DIY bouquets of sweets

Bouquets with sweets and chocolate bars are a beautiful, tasty and interesting gift that can be presented for any occasion. There is no difficulty in creating a bouquet of chocolate with your own hands: it does not take much time, expensive materials and tools are not needed.

Candy roses are the perfect gift for your beloved woman. For their manufacture, corrugated paper is used, because only it can give a natural look to flower petals.

To create a composition, take:

  • round chocolates;
  • long skewers;
  • corrugated paper of two shades - for leaves and petals; <
  • a decorative basket;
  • scissors, scotch tape;
  • various decorations to complement the composition.

Step-by-step production:

  • The candies are attached with tape to the skewers.
  • Petals are drawn on corrugated sheets. It is advisable to make them of different shapes and sizes, like a real rose.
  • To create the base of the bud, take a rectangular sheet of corrugation 10 × 18 cm. Use your fingers to stretch the middle of the sheet.
  • A treat attached to a skewer is wrapped around it. Fix with tape.
  • The cut petals are glued to the base, carefully folded back to make the candy visible.
  • The stick and the lower part of the bud are wrapped in green paper.
  • Roses are connected, put in a basket, decorated with ribbons and other decor.


Chamomile chocolate bouquet is a great gift for a loved one on the Day of Love and Faithfulness, celebrated on July 8th.

Prepare for making a bouquet:

  • round chocolate candies in a yellow wrapper;
  • corrugated paper - white for petals, light green for leaves;
  • scissors, glue gun , thin elastic bands;
  • wooden skewers.

Chamomile is made from sweets like this:

  • A long strip is cut from the white paper. The length is measured so that the candy can be wrapped 3 times.
  • The chocolate is wrapped in a strip, leaving the tail of the wrapper outside.
  • The bottom of the resulting paper roll is connected to the wrapping tail with an elastic band. And the free edge is turned inside out.
  • Petals are neatly drawn on the turned edge.
  • A skewer is stuck into each resulting chamomile, which is covered with light green paper.
  • Chocolate chamomiles are put in a bouquet. To make the composition look more attractive, you can supplement it with cut out leaves, twigs, gift paper, tie a bow.

Enjoying the most delicious sweets is inevitably associated with disappointment, because they end so quickly, leaving only fleeting memories. However, with unusual candy bouquets - in a box, basket or paper wrapping - the pleasure lasts much longer. To the delight of the sweet tooth, the florists have come up with a sweet design, turning ordinary sweets into exquisite flowers.

Wonderful arrangements of them will remind you of pleasant minutes even after the delicious "filling" is eaten. Skillfully made "candy" bouquets are real works of art, which can later be used to decorate the interior. A gift from them turns out to be not only stylish and tasty, but also practical.

Examples of suite compositions

Sweet design (from English sweet) is a relatively new direction in floristry. It involves the compilation of various arrangements of sweets, both with the addition of flowers, and without them. Most popular songs:

  • All sweets, beautifully arranged and packaged like a traditional flower bouquet. Often, sweets are attached to wooden skewers and assembled using a spiral technique, and then drawn into craft or tracing paper.
  • From chocolates "hidden" in paper (less often textile) flowers. This is the most common type of sweet bouquets.
  • It is important that the plants are made of quality materials and resemble real ones as much as possible. Only in this case you will get a truly luxurious gift, and not a craft that only evokes condescending smiles from others.
  • Real flowers with added sweets. A fashionable floristry trend that allows you to easily surprise the addressee. For such compositions, boxes with two compartments are used - one contains an "oasis" with fresh flowers, and the other is left for sweets.

Ranunculus in a box

Sweets from the popular Ferrero Roche brand are good on their own, but decorated in the form of a suite-arrangement, they turn into an exclusive one. A fashionable and very beautiful bouquet of chocolates in a box, made with your own hands, can be presented for an anniversary, wedding and other equally important celebrations. Chocolates look elegant in ranunculus made of corrugated paper. These flowers are not as commonplace as roses and peonies, but no less spectacular due to their lush, multi-petaled buds.

To make ranunculus you will need:

  • crepe paper (better than Italian production), 180 g / m², three colors: salad, magenta and light pink;
  • high quality artificial greens, including rose leaves;
  • toothpicks, threads, cling film;
  • thermal gun.

Cut out 2 blanks 5x8 cm from salad paper. Round off their upper edge and stretch the vertical corrugations across them with our fingers, giving them a convex shape. These are the core petals in which the chocolate will be wrapped.

Next, cut out rectangles 2.5x8 cm: 18 light pink, 10 magenta and 6 salad. We make elongated petals resembling drops of them. We stretch each in the transverse direction and bend it slightly with our fingers, giving a natural, natural look.

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Since antiquity, a method of decorative shearing of trees and bushes to decorate gardens has been known. The first mentions of the figured cutting of the crown of trees and bushes were found in ancient Roman sources. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, or the Gardens of Babylon, is the most famous example of such a garden. In ancient times, craftsmen who knew how to create figures and compositions from trees and other plants were highly appreciated.

The peak of popularity of the art of garden design was in the 16-17 century. The fashion of curly cutting from trees came to Russia at the beginning of the 18th century. Wonderful works were created in the form of figures of people and animals. But this did not last long, only a few decades.

Topiary art returned in the 20th century. But now the term "topiary" is more and more often understood as a souvenir made by oneself. It is an original miniature tree made by hand and decorated using natural or artificial materials.

Topiary is also often called the tree of happiness, it is considered a symbol of happiness, peace and prosperity. Self-made topiary from flowers is presented on any significant date.

What is topiary: getting to know the tree of happiness

Topiary is a decorated tree with a crown made of confectionery or other decor. Originally, the word topiary was used to refer to the art of gardening. The tree, which, with the light hand of the gardener, took any shape, for example, a ball or a triangle, has become a symbol of beauty and happiness. Over time, gardeners became more and more skilled craftsmen, and landscape design reached a new level.

According to the beliefs of many people, such a tree can bring happiness

Today, tree gardens in the form of any animals and geometric shapes can be seen all over the world.

The fashion for unusual trees spread to the confectionery industry, and topiary from sweets appeared: from lollipops, marmalade and sweets. You can make a beautiful decorative tree with improvised means, for example, coffee beans, candies, Rafaello, chupa-chups. Topiary is called a tree of happiness or a bouquet of happiness. Many people believe that such a gift adds luck and intelligence to its owner, so they put coins in the base, and a bill is attached to the crown. It is very simple to make a magical bouquet of sweets, you do not need anything special to please your loved ones with a beautiful gift.

Topiary types

Forming a plant is quite difficult. You can create the required crown in the classical way - by pruning as new branches and shoots appear in the plant. Such a rather laborious process can be greatly facilitated by installing a special form during planting. By sticking to it, cutting the plant is easier and easier. This is how simple geometric shapes are created - a square, a ball, a cone. There is another, less laborious, method of obtaining topiary - frame. The main difference and advantage from the previous method is mobility. While classic green sculptures are usually stationary, those grown on special frames can be easily moved around the site to the desired location according to the modified composition. This is due to the fact that the topiary is grown according to a new method directly inside the frame on the located soil and irrigation systems. Usually, for the formation of such landscape sculptures, they use an artificial base that braids with their shoots in a few weeks. And if, in addition to greenery, the composition consists of flowers, then the result is amazing.

How to make a topiary from sweets with your own hands: master class

If you want to make original bouquets of sweets or sweets, no worse than florists, this review will help you. You will learn how to make beautiful and unusual bouquets. Unique master classes will tell you how to create sweet bouquets with your own hands step by step, even for beginners, which will become a wonderful gift or a wonderful decor for a festive interior.

So, let's try to use delicious cupcakes instead of traditional flowers. A cute bouquet of baked roses will be an incredible decor element. Cooking consists of two stages, first you need to prepare the baked goods, and then the decorative element.

Let's make the chocolate muffins first. This requires the following ingredients:

  • 165 g or 1/3 cup soft flour;
  • ¼ teaspoon of baking soda;
  • 2 tablespoons of baking powder ( baking powder);
  • 65 gr or ¾ cup of cocoa powder;
  • 1/8 teaspoon of salt;
  • 3 tablespoons of butter;
  • 300 grams of sugar;
  • 2 eggs;
  • ¾ teaspoon of vanilla extract;
  • 240 ml of milk.

Cooking instructions:

  • The oven should be heated to 180 degrees. For baking, special forms for muffins are used with food paper laid out in advance.
  • Dry ingredients - cocoa, salt, baking soda, baking powder and flour must be mixed. Then in a separate container and beat the sugar and butter. Then add eggs.
  • Then add the vanilla. Then dry mixture and milk are added.

ATTENTION: Forms should be filled with dough on ¾. Bake muffins for 15 minutes. The cooled baked goods can be glazed.

Now let's collect a sweet bouquet with our own hands. To compile, you need to prepare the following materials:

Step by step instructions:

  • Place a Styrofoam ball in a pot.
  • Pre-decorate the cupcakes with cream roses. For this, you can use a pastry syringe.
  • Then stick a toothpick into each piece and insert the cupcakes into a styrofoam ball.

WARNING: Nice cupcakes must completely cover the surface of the ball. An exquisite gift with delicious flowers is ready.

Bouquet of marmalade (marshmallows)



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