DIY bouquet of products for men

Edible bouquet is a new trend in world floristry, which is rapidly gaining popularity in Russia. Such a present always looks bright, tasty and unusual. Such a composition is a great way to surprise and delight the hero of the occasion, while the bouquet is in no way inferior to the standard version.

The main advantages of an edible bouquet

The composition is usually created from fruits, vegetables, berries and other food products.

The process of creating an edible bouquet first of all starts with the selection of the main ingredients

They should be fresh and in line with the preferences of the donee. The edible bouquet has the following advantages over the standard floral competitor:

  • such a gift can be safely given not only to women, but also to men, regardless of age;
  • it is easy to do it yourself at home;
  • < li> a vegetable or fruit bouquet always looks unique and effective in any size, while the present is very useful;
  • the gift is practical, since all its ingredients are suitable for consumption;
  • this option is worth cheaper than a regular bouquet of flowers.
Vegetable bouquet

How to make a DIY edible bouquet for a man?

The best option for any man is a bouquet of fish or chips.

Everyone can make delicious bouquets for a man with their own hands, since this does not require special skills or abilities

In recent years, the basic technology for making such a gift has been developed. The donor needs to purchase:

  • dried fish;
  • bamboo skewers (sold in every supermarket);
  • awl;
  • satin ribbon ;
  • wrapping paper (kraft);
  • scotch tape.

Master class on making a man's edible bouquet:

A man's bouquet of products is a combination of aesthetics and culinary. Men will certainly appreciate such a gift, because they know a lot about delicious and beautiful food. But giving this is worth only to adults, adolescents have different tastes. A bouquet of sausages or a basket of seafood is suitable for dad, husband, beloved boyfriend, adult brother. In addition, cognac, wine or vodka can be added to a men's bouquet of products. The gift will be appropriate for Birthday, February 23, anniversary of relationship, on a professional holiday or on the occasion of a promotion at work.

If you have time and desire, you can assemble an edible bouquet yourself or order it from professionals with home delivery.

Gift Ingredients

Male food bouquet consists mainly of meats, cheeses, sea or river inhabitants and alcohol. Although you can collect a sweet bouquet of fresh and dried fruits, berries and nuts. It all depends on the character of the man and the reason for the gift.

• Cheese: smoked pigtail, classic hard or melted in small triangles. • Meat: sausage, smoked sausages, bacon, fried chicken. • River and seafood: crayfish, crabs, shrimps, fish. • Fruits: apples, lemons, tangerines, pomegranates, oranges. • Vegetables: sweet and hot peppers of various shapes, garlic, cherry tomatoes, gherkins, young corn. • Drinks: alcoholic and non-alcoholic in bottles of different sizes. • Bread: baguette, croutons, crispy sticks, pies. • Sweets: dried fruits, chocolate, candies, marshmallows. • Delicacies: jars with caviar, pate, snacks, sauce, jam, ginger.

When planning to make a creative gift, it is best to be inspired by the ideas of already assembled edible bouquets. We have put together a special collection for you for every taste.

What you need for a bouquet

1. The composition of the products. Choose the composition of the ingredients and determine the main element around which you will collect the bouquet. The center of the composition can be a large object: a beautiful bottle of alcohol, a meat delicacy (for example, grilled chicken), a circle of cheese in a factory package, a large fruit (apple, pomegranate).

2. The basis of the bouquet. If you put food in the basket, you can get by with the sense of taste and make an aesthetic still life. But if you decide to make a real bouquet, you will need florist tools.

  • Wooden skewers. This is the main "invisible" element of the bouquet. They can be bought in supermarkets in the grill and kebab section. Not only soft fruits and vegetables are strung on skewers. Bottles of drinks are tied to them with scotch tape, and nuts in shells are glued to sticks with a special gun.
  • Scotch tape and twine. They tightly fasten all the components of the future bouquet. Remember, there is never enough scotch!
  • Glue. Mostly needed for attaching wrapping paper. It is best to use a glue gun, but you can get by with a regular tube.

3. Packaging. Since we are talking about products, it is better to wrap them with cling film for hygiene. The exception is the elements of the bouquet in the factory packaging. When the bouquet is assembled, for beauty, use floral paper that matches the design of patterns and shades. At the end, the bouquet can be wrapped in a transparent package (as for flowers).

How to make a men's bouquet from products

An edible bouquet will become a decoration of any holiday. Moreover, it is an original and delicious gift. You can not only admire them, but also use them for their intended purpose - that is, eat them. The bouquet is suitable for any age and even gender, depending on the "filling". And you can put anything there - from sweets and fruits to alcohol and even seafood.

Fruit bouquet

Skillfully cut fruits in the form of flowers give a special charm to such a bouquet. But for this, not all fruits are used, but those that keep their shape:

• Apples; • Pineapples without peel; • Kiwi; • Mango; • Pears; • Melons.

Other bouquets use whole or coarsely cut fruits. For a long shelf life and a shiny appearance, the fruits undergo special processing. They are dipped in a liquid of gelatin and lemon juice. These are fruits like:

• Strawberries; • Grapes; • Grapefruits; • Lemons; • Oranges; • Passion fruit; • Pitahaya.

Bananas are usually covered in chocolate icing. They go bad very quickly without the skin. Therefore, they need to create a "protective layer". Along with fruits, fresh flowers or sweets are added to the edible bouquet. You can give it to your beloved girlfriend, wife, mother and even an unfamiliar woman. For little girls, the composition is decorated with teddy bears.

Strawberry bouquet

This is the most romantic and "talking" bouquet. After all, strawberries are very similar to the buds of a fresh rose. It can be presented to your beloved girlfriend or spouse for Birthday, Valentine's Day or March 8th. To diversify the bouquet of strawberries, marshmallows, marshmallows are added, and some of the berries are glazed.

Bouquet of vegetables

Want to surprise and delight your man on February 23? You can make an edible bouquet for men with your own hands. After all, you understand that in the 21st century it is difficult to surprise a man with eau de toilette or socks. And then it's just boring. And about socks and shaving foam on February 23, many anecdotes have been created. But this is not about us!

Of course, you can buy an edible bouquet for men. But in the first place it will cost many times more. Secondly, thoughts will inevitably arise: What products were put there? Who did it, with what mood? And it wasn't you.

And making an edible bouquet for men is quite simple. You need to spend a little time purchasing all the necessary parts and products. But on the other hand, you will put a piece of your soul into this gift. And it will be a masterpiece.

But if you want something simpler. Then click on the link and you can watch a video recipe on how to make a very simple but beautiful bunch of sausages and vodka.

What to buy for such an edible male cascading bouquet:

And materials at hand (ask them in florist shops):

  • Mica 25 * 30 cm
  • Ribbon or decorative for tying a bouquet and its elements
  • Wooden skewers 15 cm long (you can use sticks for sushi)
  • Scotch tape
  • Green tape is better (since we will use it to fasten greens to skewers)
  • Transparent film for flowers
  • Paper for wrapping bouquets
  • Ribbon for tying bouquets

Preparing products for an edible men's bouquet with your own hands

Please note that everything should be done with very clean hands or gloves. Pour the vegetables into a plate. Do not wash! Otherwise, they may flow already in the bouquet. Vegetables are washed immediately before use.

Just wipe with a cloth, you can rub gently until shiny. Especially carefully you need to do this with tomatoes so that they do not burst.

Appetizing, isn't it? Such beauty is achieved thanks to the materials from which the bouquet is made. Fresh bright fruits will serve as the main products. One bouquet combines pleasant emotions and useful properties of the ingredients. After all, who of us would not be happy to treat ourselves to a fragrant mandarin or a bright juicy pomegranate? Especially on New Year's Eve. Fruit bouquet is not only a gift. Also table decoration. Place the bouquet in an empty stable vase and enjoy the vibrant colors.

What makes unusual bouquets unique?

Fruit, vegetable, meat or sweet bouquet is suitable for a gift to any person. Depends on the components. For a girl or a child, it is better to take fruits, dried fruits, nuts, chocolates, sweets as a basis. According to the harmony of the composition, the bouquet includes flowers, spicy herbs. A man's bouquet includes cheeses, a bottle of alcohol, small sausages, red chili. Each cheese or sausage product should be wrapped in plastic wrap. So the goodies will not lose their presentation. It is interesting to use wicker baskets and decorative boxes for grocery bouquets. The gift will be sustainable.

What can you use when creating a composition?

When creating delicious bouquets, it is customary to use all available vegetables and fruits. Seasonal, tropical. Fortunately, now ripe fruits are on the shelves all year round. Plus other edible foods:

  • Vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, small beets and turnips, carrots, radishes, cucumbers. And also heads of garlic, onions, cut corn on the cob.
  • Berries: large grapes or whole clusters of small grapes, strawberries.
  • Fresh spicy herbs: lettuce, dill, parsley. And also rosemary, thyme, celery, spinach, mint, oregano.
  • Spices: cinnamon sticks, star anise stars are often tied to fruits with twine.
  • Nuts: Mostly inshell walnuts or pecans.
  • Mushrooms: fresh champignons look great in a general vegetable bouquet.
  • Sweets: chocolates, candies, marshmallows, marmalade, meringues, shaped chocolate or chocolate figurines. And also sucking candies on a stick.
  • Fresh flowers or dried flowers.
  • Decorative elements: artificial twigs, berries on sticks, paper flowers of our own work.

Wooden skewers and bamboo sticks are used for fastening parts. Scotch tape - ordinary transparent or paper construction tape will help to unite the bouquet into one whole. Also useful:

  • floral sponge or foam;
  • vases, baskets, boxes;
  • foil, packaging paper;
  • decorative ribbons , wire, twine.

A word to the designer of fruit bouquets

To create a beautiful and neat fruit bouquet, you will have to follow a number of mandatory rules:

An interesting solution is alcohol in fruits. Stir oranges, tangerines with a syringe with a little brandy or dessert wine. Of course, such bouquets are suitable for people over 18. Alcohol impregnation will preserve your gift for a longer period, give a surprise a special aroma.

DIY fruit bouquet: simple master class

Fruit bouquet is a budget gift. When creating a surprise, you can use only the available various components and your imagination. The main thing is to choose colorful seasonal fruits. Multi-colored fruits and bright wrappers will make it possible to make the gift more unusual.

Choose small fruits, as the finished bouquet will turn out to be quite weighty anyway. In the summer season, strawberries, grapes, cherries, apples, peaches, pears, plums, apricots are suitable for the bouquet. In colder periods, use bananas, oranges, tangerines, kiwi, lemons, pomegranates, and grapefruits. Wooden skewers will function as stems in a bouquet of fruits. On the front side, citrus slices and whole fruits will be visible.

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