DIY wedding double bouquet - master class

One of the main symbols of a wedding celebration is the bridal bouquet. Modern girls take his choice very seriously. Organizing a holiday, the bride strives to do everything in a special way to create her own fairy tale. And the flowers must match her desires and dreams. The most fashionable is the bridal bouquet on the bouquets. It is lightweight, compact, and you can easily make such a composition with your own hands.

Advantages of a bouquet in a handbag

A flower arrangement for a bride in a bouquette holder has many advantages. Here are the main pros:

  • Possibility of choosing any flowers - small and large, buds and blossoming inflorescences, field and greenhouse, even indoor potted options. Everything that the bride has invented can be easily placed on the bouquets.
  • Compactness. Each resulting bouquet will not be very large, since the base itself is not large. Flowers are easy to hold with one hand, they will not interfere throughout the entire wedding day.
  • Durability. Since the bouquette holder has the ability to attach an oasis, the flowers will have a fresh, lively appearance for a long time and will decorate not only the first holiday, but also the next.
  • Ease of creation. With a strong desire, each bride can make a flower bouquet on her own, it is not necessary to contact the masters.
  • Variation. You shouldn't make a standard bouquet on a bouquette. Due to the fact that there is a special mount for each bud, the possibility of finishing the leg, your composition can acquire a completely unexpected design.
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When is it better to refuse it?

There are times when brides, instead of a bouquet on a portaulette, prefer a different design option for a flower arrangement. They have their own reasons for this, for example, the desire to hold flowers by their immediate stems, and not by a plastic leg. Or when a newlywed prepares several bouquets for a celebration: for painting or for a party. Then there is an opportunity to make different versions of bouquets - let one be on the bouquets, and the second without it.

If you have chosen an artificial flower arrangement with rhinestones, stones, butterflies, then the base is simply not required. Often, such elements are attached to a metal wire and tied at the bottom with fabric ribbons. If the bride chooses several live stems, it is better to arrange them without using additional fasteners. Just tie such a wedding bouquet with a satin ribbon, and do not use the bouquets.

How to make a bouquet in a handbag with your own hands?

When creating a bouquet for a newlywed, it is important to take into account every moment: young woman's dress, groom's suit, jewelry, wedding decoration style. It is not difficult to make a flower arrangement on your own, moreover, you can embody any of your wedding fantasies. All that is needed to create a classic bouquet on a portaulette is a great desire and a minimum amount of materials:

  • portbouquet holder ;
  • a little oasis (sponge for absorbing water);
  • ribbon for decorating the handle;
  • twisted cord;
  • decorative pins;
  • double tape;
  • glue gun;
  • pruner (garden shears);
  • pieces of copper wire.

You are not limited in colors for a wedding arrangement, but more often for this occasion you use: roses, peonies, ornithogalum arabicum, shepherd's purse greens, Italian ruscus, aspidistra leaves. It is allowed to take any options for beautiful plants that, in your opinion, will look good in a festive bouquet. Such flowers should be left for the groom's boutonniere, which is also easy to perform.

  • Preparing a portaulette. We remove the protective grill and take out the oasis, which must be immersed in a container of water so that it absorbs the liquid. The sponge must absorb large amounts of water to maintain moisture in the plants and flowers in the bouquet. When an oasis sinks, it means that it is full. The leg of the bouquette holder must be filled with material from the flow of water; for this, paper towels are used. We take out the oasis and set it in its original place, fix it with wire.
  • Bouquet leg decoration. We cut the sheets of aspidistra into several even parts and glue them with adhesive tape. You need to lay out the sheets to each other and overlap. We wrap the leg with decorative tape, and fix its edge with a glue gun. If it seems to you that the handle looks simple, you can additionally decorate it with sparkles or beads. The bride's wedding flower arrangement should use the basic color scheme of the entire event.

Floral decoration is the most interesting job. Here you can fantasize as you like: they are allowed to be laid out in a circle or start from the center. You should not get carried away with greenery, it should not overshadow the flowers, but there should be a lot of it to create the effect of naturalness. You can decorate the bridal bouquet with sparkles and crystals, and use varnish to create sparkle. To keep the flowers fresh for a long time, their stems need to be cut at an angle and the leg should be left about 5-7 cm in size. / P>

Gulya Karimova

The tradition of giving wedding flowers to a bride is very ancient: even in Ancient Greece, a newlywed walked to the altar, holding branches of an orange tree and ivy in her hands. It was a symbol of wealth and eternal love that awaited a new family. In ancient Egypt, the bride's composition was made with sprigs of garlic and fragrant rosemary, which promised the newlyweds a happy and rich life together. The modern newlywed is more fortunate, since she is not limited by the rigid framework of superstitions and can make wedding flowers with her own hands using anything.

How to make a bouquet of fresh flowers: step by step instructions

The happiest day in the life of a young couple should be flawless in everything, and there are no trifles. An important element of the ceremony is the wedding flower arrangement of the bride: she first holds it in her hands, and then throws it into the crowd for good luck in the personal life of the lucky woman who will catch the bouquet. You can purchase this accessory, but it is much more pleasant to make it yourself. A DIY wedding bouquet with fresh flowers will be the most unique and unrepeatable.

Required Materials

To make your own wedding flowers you will need the following materials:

  • 3 white chrysanthemums;
  • 7 white hydrangeas;
  • packaging of natural twine;
  • packaging of brown wire for flowers;
  • a roll of brown organza tape, which is 5 cm wide;
  • secateurs;
  • office buttons.
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Stages of creation

  • At the top we wrap with floral wire. The ends of the stems are equal to the pruning shears.

  • Wrap tightly with organza, fasten the ribbon at the top with a button.

  • Freely wrap the twine over the organza.

  • Pass the rest of the floral wire through the twine weave.

DIY wedding brooch-bouquet

Gulya Karimova, Moscow, Russia. She graduated from Moscow State University in 1992. Please login or register to contact Gulya Karimova or find your other friends.

It's impossible to imagine a bride at a wedding without flowers. The bride's bouquet is probably one of the most important accessories of her wedding dress. Even at weddings organized in "heavy" thematic styles (urban chic, biker wedding, gothic), the bride holds in her hands a bouquet corresponding to the style of the wedding. There are many design options for it, because the art of floristry has been formed over the centuries. One of them is a bridal bouquet on a bouquette.

A porte-bouquet (fr. porte-bouquet) is essentially a small vase-holder for flowers that looks like a microphone, with a floral sponge inside. The task of the bouquette holder is to ensure the convenience of wearing a bouquet and long-term preservation of flowers. However, it should be borne in mind that the design option in the portbouquet, as well as on its own legs, has certain pros and cons.

A bouquet on a handbag and "on your own legs" - advantages and disadvantages

Any bride often chooses a bouquet “intuitively”, without thinking about its advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, it is not necessary to talk seriously about the negative features of any of the two main options for composing a bouquet. After all, flowers are always beautiful.

Still, it is desirable to take into account certain nuances. The advantages of the portbouquet are beyond doubt. Wedding bouquets have been decorated in this way for many years, which is facilitated by a number of factors.

First of all, this is preservation - thanks to the floral sponge (oasis), the flowers will retain their fresh look and will be an adornment not only during the wedding day, but also for the next several days. A wide selection of flowers is also important - with the help of a portbouquet, a wedding bouquet can be made from almost any flowers (large, small, buds, etc.).

Ease of manufacture is also of a certain importance. With a desire, anyone can create a bouquet - the services of a specialist are optional.

And using a variety of attachments and connecting imagination, it is easy to create a unique bouquet.

In addition, the small size of the bouquette holder allows you to create compact compositions - the flowers are easy to carry in one hand, they do not restrict freedom of action. True, this last dignity has a downside.

As a rule, port-bouquets have standard sizes, which, in turn, dictate the size of the composition, which is not suitable for adherents of large bouquets. In addition, such a bouquet can disintegrate when thrown, which can upset the bride and guests. The second of the most common options is a bouquet “on your own legs”.

While preparing for the wedding of one of their friends, all the girls are looking forward to this very day: to be happy for their friend, and, of course, that wonderful moment when the bride will throw her bouquet into the crowd of unmarried girlfriends.

And it’s not in vain, because according to legend, the girl who catches him will soon get married next year.

But there is also such a belief that in order to maintain happiness in marriage, a bride should keep her wedding bouquet. How can we be?

Here the bridal bouquet backup will come to the rescue. Why do you need a bouquet understudy? In order to get around the contradiction in beliefs and make one of the friends happy.

In this article we will tell you how to make a do-it-yourself bridal bouquet. So, your bouquet will be unique in its kind and will delight you and your guests with its beauty. But let's look at everything in order and then move on to our master class on creating a backup wedding bouquet

Why does the bride need second bouquets of understudy?

The very tradition of throwing a bouquet into a crowd of girls came to us from America.

It's like a baton: the girl who catches him is the next to marry. The omen of course does not always work, but it has taken root quite well, especially at our weddings. However, the girls who became brides resorted to a little trick, it is not for nothing that our Russian people are called inventive. What is an understudy bouquet for?

The bride's bouquet is often very bulky and large, so tossing such a composition would not be the best idea. If, by chance, such a bouquet hits someone in the face or head, the situation will not be pleasant. Therefore, the bouquet understudy does an excellent job with its role, because, as a rule, it is lighter, more compact and in every sense better than its original counterpart. Both natural and artificial flowers, as well as other decorations can be used to compose a bouquet of an understudy.

Since the flowers can crumble during the throw, the composition should be gentle, but more or less suitable for this procedure.

In addition, the bride herself may not want to give some of the guests flowers that her beloved will buy for her. The way out is very simple - to purchase in advance or to make a duplicate composition similar to the original with your own hands.

And there is also a belief that all wedding accessories should remain with the bride throughout her life, so keeping your wedding bouquet is a very good idea. This bouquet is like a shore from the evil eye and other sorrows of life.

It would seem, why do we need some kind of backup bouquet for a wedding, when a flower arrangement for the wedding ceremony has already been ordered from florists of amazing beauty for the bride. However, everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

Many young girls believe in omens associated with wedding themes, and one of them says that flowers should be kept for a happy life together. But what about the unmarried bridesmaids of the newlywed who dream of catching a bridal bouquet from satin ribbons and getting married soon? It is precisely for such cases that a second bridal bouquet is needed, as adorable as the original.

Types of backup bouquets for a wedding - popular options

There is a belief that a young spouse must carefully keep all the toilet items and accessories in which she was at the wedding as a talisman of family life.

Of course, this unspoken rule also applies to the bride's bouquet. But traditions are still strong, at any wedding the most popular entertainment-fortune-telling is considered to be the passing of the baton of marriage in the form of wedding flowers thrown by the bride over her head at the bridesmaids gathered in a motley flock.

For this purpose it is better to make a duplicate of the bouquet.

The use of such a trick of the bride in the competition has several reasons:

  • an opportunity to keep the original wedding bouquet as a souvenir as a talisman of the family hearth;
  • light, airy composition will not hurt or harm the girls' appearance;
  • unwillingness to part with the groom's gift - after all, it is he who presents the wedding bouquet to the newlywed when he comes to pick her up from the parental home.

Of course, the easiest way is to purchase a duplicate arrangement at a flower shop. The main thing is to choose a smaller size than the original, and ask the florists to fix the flowers more carefully, otherwise they may crumble in the air. It is not at all necessary that the understudy be an exact copy of the original in shape and color.

It is enough that it will be a beautiful, compact and lightweight wedding props.

There are quite a few options for the bride's wedding bouquet-backup.

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