DIY Christmas compositions: new ideas and photos of 2021

Thinking of ideas for New Year's home decor? Do you want to bring bright colors to your interior design? Then start with the traditional and win-win room decoration option - New Year's compositions.

As you know, the symbol of the coming 2019 will be the Yellow (Earthy) Pig, and therefore you need to decorate the house in the appropriate style.

Choosing a palette for New Year's decor

In the new year, elegant compositions must be present in your home, because Pigs, especially decorative ones, love to dress up so much. Therefore, it is worth adding spectacular colors to them. Don't be afraid to use anything bright and shiny.

Orange, brick, brown, yellow, gold, lilac, red, burgundy, purple, scarlet, terracotta, cherry and other colors of this spectrum are perfect for this. But we put special emphasis on all colors of yellow or golden. All shades of gold from coppery red to blinding lemon are at your disposal.

Don't forget about the classic elements. After all, it is impossible to imagine New Year's decorative ensembles without traditional greenery, which will make the red color even more intense and expressive. In addition, since the images of the "masters" of the new year came to us from the East, you can decorate the crafts with exotic symbols in the spirit of the evergreen tropics.

New Year's compositions - a tribute to fashion and traditions

Preparing for the New Year is a procedure no less pleasant than a celebration. Therefore, making compositions always brings a lot of pleasure and positive emotions.

New Year's crafts are not only indispensable attributes of the festive decoration of the house, but also stylish decorative elements of the interior that will always be in trend. Usually they are used to decorate a table, doors, windows, walls, furniture, some of them can be hung over a door or window. Also popular are colorful garlands, which will become the final touch in home interior design.

In this article, we will offer you several options for creating compositions for the New Year with your own hands. You don't need to be a natural born designer to make them. It is enough just to arm yourself with patience, good mood and imagination. Let's get started?

DIY Christmas compositions

New Year and Christmas holidays are the time when you want to create something magical. Why not make your own Christmas compositions? Decorations made of fir branches, cones, Christmas tree decorations and balls, paper compositions, alternative Christmas trees made from scrap materials, as well as bright Christmas wreaths are very popular today. We at Joy-pup will tell you about the fashion trends of New Year's decor in 2021 and show you creative ideas for creating festive compositions with your own hands.

Eco-style Christmas compositions: trends of the year

DIY Christmas compositions made of natural material are a fashionable ecological trend that is gaining more and more admirers around the world. Pine cones, forest moss, acorns, nuts, spruce branches, bark and twigs of trees turn into an unusual material from which you can make many crafts for the New Year 2021.

The main thing that you should remember before you start making New Year's compositions with your own hands is that all natural and natural materials should be well cleaned and then dried thoroughly. In order for the product to stand for a long time, not to deteriorate, not to become moldy and to maintain a perfect appearance, the materials must be dry and free of "pests".

Whatever you do - a mini-Christmas tree, a New Year's panel or a Christmas wreath with your own hands - natural materials will look beautiful, stylish and very harmonious. Next, we will showcase photos of New Year's compositions 2021 with natural elements, which you can make yourself.

DIY Christmas compositions on the table

To decorate the New Year's table in 2021, use not only natural materials, but also shining decor, Christmas tree decorations, candles, figurines of angels and animals and, ultimately, the symbol of the New Year 2021 - the Bull.

New Year's compositions from branches of a Christmas tree, thuja or pine will be an excellent decoration for a festive table.

Christmas compositions with candles

What a New Year without lighted candles, which are a symbol of warmth, home comfort and hope for a happy future. Giving candles as a gift to your family and friends is a good omen for the New Year 2021. They also make an excellent decoration for a festive interior.

DIY mini-tree

We will tell you how to make compositions for the New Year. Arrangements of artificial flowers, fir branches, bouquets and trees made of flowers. Master class on making on video.

Just a little more and the houses will light up the lights of Christmas tree garlands, smell of pine needles and tangerines, it's time to give gifts and make wishes - New Year. Today experts in food floristry advise to abandon commonplace and boring ideas. Make your choice in favor of originality and brilliance - present your loved ones and relatives with New Year's bouquets of fruits.


DIY Christmas bouquets of fruits have a number of advantages as a gift:

  • Unrepeatability - the same pattern no longer exists in the world, because the work you have done contains love, the warmth of your soul.
  • Such a composition will become a real decoration of the festive table and an excellent alternative to the usual vase with treats.
  • A beautiful appearance will surely attract the attention of guests and will be highly appreciated by the recipient of the presentation.
  • Taste and usefulness - edible ingredients have good taste and a rich set of vitamins and microelements.

Who to gift

New Year's fruit bouquets are considered a universal way to congratulate you on the holiday. They can be presented at work and with family, women, men and young children. The main rule is to take into account the taste preferences of the recipient and a harmonious color scheme.

Remember that people with a pronounced allergic reaction to any food products need to be careful to eat citrus and exotic fruits or to refuse them altogether.

Necessary tool and decoration

  • scissors ;
  • cutting board;
  • bamboo picnic sticks (length 25-30 cm);
  • sharp knife;
  • scotch tape;
  • thermo gun with glue sticks;
  • tape.

Christmas-themed accessories are used for decoration - cones, branches of spruce or pine, tinsel, figurines, etc., as well as appropriate craft paper and satin ribbons. Vanilla sticks, star anise, dried orange rings and cotton bolls complement the compositions well.

The most practical and useful gifts for the upcoming holiday are New Year's edible bouquets. Such a present can become not only a treat for friends and family, but also serve as a beautiful composition for decorating a festive table.


Surprise effect

Flower arrangements or the use of various decorative elements and accessories today look familiar and commonplace. But a DIY edible New Year's bouquet will surely surprise the recipient with its unusual concept and presentation.


This craft will appeal to people who value gifts with its further use or application. It will not gather dust on the back shelf of the closet, but will be immediately eaten by a large and noisy company.

Individual approach

Of course, everyone will be pleased to know that when creating such a presentation, the author took into account the taste preferences of the person gifted and his lifestyle.

Composition and choice of "filling"

Depending on who it is intended to give, the general appearance and content of the presentation depends. Assorted chocolates or dried fruits are the best for children and young girls; older women will gladly accept a fruit basket.

New Year's edible bouquets of ingredients such as sausages, fish sets, cheese cuts and alcoholic beverages are considered truly masculine options. The photo shows a small selection of ideas for design and presentation.

Do-it-yourself Christmas bouquet instead of a Christmas tree, photo

New Year's bouquets from natural materials:

Bouquets with artificial New Year's decor:

Original New Year's bouquets with fresh fruits and fresh flowers:

Cozy Christmas bouquets with candles:

Delicious bouquets for the New Year from sweets:

New Year's compositions from fir branches

New Year's compositions can be of absolutely any shape, and there are tricks everywhere. But the rules for making them are the same.

  • A floristic oasis with a pallet;
  • Sold in flower shops Bunch (bunch) of spruce branches;
  • New Year's branches can be bought at Christmas bazaars, markets, ruins, in the online store;
  • Pruner, knife Candles, toys, any decor, wire, New Year's flowers;
  • Any container.

Further, the principle of making New Year's interior compositions is the same:

Quick view New Year's bouquet with cotton and cinnamon

A cute Christmas composition made of spruce branches in the form of a Christmas tree. The decoration can be in other colors. Easy to transport, keeps fresh for up to 2 months

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