Donetsk, Lugansk and Rostov measured bananas: where is cheaper

Where bananas are cheaper, a blogger from Lugansk decided to find out. Probably, by analogy with the Big Mac index, he decided to compare the standard of living in Lugansk, Donetsk and in the Rostov region with the help of bananas.

He wrote about this in his author's telegram channel "Journalism with taste" (Although now there is a danger that evil tongues will call him "Journalism with a taste of banana").

"And now a little about prices in Lugansk, it is not in vain that people write and say that we have some products that are twice as expensive as in Rostov, and in general the prices (with the exception of taverns) are Moscow ones." , - wrote the author in his telegram channel and posted a check from the Magnit store, located in the city of Taganrog, Rostov region of the Russian Federation.

And for comparison, and bananas with a price tag in the Luhansk store "Spar":

“In the Rostov magnet, the price of bananas is 62.99 rubles. In the Luhansk pair - 117.28 rubles. For other products, the difference is relatively the same, ”the author concludes (the style and spelling of the original are preserved).

Residents of Donbass joined the discussion, someone agreed with the author, someone doubted the correctness of his economic theory.

A resident of Donetsk added a photo of a banana from a local store in the comments for completeness.

The cost of bananas in Donetsk is 95 rubles per kilogram.

So, the Luhansk banana is the most expensive banana presented.

But the experiment can be continued. We are waiting for a photo of bananas with prices from Moscow, Kiev and Washington.

Luhansk vs. Severodonetsk Where food prices are higher and where prices rise more

Donetsk, Lugansk and Rostov measured bananas: where is cheaper

Diarrhea is a disorder in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, manifested in the increased loss of feces along with unprocessed food, liquid and nutrients. To speed up recovery, it is not enough to take medications, it is necessary to completely rebuild the diet. Banana for diarrhea is the best way to get rid of intestinal upset and repair damaged mucous membranes.

The beneficial properties of the fruit

Why do doctors recommend eating a banana for diarrhea? It's all about the fibrous structure. The body quickly assimilates the fruit, and its fibrous structure and fiber helps to hold liquid feces together.

Banana helps cells regenerate faster. The fruit stimulates the normalization of the intestines and stomach. The composition includes useful substances: zinc, manganese, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium.

The pulp is filled with vitamins: B, C, E, K and pectins necessary for the body. They have the ability to prevent a lot of fluid loss by absorbing excess fluid, and to normalize water balance, since the fruit is mostly water. Removes harmful toxins from the stomach, leaving useful substances.

The tannins of the fruit fibers have an astringent effect. This quality sets it apart from other fresh fruits. Amino acid and inulin have a beneficial effect on the microflora of internal organs. Therefore, bananas are recommended for intestinal upset, which will help eliminate alarming symptoms.

A useful property of the fruit is that it is hypoallergenic. It is permissible to eat for children and adults.

With diarrhea, the daily rate is 2 pcs. Loose stools wash potassium out of the body. The pulp of the fruit is able to restore water balance, save the body from dehydration. Two golden treats will completely restore your potassium.

Why is banana good for you?

Banana is a good source of energy for the human body due to its high carbohydrate content. For people with active lifestyles, the inclusion of banana fruits in the diet is indispensable. The banana fiber base is beneficial and non-irritating to the gastric mucosa and lining. Banana flushes excess fluids from the body and helps the digestive tract. Recommended for chronic stages of diseases of the gastrointestinal system. This fruit is actively used in cosmetology due to its positive effect on the skin. Banana:

For whom the fruit is contraindicated

Not everyone can use and eat banana as a remedy for diarrhea. If there are diseases: thrombophlebitis, cholecystitis, a previous heart attack or stroke, the fruit is contraindicated.

A blogger from Lugansk decided to introduce the

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, peptic ulcers, etc.) belong to pathologies, one of the main points of treatment for which is diet. In the initial stages of such pathologies, sometimes only diet contributes to a significant improvement in a person's condition. In most known diets, fruit prohibitions apply to sour or tough fruits, as well as small-seed berries. But the use of sweet and soft fruits is encouraged and even considered healthy. Are bananas good for gastritis, what is the opinion of gastroenterologists about this southern fruit?

What do gastroenterologists say about bananas?

The attitude of gastroenterologists to banana is positive, since this fruit is not prohibited by any medical table. That is why, when asked whether it is possible to eat bananas with gastritis, any doctor dealing with gastrointestinal problems will answer in the affirmative.

The fruits contain so many useful substances that their effect on the gastric mucosa will not only not worsen the course of gastritis, but will also contribute to tissue regeneration and the healing of erosions that have appeared.

Some researchers claim that these fruits reduce the activity of the helicobacter pillory bacteria, which provoke the development of gastritis and stomach ulcers. And since gastritis is an inflammatory disease of the gastric mucosa, such an effect of the fruit can even be considered curative.

Can I drink banana juice?

We have found out whether it is possible to eat bananas during an exacerbation of gastritis, clarified the features of use for hyperacid, atrophic, and other forms of gastritis. With fruit sorted out - let's move on to juices.

Of course, a packaged drink from a supermarket with a rich set of preservatives is unlikely to suit you. Maybe try squeezing banana juice at home? Good idea, but useless. It will turn out to be very small, and the high time and money costs make the event completely irrational. In addition, with increased acidity, banana juice can provoke an exacerbation.

But mashed potatoes made from bananas are quite acceptable for gastritis. True, it should be eaten immediately after grinding. This will help preserve all vitamins and nutrients.

Is it allowed to use for gastritis?

However, a caveat should be made for people who tend to exaggerate the nutritional and medicinal value of fruits. The fact that banana fruits are not harmful for gastritis does not mean that a person can eat them all day long - for example, go on a banana diet. Yes, and there are still certain features of the use of this fruit. Consider the question of whether bananas can be used for gastritis, more broadly.

A small fishing boat, swaying slightly on the waves, slowly plowed the sea. At the stern stood two sailors, one smoking, playing with a lighter, the other, turning away from his friend, staring into the darkness.

-And what are you trying to see there, Valera? the first sailor asked, releasing more rings of smoke.

Valery did not answer. He only took a small step to the left, dodging the smoke blowing in his direction, and slightly shrugged his shoulders. From the north, though a weak, but rather cool wind was blowing. By midnight it got noticeably colder.

-Do you think it won't rain? the first sailor asked again.

-It's unlikely, - the second responded, looking at the clear, starry sky.

He took a deep breath and ran his hand through his tousled hair.

-Valer, what happened? - putting his hand on his shoulder, asked a friend sympathetically. “You’re not like that all evening.

-Yes, - he dismissed. - It is unlikely, Sing, my explanations will seem convincing to you.

- The soul hurts. I have not a poorly developed intuition, and even at a great distance I feel when something is happening to her.

-With one girl who is very dear to me.

-I think not. - Valery sighed heavily. - Yes, and there is nothing to love me, frankly.

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