Comparing an elliptical trainer and a treadmill | What is more effective

What is the axial load on the spine?

“An axial load is one in which there is vertical pressure on the spinal column, that is, on the axis of the body,” explains Stepan Proshin, trainer of the personal training studio Fitness Studio 29. “It is given by exercises in which the weight of the projectile (barbells, dumbbells) presses on the vertebrae from above ”. But not only: we face the axial load on the spine every day - for example, while walking. “The constant and significant axial load on the spine, which exerts a vertical pressure on the intervertebral discs, is a consequence of our evolution, the payment for upright walking,” says Irina Galperina, yoga therapy teacher at the Yoga-Mind school studio. - Our body is constantly under the influence of gravity (gravity), which leads to certain problems of the spine. Osteochondrosis (primary degenerative process) is to some extent the result of gravity. Osteochondrosis entails a number of other not very pleasant changes in the spine: protrusion, hernia, spondylosis. " But what really hurts the spine is intense axial load - for example, while doing exercises with dumbbells from a standing position or in an incline. “For healthy people, it is dangerous with back injuries due to improper technique and improper training program,” says Stepan Proshin. "And in case of back diseases (hernia, protrusion, kyphosis, etc.), doctors advise to exclude such exercises so as not to aggravate the existing problems."

But all this does not mean that with a sore back you need to give up fitness. “If axial load is contraindicated in your workouts, it is important to avoid it and strengthen your back muscles in order to support the vertebrae and relieve pain,” says Tatyana Basyrova, athletics athletics athlete, graduate of the School of Russian Ballet, certified teacher of Pilates, Cycle and fitness yoga. personal trainer of the network of fitness clubs MyFitlab. "In practice, this means eliminating squats with a barbell, dumbbells, deadlifts with large weights and choosing exercises without stress on the spine - from a sitting position, on all fours or lying down."

Training Needed

With atrophy of the back muscles, a person may experience pain symptoms, difficulty walking and staying upright for a long time, stoop, limited mobility. Developed muscles help to get rid of many diseases, significantly improve health and quality of life. But doing exercises on the back is not possible for all diseases; there are a number of medical contraindications.

To whom and for what diseases are exercises for the back indicated

Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back are indicated in the following cases:

Attention! For any curvature of the spine, hernias and protrusions, it is worth excluding axial loading and focusing on lighter isolation exercises.

Back exercises are contraindicated for whom and for what diseases

Exercising with dumbbells for back muscles is contraindicated in some diseases, injuries and other situations.

Exercises with dumbbells without load for the back

Why you need a treadmill

Running is a very accessible and widespread sport. You can train almost everywhere - on the street, on sports grounds, in parks. But there is one problem - in bad weather, jogging is no longer fun, running in wet snow or in a downpour is not so pleasant. Therefore, if possible, it is better to purchase a treadmill. It will help you avoid outdoor activities in bad weather.

Some treadmills are relatively inexpensive, comparable in price to an annual certification at a fitness club. But at the same time, they have several pleasant bonuses.

One of the first is that you don't have to leave your house and go to a fitness club. You can work out at home and combine it with watching your favorite TV show. Agree, this is much more pleasant than driving to the gym instead of home in the late evening after work, and watching the series in a traffic jam on the small screen of your mobile phone.

If you buy an electric treadmill, it can also become your personal trainer. Now progress has stepped so far that the on-board computer of this smart car invites athletes to take tests to determine the level of fitness and a suitable training program. Such tests can be done every two months to see if your physical condition has improved, if you have achieved the results you have set.

Also in the electric tracks there are several ready-made programs for those who want to lose weight and put their body in order.

Electric treadmills also allow you to run at a specific intensity. This feature comes in handy for athletes who like to run long distances. They sometimes need to maintain a certain speed. For home workouts on treadmills, it is enough to set the desired speed on the panel and the simulator will maintain it constantly.

If you want to increase your running speed, then you should set the speed to more than that to which you are accustomed. But such speed increases should be done no more than once a month so that the body has time to adapt.

For some athletes, it is interesting to run uphill. The treadmill can provide you with this entertainment too. And you do not have to look for a mountain of the desired height in the vicinity of the house. And an additional convenience is that after you have run up the mountain for an hour, you do not have to go down from it.

Advanced models of treadmills have the opportunity to compete with other athletes from the comfort of their home. To do this, you just need to turn on the on-board computer, enter the network and the sensor will read your speed and other athletes and show your position at a distance.

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