Cinder block making machine

Materials for construction occupy a separate niche on the market. The variety allows you to choose a material that matches the conditions and type of construction. The price depends on the quality of the product; it is not always possible to get a quality product for good money. The production of building materials on your own will significantly save your budget.

Cinder block is used in the construction of walls, partitions, fences and garages. You can make a cinder block yourself, it is important to create an accurate shape. The production machine is realized in various types and parameters, on which the production volumes depend.

Equipment for the production of cinder block

The production of a cinder block on special equipment will not be difficult. The casting process on the machine for the production of cinder blocks is as follows:

  • A working mixture is prepared, consisting of cement, water and fillers. The latter must be passed through a sieve, removing large ingredients. Water should not completely fill the solution, the filler is kept dry on the floor. The consistency is chosen independently, depending on the type of production.
  • The mixture is loaded into a mold, compacted with a packing or a special press for a cinder block. In the process, it is necessary to monitor the amount of the mixture, when compacted it shrinks.
  • After that, the prepared block is removed from the mold.

Automatic production of cinder blocks

The drying process takes place in natural conditions, after 24 hours it is possible to move the finished material to the warehouse. Use in construction is available within a week after production, full hardening occurs within a month. Special additives accelerate the hardening process, maximum humidity and direct sunlight allow the cinder block to harden faster.

The main advantage of cinder block production is a large selection of modifications of machines and equipment.

There are many designs, equipment, machines for the production of cinder blocks. It is possible to make a machine yourself using the following elements:

There are many types of designs for do-it-yourself machine tools, the drawings of which are available on the web. It is important to calculate the required production volumes before manufacturing, for your own needs it is enough to produce equipment of a simple type.

Small volume produced by hand-made die. The material can be any available - from hardwood to sheet metal. This process requires manual compaction of the material. Cinder block machines have a modification with a vibration motor, which will significantly save labor costs in production and speed up the process. The included electric motor with a vibration design for a few seconds allows you to fill the volume in the forms, adding the filler in time.

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