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At the institute where I studied there was a typography teacher. Naturally, if he were like all teachers, then there would be nothing to tell. And he was a terrible pedant with a capital letter and his character is harder than a diamond.

He did not spare anyone: if you are late for a lesson more than 3 minutes, then whether you are at least three times an excellent student, nothing will save you from a red entry in your diary, a walk to sale d'etude (an ordinary class where everyone was outcasts who disrupted the lesson and where the students came in their free time from lessons and did their homework) to the autograph of the "overseer" (an adult who kept order at breaks and attendance at lessons). And this is another 10-30 minutes, depending on the length of the line of the guilty. Well, since you lost almost an hour because of 5 minutes late, you have to stay after lessons for extra. classes with this very teacher. It was useless to get away with it. The teacher kept his own journal and remembered absolutely everything.

During each lesson, we wrote drafts, then came home and copied them with illustrations of program interfaces and graphs. Important parts must be highlighted with color, underlines, indents. And each time we handed them over for verification. Moreover, no matter how well the synopsis is made, if you forgot to put the date, your name or highlight the title, then you will automatically get an "unsuccessful" message. Because (I quote) "Le travail est fait? Oui. Ou le travail est fait? Non!" Which means "Either work is done or work is not done". He also never gave the highest mark to anyone, because in his opinion there is no ideal.

When we started practicing on computers, he walked around the classroom from corner to corner and watched. If someone forgot to save the file, they would press the power button and all our work would disappear. Naturally, it was necessary to stay after the lesson and catch up with the lost time. And during the tests, it's easier to kiss yourself on the top of your head than write off.

Because of this attitude, no one liked to attend his classes. Behind his back they called him "tyrant" and sincerely sympathized with his wife and children. Even the students of other courses bypassed.

But only years later I realized that he taught us not only typography, but also prepared us for adult life: if you want to succeed, you need to be punctual, pay attention to every little thing and constantly monitor your work. One slightest mistake can be expensive, very expensive.

It is unlikely that he will read this post since he does not speak Russian at all, and there are no contacts left. Therefore, I will simply write: Monsieur Winandy, I am sincerely grateful to you for the lessons that you tried to convey to me and I am glad that I had the honor to be your student. Thank you and many years of health!

You are semi-lingual. There are a lot of mistakes in Russian, and in French.

If someone forgot to save the file, they would press the power button and all our work would disappear.

No, well, that's already. I do not know. Somehow. pedantic, or what?

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