Budget, but good quality: 3 of the best vodka brands that drink softly

Most of the new vodka brands in Russia are trying to become known through a well-built marketing strategy, sometimes forgetting about quality control of their products. As a rule, it is not the appearance of the bottle that is important to the buyer, but the composition, taste and aroma of alcohol. The vodka should not cause excessive mouth discomfort after drinking 50 grams. By discomfort, I mean a burning sensation, excessive sweetness, bitterness, or a harsh alcoholic aftertaste.

Therefore, in this article I will talk about budget vodka, but of good quality. The selection includes 3 of the best brands of vodka that is soft to drink.

Vodka "White Lake Soft"

Comrade Dmitry several times advised us to sample the Beloe Ozero Myagkaya vodka. I decided to find it in the store. Fortunately, the price turned out to be quite budgetary and affordable for any wallet - 300-350 rubles (250 rubles for a promotion). Naturally, the brand is new to me, so first I decided to get acquainted with the manufacturer and information about the composition. It turns out that Beloe Ozero Myagkaya vodka is produced by Georgievsky LLC. Selected alcohol "Lux" is mixed with naturally soft water to make the taste of alcohol less harsh. Next, the vodka is filtered using white quartz sand. And before bottling, the vodka is additionally allowed to stand to get rid of the additives.

As you can see, the price of vodka is very low, but additional technologies are applied to it for purification, which makes "White Lake Soft" a more interesting option. The aroma from the glass is vodka, but at the same time light. The nasal receptors do not burn alcohols. I do not like it when they write "soft" in the name of vodka. The manufacturer automatically raises doubts about the softness of the product. But the vodka "White Lake Myagkaya" proved to be worthy in terms of purity of taste. It goes well, leaving a slight alcohol burning sensation in the mouth, which disappears in a few seconds. No impurities were found in vodka. The state of health in the morning is stable.

Morosha Vodka

I have known the Morosha vodka brand for about 5 years. During this time, I was burned once on its purchase. I don’t know, maybe I ran into a fake, but after 250 grams drunk at lunchtime, my head was splitting in the evening. At all other times, Morosha vodka confirmed its high quality. At the moment, Morosha vodka is sold at a price of 320-360 rubles for 0. l. If we are talking about "Morosh on mineral water of Karelia", which I most often take, then it is divided into 3 levels of softness. I prefer the first tier as it has a more classic flavor.

Anyway, in order to emphasize the peculiarities of the taste of "Morosh on mineral water of Karelia No. 1", the manufacturer has included alcoholized rye flakes in the infusion, which gives a bread flavor. And also natural honey, which serves as a natural softener of alcohol "Alpha". In the glass, vodka has a crystal-clear color. The vodka taste does not wrinkle the face. It is drunk easily, softly and without a hangover, at least in my case. By the way, there was a case when the Morosha vodka lay in the freezer for about 4-5 weeks. Taking it out of the freezer, I was pleasantly surprised that it was not frozen at all.

Parliament vodka

I would like to complete our review with the famous Parliament vodka. I think many have heard about it, but did not dare to try it. You can buy it in a regular alcohol store for 350-300 rubles. Supermarkets often offer promotions and the price drops to 260 rubles. Next, I'll tell you a little about design. I'll be honest, I like him. Although the bottle looks strict, it matches the name "Parliament". Rectangular geometry, easy to grip with one hand. There is a plastic dispenser under the lid.

Most of all, the inscription on the bottle about the purification of alcohol with milk caused a smile. I do not know how this process goes, but most likely, the manufacturer's words are true. Alcohol "Lux" itself is rather harsh and more often has a pronounced grain tint. But when tasting the Parliament vodka, one gets the impression that it is not Lux alcohol, but Alpha, judging by the mildness of the taste. And given that Parliament vodka does not pretend to be a premium segment, such purification with milk and the use of high-quality grain alcohol is only a plus for the budget category.

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