when the mucous membrane becomes inflamed, and a large amount of hydrochloric acid is located in the gastric juice, due to which the stomach membrane suffers. At this stage, the person does not notice any noticeable violations. Therefore, he believes that everything can be drunk. However, this does not apply to alcohol for gastritis.

    If you drink a glass of beer, it will cause the least pain in the stomach, as it is instantly stopped by the anesthetic effect of alcohol. But, doctors warn that at this moment irreversible processes begin in the body.

    But experts are adamant - smoking with pancreatitis is strictly prohibited and this addiction must be quit immediately.

    Smoking with pancreatitis

    Let's consider the problem in more detail. To begin with, smokers are more likely to have problems with the pancreas than other patients. In addition, such people are often diagnosed with a stomach ulcer, as well as a chronic form of pancreatitis. Research by scientists has proven that the use of nicotine increases the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. In particular, when smoking cheap cigarettes. Are missing a filter or have a high level of tobacco tar.

    What about passive smoking in pancreatitis? Such a habit will negatively affect the diseased organ. Statistics show that about 600 thousand people die from secondhand smoke on the planet every year. At the same time, 300 thousand are for small children. Based on this information, a law was adopted to ban tobacco smoking in public places.

    Prevention and treatment of pancreatitis

    For a successful cure, follow the rules:

    Effects of tobacco products on disease

    So, we continue to consider the peculiarities of smoking in pancreatitis. The addiction increases the production of juice in the pancreas, thereby exacerbating its inflammation. The toxic resin negatively affects the acetylcholine receptors, thereby increasing the level of adrenaline in the blood. In parallel with this, the glucose index increases, the pancreas forms more insulin. Thus, provoking the inflammatory process. We can say that inflammation of the pancreas, pancreatitis when smoking is inevitable. The more a person consumes cigarettes, the sooner he will develop this disease.

    What are the complications of pancreatitis?

    To aggravate the course of the disease include:

    • organ calcification (active occurrence of stones);
    • development of exocrine insufficiency;
    • occurrence of pseudocysts.

    It should be noted that the starting point of acute pancreatitis is the prolonged use of alcohol, and smoking is its catalyst. Those who drink more than 400 grams of alcoholic beverages per month increase the likelihood of organ inflammation by about 4 times, but this does not mean that smoking with pancreatitis is possible.

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