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Treatment of diarrhea with fever and aches

Diarrhea, weakness and aches are constant companions of intestinal flu, and require adherence to the diet. He must be very gentle so as not to burden the digestive organs weakened by negative symptoms. When a patient develops the main signs of rotavirus infection, acute diarrhea, accompanied by aching joints and a sharp rise in temperature to high levels, the patient, even in the presence of appetite, needs to fast for the first day.

From the second day, you can include in the diet light meals, cereals, boiled in water, and slimy soups. Portions should be as small as possible. Also, patients with diarrhea, aches and fever are recommended half-bed rest and maximum isolation from healthy people, since it is impossible to completely protect yourself from infection with intestinal influenza with just observing the rules of personal hygiene.

Diarrhea and chills are signs of an inflammatory process in the human body. The condition appears against the background of the development of ARVI, the activity of viruses and other infectious agents. Vomiting attacks are designed to cleanse the digestive system of toxins and harmful elements. In such a situation, prompt and timely treatment will be required.

Rate of temperature rise in case of poisoning

Poisoning is not accompanied by increased temperature syndrome. The thermometer creeps up if an infection caused by bacteria is "walking" in the body:

In these cases, the temperature will invariably rise. If Escherichia coli or botulinum has entered the body, then there may be no fever on the first day. However, upon manifestation, the indicator on the thermometer can vary from 38 to 39. There is an increase in temperature to 40 degrees. This one needs to be shot down urgently.

If a child has problems, it is required to bring the temperature down from 38 degrees.

Causes of a combination of chills and diarrhea

Modern medicine distinguishes between chronic and acute diarrhea. In the first case, the pathology is acquired (more than 4 weeks). In acute forms of the disease, the main reason is the activity of viruses of the intestinal and parasitic type. In most cases, the disorder is accompanied by severe chills, lethargy, lack of appetite, fever (up to 39 ° C - drink an antipyretic).

Diarrhea can result from salmonellosis in chicken eggs. The disease is difficult, accompanied by watery stools up to 10 times a day). In a short period of time, the body becomes dehydrated. The skin becomes dry and the pressure decreases. The bones start to twist. Causes of the disease:

  • food poisoning of dubious quality;
  • overeating fatty foods;
  • the activity of infectious agents;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and inflammation of the pancreas;
  • manifestation of cholecystitis and IBS;
  • intoxication with poisons and toxins.

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