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A yellow penguin found at South Georgia

A penguin with yellow feathers has been discovered for the first time in history on South Georgia Island. He was noticed by Belgian photographer Yves Adams, who arrived on the island to capture the life of 120,000 king penguins. The birds swam to the shore when the man tried to settle down in a convenient location for shooting. Among ordinary individuals with black and white plumage, he noticed a yellow penguin and immediately rushed to photograph him. He managed to take several successful pictures and after a few days journalists began to call the photographer in order to find out as much information as possible about the bird. And this is not surprising, because this is the first case in history when a person managed to see a yellow penguin. Because of what the found individual is so different from others, it is already known. I'll tell you everything now.

What color are the penguins?

An unusual penguin was featured in the Daily Mail. As a rule, penguins are painted in black and white. But there are also more colorful types. For example, king penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus) have yellow spots on the head and chest. It is to this species that the found individual belongs. According to photographer Yves Adams, it is a great fortune that the penguin came out of the water near him. There were about 120,000 birds on the beach, so if this individual was at least 50 meters away from it, an amazing meeting might not have happened.

Penguins are mostly black and white

What is leucism?

The unusual coloration of penguin feathers is associated with leucism. This is the name given to a genetic mutation that stops the formation of melanin and all other pigments in feathers that are responsible for hair color. Sometimes leucism makes the color uneven and the animal has a speckled body. But in the case of this penguin, the mutation changed color completely. In no case should you confuse leucism with albinism. The fact is that albinism affects only melanin, while with leucism, pigment cells are completely absent.

You may be interested in distinguishing an animal with leucism and albinism by its eyes. Albino eyes are also colored in an unusual color, such as red. There is no change in eye color with leucism.

King penguins are similar in many ways to emperor penguins, but they are smaller in size and have a brighter color. They grow up to a maximum of 1 meter and have a dark back and white belly. Until 1918, king penguins were often hunted. This led to the fact that on some islands, their population declined sharply. But thanks to protective methods, the number of individuals returned to normal and at the moment they are not threatened.

The yellow penguin stood out a lot from the rest

A photographer finds a yellow penguin for the first time in history




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