DIY pomegranate bouquet



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Pomegranate liqueur - for you, lover of "female" drinks

Well, what are the holidays without delicious drinks? I am a big lover of liqueurs, I often prepare them at home. For some time now, the pomegranate liqueur has become my biggest favorite.

I suggest trying homemade pomegranate liqueur with a rich ruby ​​color, pleasant, mild taste with subtle astringency and not sugary sweetness. Such a drink will surely please the fair half, although some men do not mind trying pomegranate liqueur.

To make pomegranate liqueur, we need: pomegranates, sugar, vodka and a few days of patience.

First, get all the grains out of the pomegranates.

DIY pomegranate bouquet

Furious drying concept

Vasily Smolny's project "Crazy Drying" is aimed at losing weight. Since 2015, more than 20 seasons have been held, lasting 5 weeks, 4 of which are training, and a healthy diet is observed, and one week is devoted to summing up the results of the competition and voting for the participant who has achieved the best result.

In just 21 seasons, more than 200,000 people have already managed to take part in Frenzied Drying.

The meaning of the project is to teach people to eat right, following the rules of a healthy lifestyle, and adhere to an active healthy lifestyle. In addition to new eating and physical activity habits, participants are encouraged by valuable prizes for the best results.

Crazy drying with daily assignments is a popular project that is gaining momentum.

The rules and tasks are the same for all participants, regardless of gender. "Crazy drying" (tasks for every day and recommendations for proper nutrition each player receives) is a project designed to spread the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Participants are helped to calculate the daily intake of kilocalories and the ratio of BJU depending on gender, age and lifestyle.

In addition to the daily tasks, on Saturday it is necessary to complete the flight task, which is recorded on video and posted by the participants in their personal account. On Sunday you can have a cheat meal and eat one prohibited food.

"Crazy drying": how a popular healthy lifestyle blog turned into a million dollar business

Vasily Smolny, a well-known blogger and promoter of a healthy lifestyle, is a vivid example of how you can successfully monetize your popularity on social networks. His game project "Crazy Drying" made a lot of noise on the Internet and in less than a year turned into a multimillion-dollar business. Smolny skillfully plays on the feelings of girls and women striving for an ideal figure; shocking and provocation are his effective weapons. Vasily Smolny told the Biz360 portal about how the popular "online weight loss" works and why girls "need a war" to achieve results.

, an entrepreneur from St. Petersburg, a well-known blogger, a popularizer of a healthy lifestyle, the author of a project in which people who have paid to participate must improve their physical fitness daily through exercise and proper nutrition. Eight seasons have already taken place in the project, and is being recruited for the ninth. The seventh season brought the organizers 12 million rubles in revenue, according to the results of the eighth it is planned to collect 20 million rubles, the plans for the ninth - 40 million rubles.

What is Furious Drying

In April 2015, the Crazy Drying game started. The participation fee was 500 rubles, there were 50 participants. In January 2016, there were already four thousand participants, and the "entrance" cost 3000 rubles. The organizers' revenue was about 12 million rubles, the winner received a Mini Cooper car, a certificate for breast augmentation surgery was awarded for the second place, the third prize-winner became richer by 100,000 rubles.

In the eighth season, 6,700 participants are already fighting for Mini Cooper, each of whom paid at least 3,000 rubles. The plan for the ninth season is 15 thousand participants and 40 million rubles in revenue.

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