DIY bouquets with an oasis

Svyatkov's bouquets of fresh bouquets are so beautiful, albeit uncomfortable. And so I want it, what a beauty it got as soon as possible. Do not sleep too long to get tired: keep the bouquets fresh and easy, by following simple rules.

Florists Betania Day and Vіki Vіlson have sprung up, I have a lot of nice bouquets to put together, as they are ready to go and get trimmed as far as fruit cats. Scamper with the joy of the experts, for your svyatkov's bouquets for more than one day, your eye has been merciful.

Cut the stems and leaves

Before the tim, how to put the quits at the vase, prepare them all the way. Varto, if only a few of the stems were formed before the cut, the stench could have eaten the water and easily delivered to the buds directly to the buds. It can also be seen right away from the bottom leaf. Every time you see the water near the vase of the leaf, you will fix the rot, and from that you will fix the bacteria, which you can write to the quotes.

Cut the stalks of kvitiv pid kutom / Photo freepik

Take the correct vase

We didn’t think so, but the shape of the vazi also flows into the triviality of the life of your apartments. Experts keep track of them in any case, do not take a vase with a high neck for a whole bouquet, even the stems will be squeezed and may be processed. "Poor stems are a shorter life for a day at a vase"

Do not pick vuzki vases for bouquets / Photo freepik

Water hour is busy with a wide throat - it may not be a good idea, if you are talking about the name of your bouquet:

The throat of the wazi is wider, the composition absorbs the whole form. Blame the stems kindly lie down to the throat, - like Vіki

If you need to build a cozy and comfortable house in the shortest possible time, then polystyrene concrete products are suitable for the implementation of these plans.

This material is quite new, but has already gained popularity in the construction market and among private developers.

Features of this material and rules of use - all this and much more can be gleaned from the article.

Requirements for polystyrene concrete blocks

There is a myth that it is impossible to build capital buildings from polystyrene concrete, such as residential buildings above 1 floor. But that's what a myth is for, so that you can dispel it. Residential buildings with 2-3 floors can be constructed from polystyrene concrete blocks. On top of them, you can pour overlappings between floors or lay ready-made reinforced concrete floor slabs. The blocks are able to withstand such loads.

Also, these products are allowed for the construction of residential buildings, since they do not crumble.

Experiments have proven that when falling from a height of 10-15 m, the blocks did not crumble, did not break into pieces, but only some particles of the element peeled off and pieces of the corners could be beaten off (when hitting a metal surface). But basically, such damage was found in blocks that were just gaining their strength during the first 28 days after pouring.

Polystyrene concrete blocks can be divided into several types according to performance indicators:

  • Constructional. From such blocks, which have a density grade from D250 to D350, walls of a residential building can be erected.
  • Thermal insulation. With blocks of density from D150 to D200, you can additionally insulate the walls of the house, which have already been erected.
  • Constructional and thermal insulation. They combine the characteristics of the previous types and can be used for the construction of load-bearing walls of a house as blocks that do not need serious insulation. The density of such items varies from D400 to D600.

Thanks to these types of polystyrene concrete, these blocks can be used for the construction of load-bearing walls that can withstand the load from their own weight, wind force, the mass of floor beams, roofing and snow, as well as for the construction of partitions and non-bearing structures.

GOST R 51263-99 regulates the basic requirements that apply to polystyrene concrete blocks for the construction of residential and country houses, summer cottages. Among them:

As Palm Sunday approaches, omens become especially important and meaningful. At this time, it is customary to make forecasts for almost a year ahead about the weather and the future harvest.

Lazarev Saturday

Another holiday that is celebrated on the Saturday of Palm Sunday is the Resurrection of Lazarus.

The message was sent to Jesus that his friend and companion Lazarus from Bethany was seriously ill, and he was asked to hurry. It was not clear why Christ was in no hurry. And only after the news that Lazarus had died, he set off.

When he arrived in Bethany, four days had passed since his death. The relatives and friends of the deceased were in deep sorrow. Jesus prayed fervently near the cave where Lazarus was buried.

He cried out to God to perform a miracle. After the prayer, the stone covering the entrance was removed, and those present saw the miracle of the resurrection. 4 days ago, Lazarus was alive.

Christians have been celebrating Lazarev Saturday since the 4th century. Three and a half centuries later, a certain canon for conducting divine services on this day was developed. The chants during the service indicate not an accidental miracle, but an important symbol of strengthening the faith.

After sunset, during the evening service, they begin to consecrate the willow branches. This is the beginning of the Palm Sunday celebration.

Palm Sunday

As mentioned above, Palm Sunday according to church canons begins on Saturday evening. But the main services and the consecration of the willow are held on Sunday.

Among other things, in Russia this holiday personifies the awakening of nature after a long winter. It is not for nothing that the northern Slavs chose the willow as the symbol of this day. The tree is the harbinger of spring. As soon as the sun warms up the air, fluffy lumps hatch into the light. It is they who give faith in the soon warm days.

Orthodox Christians welcome Palm Sunday with joy. How is this day celebrated in Russia? People of all ages go to the nearest church on Sunday morning to consecrate willow twigs. The parishioners of the church stand at the service, making prayers and taking part in chants. Upon returning home, it is customary to lightly unfasten the household with willow with wishes of health and grace.

Consecrated branches are placed next to icons, braided into braids, made of them amulets, nailed to outbuildings. A year later, on the eve of a new holiday, the willow is burned.

If you don't know how to pull up yet, then it's time to learn. Pull-ups on the horizontal bar are an exercise that develops grip strength, increases the width of the back and helps to stretch the spine.

They are themselves intermediate gymnastic movements. At the very beginning, lifting your own body weight seems to be an impossible task, something completely incredible, but we will tell you how to start pulling up on the bar from zero to 15-20 times in one approach.

Do not try to set tasks to learn everything now and at once, or look for something to replace this exercise. The goal must be approached gradually, without missing anything important. There are thousands of books on strategies and techniques for teaching pull-ups from scratch, but not all of them can help you become really strong.

The technique is designed so that a beginner can quickly train pull-ups from the simplest auxiliary exercises that will allow you to complete the first repetition from scratch to the most difficult versions of this exercise.

How much can you learn?

If your body weight does not exceed 80-90 kilograms, then you can master the exercise and start doing about 10 times in 2-3 weeks. If you are overweight, it is best to lose weight first. We advise you to read: how much you can lose weight in a month at home.

How to start pulling up on the horizontal bar from scratch

Are you afraid of the crossbar? Are you scared to remember your school gym? You are not alone. This movement remains a daunting exercise for many men. And that's a shame, because not many exercises can strengthen the entire upper body by affecting the core muscles and improving posture as a simple pull-up.

Learning how to do this exercise correctly is important for any athlete, regardless of their goals. It is one of the most fundamental, basic exercises in the fitness world. It is useful for both CrossFit and bodybuilding as well as sports enthusiasts. This exercise can be performed anywhere, both on a horizontal bar in the gym and on a tree branch in your yard. Pull-ups also work on another muscle group that you would like to use - your back. Strong back muscles protect your shoulders from injury and also help all other muscles in your body get the most out of other exercises, such as bench presses or curls.

But remember that technical pull-ups are difficult to learn for many reasons. First, you need to have movable shoulder joints, which is difficult for many people to achieve. Second, you lift your entire body weight, which is just not easy. Pull-ups can also be done in different ways, which makes them even more challenging.

But we can explain everything to you. We will help you overcome all the difficulties that prevented you from performing pull-ups correctly - the gold standard of bodyweight exercises. And if you're still haunted by the gym memories at school, you'll find ways to fight them too. It's time to go to the bar and get to work.

Correct execution technique

The chin-up is a little more difficult than just bringing the chin and bar together. You need to know the nuances that will allow you to both strengthen your back and not harm your shoulders. The exercise can be viewed in three different phases: the beginning at the bottom, the middle position, and the top position, which is the hardest to pull.

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