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What brings good luck? There are objects that have been tested by time and by different peoples, symbols that have perfectly proven themselves in such a role. Here are 13 lucky talismans that can attract Lady Fortune's favor.

Many people know from personal experience that even the simplest subject can bring good luck. Someone has a teddy bear with a torn off ear, a grandmother's brooch, another has a deck of cards or a certain number. The options for such personal amulets that bring good luck (or, more precisely, talismans, if we are talking about attracting luck) can be dark and dark, and they all will work. But what to do if “your” subject hasn’t been found and decided yet? To put at your service things that have enjoyed an appropriate reputation for many centuries and in different parts of the world!

If you know what exactly brings good luck, you can find this theoretical knowledge very broad practical application. Are you looking for gifts, wallpapers on your computer desk, pictures that bring good luck? Use our tips to choose the direction of your search. Images of objects and phenomena described below can easily turn into tattoos that bring good luck. You can carry them with you in your pocket or bag in the form of an amulet or talisman, or put them on a shelf or table in the house. - there are many options. But more to the point! So what brings good luck to our lives, according to old beliefs?

The acorn has long been a symbol of strength, vigor, energy and fulfilling long-term goals. Consider the old European proverb that mighty oaks grow from small acorns. The acorn is the fruit of the oak and is associated with the planet Jupiter and the magic of prosperity.

Looking for lucky symbols? The bee has been the personification of wealth and good fortune since ancient times. If you wear her emblem, image, you will surely be blessed with serious success. The bee is the messenger of the ancient gods, and its buzzing was considered the voice of the Great Goddess herself.

The songbird is considered another traditional living sign that brings good luck. Wearing a bird-shaped talisman gives enthusiasm and joyful life energy. By the way, this may shed light on the old European sayings "Happy as a bird" or "Happy as a lark."

The butterfly is a symbol of the magic of fulfillment of desires and well-being. Butterflies are not "born" in this form, but are transformed, transformed from one creature to another. Thanks to the image of such an insect, the fate and energy of a person can be changed in a good way.

You can search for sale a butterfly pendant with a pentagram in the middle. Transformation, well-being and magic - all in one beautiful decoration. Or you can make a butterfly tattoo that brings good luck.

DIY bouquets birds

Whispers are special conspiracies that can help you attract good luck and protect yourself from troubles. But unlike conspiracies, whispers can be uttered at any time, anywhere, more precisely when the situation requires it. This is a kind of magical ambulance that will always help in difficult times.

Morning whispers

• Get up with your right foot in the morning. Touching the floor with your foot, say in a whisper: "I am getting up to meet my happiness!"

• When leaving home, be sure to look in the mirror and say: “My reflection is an attraction, good luck,” and smile.

• If in the morning you drink tea or coffee and want to cheer up and gain strength, then tell your mug: "I drink strength, drink health, drink the energy of this day"

Good luck whispers

• If you want to attract good luck, then, crossing the threshold of the house, whisper: "The truth is that beyond this threshold is my strength."

• If you want to protect yourself from the boss's anger: “I am on the left bank, you are on the right. Shout - do not shout, you will not shout anyway ”. This whisper should be uttered before talking with the boss if he is not happy with something.

• If you want your day to go well, get up with your right foot in the morning and say, “Wherever your right foot goes, so does your left. Where I am, my luck is there. "

Whispers for money

• When you receive money, whisper: "Money in your pocket, there will be a whole suitcase soon."

• Whisper to the wallet: “My wallet is ringing, the money makes it thicker. Every day my luck is greener. "

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