DIY bouquets step by step photo

In this article we will talk about how to make a forget-me-not from beads with our own hands. This kind of product is very beautiful and original jewelry, looking at the photo, you will be convinced of this. They are used in interior design, in various topiary, key chains.

Blue flower and leaves

For this master class we need:

  • seed beads (blue, yellow and green);
  • 0.2 mm wire;
  • pliers;
  • aluminum wire with a diameter of 1 mm (we will need it to form the main stem);
  • also prepare green threads, they will be needed to decorate the stem;
  • wicker basket, decorative vase or a beautifully decorated pot (we will put a ready-made bouquet of forget-me-nots in it).

So let's get started. Let's start our work with individual forget-me-nots. Take a wire and using pliers "bite off" a segment equal to 20 cm. String six blue beads on it and then place them 5 cm from one end of the wire. Pass it in the opposite direction through the adjacent bead from the opposite end of our wire. With the help of tightening, you need to position the wire so that the residual length of its end is equal to five cm.

If the whole algorithm was done correctly, then you should have a bead loop. Now make a similar loop and cast six blue beads on the longest part of the wire. Pass it through the first loop in the opposite direction. Pull off all the beads tightly and remove the resulting voids. At this point, you should have two loops.

We need to make five such loops, so using the given algorithm, make three more loops and place them all close to each other. Pass the remaining end of the wire through the bead at the base of the first loop. Try to lead the whole product to the center of the future flower. Connect all the loops into one to form a flower. Dial yellow bead and pass the wire through the beads of the fourth petal (loops). Twist both ends of the wire together. The first flower is ready.

Take green threads and wrap them around the wire under the very base of the bud. In order for you to get a bouquet, you need to make a lot of forget-me-nots. Calculate so that you have about 22 forget-me-not buds on one flower. Adjust the number of colors yourself, the main thing is that their number is not less than three.

Use green beads to make leaves.

They are made using the parallel weaving technique on a wire of at least forty cm.

Pattern: 1st row: string one bead; 2nd row: string two beads; 3rd row: string three beads; 4th row: string four beads; 5th row: string five beads; 6th row: string six beads; Rows 7-10: string seven beads; 11th row: string six beads; 12th row: string five beads; 13th row: string four beads; 14th row: string three beads; 15th row: string two beads.

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