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There are books as mysterious as the scroll of George Ripley. There are experimental ones, as evidenced by the hypertext "Code Tree" by Jonathan Foer. There are strange ones, like the giant manuscript "The Devil's Bible". There are books that are deeply tragic, written in the unusual conditions of the fascist occupation - this is, of course, Anne Frank's Diary.

But there are also incredible books. Yes Yes. They suddenly appear in the house. And reading them is reading avidly, reading uninterrupted. they are like letters from afar, from another time, which have come down only now.

The book "War vs Childhood" turned out to be an accidental present on my child's desk. When I opened it - it became clear - you take it and put it back, read from cover to cover.

"Cover to cover" because these are real children's revelations about the war, revealing many truths - and you are passing by.

The authors of the book Kristina Kretova and Yulia Brykova have come up with an unusual format. This is an anti-militaristic graphic novel in which in each chapter a child appears, a real child who survived the war. War is like a thief off the high road who steals childhood, parents, grandparents, houses and even simple toys from a child.

It turned out to be unacceptable for me, an adult, to read and carry it in myself. This should be shared, as the children did on the pages of a book, as did the authors Kristina Kretova and Yulia Brykova, as did 14 independent artists from Russia and Ukraine, who illustrated each story.

I was convinced once again: we live in conditions of incessant wars. The lives and opinions of children are not taken into account at all. And they, children, do not care about politics, if only there was no war. Something like this.

Below, in quotation marks, are excerpts from the book, where children face death head-on.

Northern Ireland conflict Belfast

"-Faster! - shouted John. -Follow me!

And he jumped over the fence of a neighbor's house, dragging the girl away with him.

Bullets whistled nearby and hit right on the fence behind which the children took refuge.

Features of the use of heaters in baths

Which muscles are involved in the Scott Bench curl?

Any beginner knows that curling the arms uses the biceps

as a major muscle group. And Scott's bench is no exception. Brachialis acts as an assistant muscle. it is a small but very strong muscle. It helps the biceps to flex the arm. It is especially strongly included in the initial phase of the movement. If you slightly change the grip, then you can shift the emphasis to the study of the brachialis. But more on that later. And of course we shouldn't forget the brachioradialis muscle, better known as brachioradialis. She also participates in arm flexion.

Forearm muscles are responsible for maintaining weight.

These are all kinds of finger flexors.

But judging from this anatomy, it is not entirely clear how this exercise differs from the same BENDING OF THE ARM WITH A STANDING BAR. And is there any point in doing it?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Scott Bench Curl

To answer the question above, you need to weigh the pros and cons. And then everyone will be able to decide for themselves whether to perform this type of flexion or not.



In a word, if your goal is to give the biceps muscle an expressive shape and increase the volume. Then the Scott Bench Curl may be the best exercise for you to achieve this. With a mass typesetting period, it is better to give preference to basic exercises.

In order for the steam room in the bath to be used as efficiently as possible, it must be properly insulated. Therefore, they use different insulation for a bath in

Dreams Come True

My cousin Vladimir, by the time, two years, he was engaged in such a gym and called me to sign up and go to train together. My brother was four years older than me. We were with him, like family, everywhere and around together.

And now the day has come! On July 1, 1993, my brother and I went to training. It was the best sports complex in our city of Kursk at that time, called "Salute", with many sections. Our section was located in a semi-basement room - the standard “Rocking chair” at that time.

I bought a subscription for a month, and my brother took me to the coach. The coach was very impressive in size. Multiple medalist of the Kursk region in bodybuilding, the local championship "Kursk Nightingale". He made up and conducted a training session with me.

I remember my first exercise weights:

Each exercise had three sets, these weights were performed in the extreme third. The coach said that the potential is there and it is very good, go and train. Of course I was very happy. Home truth after training, barely reached, all the muscles ached, but it was a pleasant pain, in the morning I hardly got up, in short, the pain did not go away until the next training session. After the second workout, I let go. So I started to train regularly with my brother three times a week.

My brother Vladimir left this world. On February 25, 2015, sudden death ended his short life. He was 39 years old. Kingdom you heavenly Vova and eternal rest!

Gym in a private house

In a private house, an attic or a glazed terrace is best suited for the role of a gym.

Tip! In case of insufficient natural ventilation of the room, air conditioners and fans are installed inside. This is especially true in the attic under a metal roof.

The disadvantage of the attic as a sports hall is that power equipment will be installed on the ceiling (often wooden), which, when lowered, create vibrations and noise. And from them it will be uncomfortable for people below, and the ceiling finish may be damaged.

Light training room

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