Dmitry Khrustalev turns 42

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At the same time, experts say that the segment of niche premium chocolate is steadily growing against the background of large manufacturers. What is it and where to look for such exclusive sweets? We offer a mini-guide to the most interesting brands in our country and abroad.

Teuscher - Zurich, Switzerland

The Swiss lead the world in per capita chocolate consumption. Just imagine: a resident of this country eats an average of 8.8 kg of chocolate per year. Naturally, with such a demand, Switzerland simply had to become a country where the best chocolate is produced. One of the companies that has elevated chocolate to the category of art is Teuscher.

The Swiss brand Teuscher was founded in 1932, its store is located in the historic center of Zurich. Teuscher makes about 200 types of sweets, the most famous of which is the Champagne Truffle.

Learn more: www. euscher. om

Boutique address: Zurich, Storchengasse, 9

Guido Gobino - Turin, Italy

It was in Turin that the gianduja chocolate-nut cream was once invented. Does the composition resemble Nutella? Indeed, until a certain time, our favorite chocolate paste was called Gianduja. A small boutique Guido Gobino opened in Turin in 1946.

Gobino mainly makes the traditional sweets of the Piedmont region, including giandujotti, a nut-chocolate spread made in the form of an ingot in gold foil.

Boutique address: Torino, via Cagliari 15 / b

Knowing the Places: 5 Incredible Chocolate Brands

Dmitry Khrustalev On February 20, Dmitry Khrustalev turns 42, and today he does not need a special introduction: viewers know the artist, if not by KVN, then by the show "Evening Urgant" and Comedy Woman. In the latter, he was the only man on stage and bathed in attention, but on the First Channel program, Ivan Urgant played the main violin. Was it easy for Khrustalev to make such a sharp transition? Dmitry never considered himself a handsome man, but he skillfully conquered women's hearts. Why did the artist part with the passion with which he lived for 10 years, and with Catherine Barnabas? On the TV presenter's birthday, we talk about his whirlwind romances, professional achievements and bitter experience.

KVN and work by the host

Dmitry grew up in Leningrad in an incomplete family: his parents separated when the child was still young. Love for a beautiful boy was instilled by his mother, who dreamed of becoming a famous actress - Khrustalev was regularly taken to theatrical performances and from an early age was given to ballroom dancing. At school, Dima took part in amateur performances, but did not perceive this experience as the first step towards his future profession. Having received a certificate, Khrustalev entered the Agrarian University in Pushkin, where his artistic talent came in handy at the KVN games. The young man was not taken to the national team, and then he decided to help his friend in performing with the team of the State University of Aerospace Instrumentation. As a result, Dmitry himself transferred to this university in order to continue to engage in creativity.

The disappearance from the screen for several years had a sobering effect on the humorist: after KVN Dmitry played in the theater for some time, and abandoned television. A triumphant return took place in 2007, when Khrustalev was called to the Comedy Club, where he performed in tandem with Viktor Vasiliev. Then Mitya moved to Comedy Woman, and in 2013 he became the co-host of Ivan Urgant. It turned out that the artist preferred a secondary role in the program of Channel One to the place of the only man on the TNT show, because colleagues were not cunning when they warned: Urgant is a terrible egocentric. “As soon as I start to cover myself with a blanket, he immediately closes completely, and I lie naked. It was very hard for me. I thought: “That's it! I cannot be in this state. I need to go to TNT and beg on my knees to let me go back to Comedy Woman! " But I resisted. I knew that this moment would taxi out. Although at first Ivan acted on me like Kaa on Banderlog. We communicate with the authors, I have fun, but he comes in, and I can't say a word! I came funnier and more active than me, ”Khrustalev confessed in the YouTube show“ And Talk? ”.

Fortunately, over time, the two stars managed to learn to communicate as equals, but in front of the camera - they played their roles: Mitya threw jokes to the main host, not claiming leadership. “A person must do something with dignity, no matter where he is. I went to work in the genre of complete improvisation. And before he worked like this: learned the text - went on stage, "- said Khrustalev.

Also, viewers could see Dmitry in the show "My mother cooks better" and in the jury of the project "Dance". According to the artist, the main income comes not from work on Channel One, but from corporate events, and the comedian spends his salary from "Evening Urgant" on charity.

Stormy Romances

Dima's first serious relationship began at the dawn of the 2000s, long before the glory of Comedy Woman. For 10 whole years, the artist lived with lawyer Victoria Deichuk, whose candidacy for the bride was approved even by the host's mother, Larissa. “The son said that he and Vika had parted, because his feelings were gone,” Khrustalev's parent told StarHit. - But this is not so! Parting, he bought her a spacious apartment in St. Petersburg, in the Kupchino area, a car. " the place, the lovers have experienced a lot. So, in 2011, on the way to the airport, the couple got into a serious accident, Victoria received a head injury and fell into a coma, and Dmitry took care of her and paid for treatment in Germany. Everything worked out, the chosen one recovered, when suddenly the common-law spouses parted. And soon in the stellar circles they already started talking about Khrustalev's romance with Ekaterina Varnava ... “They lived with Vika in St. Petersburg in perfect harmony! - Dmitry's mother was indignant. "And then his career took off, he moved to Moscow, and everything changed."

Is Barnabas really a homeless woman in this story? According to the artist, by the time the novel began, Khrustalev was already free. Moreover: for years comedians worked together and were friends before a spark slipped between them. For Ekaterina, everything became clear in April 2012, when from filming in Dubai at the airport she was met by an embarrassed colleague with a bouquet of roses. That same evening, their first real date took place, dotting the i's.

The candy-bouquet period lasted six months, after which the lovers moved in. Everything seemed perfect, so Katya answered Dima with consent to the marriage proposal. But only a few months passed, and the atmosphere in the house changed dramatically: the romance vanished, and groundless scandals took its place. Colleagues assumed that the fault was the couple's fatigue on the general set.

“For a little more than a year that we spent together, we charged each other with such a positive that it will last for a very long time. We put into each other the most positive emotions that only we had. And that's all. Sucked each other out. And at some point, our relationship split. He cried and I cried. It was very difficult for both of us, ”Barnabas characterized the parting.

The communication of colleagues after the breakup has not ended, and they are still happy to share funny stories of the relationship period in interviews. At the same time, both managed to establish their personal lives: Barnabas now lives with director Alexander Molochnikov, and Khrustalev - with singer Maria Goncharuk. / n>

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