Celery diet for weight loss - menu for 7, 14 days

Healthy breakfast rules

Eating in the morning gives energy, mood. After sleep, physiological and mental processes are triggered. The productivity of the brain and internal organs depends on the quality of food.

With proper nutrition, healthy breakfasts for every day are compiled based on simple rules:

A healthy diet means a variety and the right combination of BJU, minerals, low molecular weight organic compounds. A day that starts with a healthy meal is productive.

Link What's the best thing to eat in the morning? Perfect breakfast. Dmitry Kompaniets

What's the best thing to eat in the morning? Perfect breakfast. Dmitry Kompaniets

General recommendations

The adherents of proper nutrition know that breakfast is essential. The night break between meals is 8-12 hours. Metabolic processes at this time do not stop, energy is spent on maintaining the performance of all organs. After sleep, the body enters the stage of starvation, the level of catabolism increases, the reserves of energy and nutrients are at zero. A hearty breakfast of healthy foods neutralizes negative factors and helps to cope with morning stress.

To get the most out of early meals, take advice from a nutritionist:

  • Food should be digestible, overeating causes heaviness in the stomach and drowsiness.
  • When choosing dishes, consider your lifestyle: carbohydrate foods are good for people of mental work, and a protein breakfast will benefit those who work physically.
  • Diversify the menu and select food for each morning depending on your taste and mood. Don't try to cook complicated dishes that take a lot of time. Morning is not the best time for feats at the stove.
  • Take your time, do not eat dry and in a hurry. Better to get up 15 minutes earlier than indigestion.

What to eat for breakfast with proper nutrition

Among the variety of healthy foods, not all are suitable for the morning. After awakening, the protective functions do not work at full capacity. Red fruits and vegetables can cause allergies. When deciding what to eat for breakfast, take into account the presence of diseases. When choosing dishes, the main thing is to get the maximum benefit.

List of recommended foods and meals:

Celery Slimming Diet

Celery is a low-calorie dietary product, especially popular for its fat-burning properties and low (negative) calorie content. Vegetables are often used as part of a healthy diet. Leaves and stems are useful fresh, cooked, seeds are used as a seasoning, roots are baked in the oven, linseed oil in the morning on an empty stomach cleanses the intestines.

Celery-based soup is recommended not only for weight loss, but also for everyone who cares about their health.


How to cook

There are many delicious cooking recipes: for weight loss, you can stick to the classic options or show your imagination using foods allowed by the diet.

The main condition is that the vegetables in this soup are not too boiled, because the taste of the dish is especially good if the ingredients are crunchy.

The diet for the time of losing weight does not exclude meat and fish, if they are low-fat varieties.

Diet Price

This dietary food is not expensive and all products are available. To calculate the cost, the weekly menu above is taken as a basis.

The cost of meals on the first day is approximately 140 rubles, on the second day (due to the introduction of brown rice) - 240 rubles. The costs for the third and fourth will be 130 and 140 rubles. The most costly fifth and sixth days due to the introduction of beef into the diet - 450 rubles. and 310 rubles. respectively. The seventh day in financial terms will cost 130 rubles.

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Which foods contain protein?

Protein is a protein that is essential for the proper formation of muscle mass and the functioning of the entire body. It is a building material for all cells and tissues. Protein mixtures will only be an addition to the athlete's basic diet, their use does not reduce the value of conventional protein products. It is important to figure out which foods contain the most protein in order to include them in your daily diet.

Protein blends are needed by athletes

Daily requirement and absorption rate

The exact formula for daily protein requirements has not yet been derived, which can be clearly met. For calculations, start from factors of age, weight and level of physical activity. Depending on age, the average daily protein intake is:

It is a misconception that all protein ingested is fully digestible. The absorption rate depends on the type of eaten protein and the amount of amino acids in its composition.

The egg has a digestion rate of 1.0

The absorption rate of some protein-rich foods can be displayed in the table:

Foods with animal proteinConcentration rateFoods with vegetable proteinConcentration rateEgg1.00Soya0.91Milk1.00Beans0.68Whey1.00Peas0.67Curse1.00Buckwheat0.66Cheese1.0Corn0.60Beat0.57 , 9Peanuts0.52Pork0.87Wheat0.4

Pork has a digestion rate of 0.87

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