DIY bouquet corrugation

For some reason, when it comes to funeral bouquets and wreaths, one thought always arises in my head - a funeral. But there are other reasons in our life when a special arrangement of flowers is required. For example, for laying on a memorial or commemorative plaque, for celebrations on the occasion of the anniversary date of a famous person who long ago left this world.

Florists offer a large selection of beautiful commemorative wreaths and bouquets of fresh flowers. We have selected five original bouquets that we bring to your attention.

There is no particular difficulty in drawing them up, if you wish, you can easily make such a bouquet yourself with your own hands. Well, if the timing or formality of the event obliges, you will have a certain reference point from which you can build on when buying such a bouquet.

beautiful bouquets for a memorable date

Fresh flowers are always a sign of special attention to an ongoing event. The most popular flowers used in memorable bouquets are carnations, roses, chrysanthemums and lilies. In addition, such a composition will emphasize exotic plants such as calla lilies and orchids, as well as greenery for bouquets - fern, robelini, gypsophila and others.

Also, you can always add a commemorative tape with or without an inscription. If appropriate, such a special bouquet can be wrapped in beautiful paper or plastic packaging.

Commemorative bouquet of carnations and gerberas

The bouquet includes red carnations and gerberas, ornamental greenery. You can add a black commemorative ribbon to the bouquet, on which you can make an inscription.

Memorable bouquet of roses and calla lilies

The bouquet is made up of 12 red roses, 6 calla lilies and decorative greenery. Such a composition will be very appropriate for an important official memorable date.

Any electrician knows this sore "eternal" question. For a long time, experts were divided.

The rules, in fact, say nothing about PVC corrugation. Don't believe me? Check it out! Electrical wiring can be installed with or without a corrugated pipe. So, if you are afraid to break something, then this question does not apply to the corrugation.

Myths and truth about corrugation

MythChangeable Wiring

In fact, it is not removable. If only, we can talk about changing a piece of cable, for example, in a wall. For example, after renovation, you decide to hang a picture. But they forgot that you have a cable laid in this place. They hit him with a puncher and killed him. In this case, you can pull out the damaged section and change it. But this happens very rarely. And basically, corrugation is used on the ceiling or in the floors under the screed. And just in the wall, the cable is usually laid without corrugation. You will never pull out a cable from a corrugated pipe that has at least one turn in the direction of travel.

The myth of PVC corrugation does not burn

Lit and how. PVC corrugation is self-extinguishing. This means that if the corrugation is set on fire, it will burn, but as soon as the fire is removed, it will immediately go out. And this, by the way, is a big plus. In the event of a short circuit, the corrugation does not flare up like a torch. A short circuit lasts seconds, not constantly. For this, machines are placed.

Myth Without corrugation is cheaper

Definitely cheaper. But do not think that if you abandoned the corrugation, then you will not have any costs. If your electrician will work with a puncher, then you will have to buy anchor clamps. Not one hundred pieces. Since the cable, according to the rules, must be laid separately, each wire. And if you lay in bunches, then you need to put machines of a lower value or choose a larger cable section.

Plus, any experienced electrician knows that when installing a cable with a hammer drill, a bunch of drills will break. And this is a consumable and is paid by the customer. And if your electrician is still a pro and has not worked as a puncher for a long time, then you need to buy special platforms for the screed, and then the screeds themselves. No matter how expensive it turns out than in a corrugation.

The savings are minimal. Yes, this is not money down the drain. You pay for quality. If you are hiring a professional craftsman, then you have to pay for it. As a result, you will get a professional electrical installation. When your master offers you to save on everything, then you will receive the corresponding electrician. And in everything, and not only in the issue of corrugation.


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EXCLUSIVE-Viscose brush noodles "Beige melange", Turkey, singing, width 150, pl. 260, composition 80% viscose + 15% pe + 5% lycra, price 650 rubles.

-Brush viscose noodles "Gray melange", Turkey, singing, width 150, pl. 260, composition 80% viscose + 15% pe + 5% lycra, price 650 rubles. -Viscose noodles brush "Blue melange", Turkey, singing, width 150, pl. 260, composition 80% viscose + 15% pe + 5% lycra, price 650 rubles.

-Viscose noodles "Dark blue", singing, Turkey, shir 150, composition 95% viscose vortex + 5% lycra, square 295, price 650 rubles for photo hosting →

PIKE and collars

-Pique "Gray melange", Turkey, the structure of the fabric is fine-grained, the quality of singing, pl. 200, width 180, composition 95% cotton + 5% lycra, price 480 rubles on photo hosting →

At the peak there are collars Gray melange (native) ADULTS, length 43 cm, price 45 rubles for photo hosting →

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