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November 17, 2009 10:46 Borisoglebsky - Russia August 2009


  • Purpose of the trip - town. Borisoglebsky, Yaroslavl region.
  • Date of travel - 08/29/2009.
  • The budget of the trip is about 2200 rubles. (for two, together with a visit to Rostov).

One of the August days I decided to take one more step closer to the realization of my old dream to go around all the regional centers of our Yaroslavl region. The choice fell on Rostov (“Lake Nero must be seen in the summer!” - I argued). Burying our noses in the recently presented map of the Yaroslavl Region, my husband and I found another settlement, a visit to which could be combined with a Rostov excursion. It turned out to be an urban-type settlement Borisoglebsky. But if I had at least some idea about Rostov (including I was a couple of times, however, very long ago and vaguely), then Borisoglebsky did not evoke any associations in me. Some clarity was brought about by my husband, who had been to those parts in his distant childhood: "There seem to be a couple of factories and a church that you will definitely like." There was only one thing left: to look for information on the Internet. Imagine my surprise when enough data was found on Borisoglebsky, much more than on the city of Danilov! I really like one site about provincial cities, here you can also read about Borisoglebsk.

Naturally, it took us 2 days off for 2 settlements. We decided to first drive from Yaroslavl to Borisoglebsky, walk around the village and explore its main attraction Borisoglebsky Monastery (the very "little church" that I should have liked :)), and devote the remaining 1.5 days to Rostov.


From Yaroslavl to the village. Borisoglebsky you need to go by bus. It departs from the Bus Station at 8.20, the ticket costs 114 rubles. (including% of the reservation, as bought the night before). The journey takes 2 hours.

Surprisingly, the bus was full, so there were enough people who wanted to visit Borisoglebsky. However, some people went to Rostov, through which our bus went. Although there were even more people crowded there, some even rode while standing. As luck would have it, we got tickets to different seats (and the cashier assured us that we would sit side by side!). It turned out that we were not "lucky" alone, there were three more couples who wanted to go together. As a result, somehow everyone successfully changed, moved, and we set off on the road in neighboring chairs. Minus the employees of the Bus Station, we have never had such overlaps before.

On that Saturday August morning, a thick fog floated over the city, summer sadly said goodbye, preparing to give way to golden autumn. End of August - end of summer. The last days. The first cold breath of autumn was already felt. This could be seen from the yellow spots in the foliage tired from summer, over the sad straw fields. Our journey is like the last breath of summer. The bus shakes and shakes slightly on the eternal Russian roads, and we float in it through the fog, as if on a ship. Uncommon villages, buried in the greenery of age-old poplars and thickets of golden balls - wild dahlias - flicker in the thick darkness. Autumn goes to the Russian hinterland.

After Rostov, the landscape changed. Dull fields were replaced by spruce-deciduous forests. My native open spaces! A herd of cows drove by. There is already such a deep province here. We drive past a pine forest. Probably, the hermit dwellers Fyodor and Pavel walked in the same dense forests in ancient times to found the Borisoglebsk monastery in silence and wilderness. Here is the village, lost among the thickets. Hello Borisoglebsky!


Initially, the settlement arose as Borisoglebskie Sloboda - former monastic settlements. They owe their appearance to the developing Borisoglebsky monastery, at the northern wall of which they were located. Founded in 1363, the monastery in the XVI-XVII centuries became one of the richest in the Rostov land.

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