Bridal bouquet: what color to choose and how to do it yourself

The wedding custom of throwing the bridal bouquet behind the back, where unmarried bridesmaids catch it, came to us from Europe. In the Middle Ages, the ladies' faith in the magic of this ritual was so strong that the most desperate of them actively tried to tear off pieces of fabric from the dress of the girl who was walking down the aisle.

Of course, the heroes of the occasion did not want to give their magnificent outfit to be torn apart at all. In this regard, a tradition arose to attach flowers to the bride's dress, which the guests carefully removed “for luck”. However, pinning the plants turned out to be not a very convenient solution. That's why you need a backup bouquet for a wedding these days.

How it is used

Some products, due to their uncomfortable shape or too large size, can play a cruel joke with the bride during the throwing ceremony. Intricate compositions with flowing flowers and greenery are very difficult to throw into the air. Owners of large bridal bouquets do not have a question why they need a backup bouquet for a wedding.

By replacing them with less traumatic counterparts, you will protect guests and insure against accidental hitting of the environment. In addition, many girls feel sorry to part with such a memorable thing. Therefore, the girl thinks about whether she needs a backup bouquet for the wedding. It used to be rarely used, but now its popularity has skyrocketed.

Florists explain why you need a backup bouquet at a wedding. Sometimes a wedding lasts longer than one day. As a result of numerous changes of locations, fragile plants can lose their attractiveness. Sometimes the newlyweds play a wedding in the winter season, when even the most persistent buds can fade due to sudden changes in temperature. Read more about the winter wedding bouquet.

The double of the bride's wedding bouquet guarantees a fresh look of flowers throughout the holiday. In addition, it can be a great addition to a second wedding dress, as dressing up the bride is a new fashion trend. During the celebration, these flowers can be given "for safekeeping" to a witness or some little girl present among the guests.

Choosing a replacement flower arrangement, you can choose one of three options.

  • Identical copy of the main bouquet. An ideal choice if the wedding takes place in winter or lasts for two days. As a result, in all wedding photos, the hero of the occasion will hold in her hands a gorgeous composition of fresh plants.
  • Bridal bouquet in miniature. Consists of the same colors as the main one, however, it is smaller and relatively lightweight, which makes it more convenient during the rite of throwing.
  • A composition of artificial flowers, as close as possible to the original in terms of color and composition. You can leave it as a keepsake, remembering one of the most significant events in your life with love and nostalgia.

You can buy a backup for the bride's bouquet, but some decide to make it on their own.

Wedding Planner

A lifesaver for brides - a stunt bouquet for a wedding: how to do it yourself

Along with natural bouquets, compositions of artificial flowers have gained immense popularity in decorating the interior of a house in various styles. They help to revitalize and decorate the room, to make it original and unique. Modern materials make it possible to produce flowers of such quality that it is difficult to distinguish them from the original, so perfectly they imitate the living wonders of nature with their grace and grace.

DIY flower arrangements on the table

Real natural flowers are very beautiful and delicate, but they require careful care and attention. It is much more convenient to decorate the interior of your home with artificial species. Do-it-yourself elegant compositions of beautiful artificial species can serve as a decoration for a room for a long time without losing decorative properties.

Flower arrangements are a great way to make the interior decoration of premises more beautiful and refined, and the high quality of materials allows you to make flowers so natural that it is difficult to distinguish them from living ones.

To make it, you need Styrofoam or an oasis; vase, basket, pots or dish for composition; several artificial flowers; tape, wire and scissors.

The work is performed in the following sequence:

  • Flowers can be bought or made by hand. Divide branches from several elements into parts, remove excess branches and leaves.
  • Make a base for a bouquet of foam or an oasis for flowers. To do this, cut the desired shape from it and place it in the container for the composition.
  • Starting with the tallest flowers, stick them into the base in the right place. Place plants of medium length so that each element is clearly visible. Decorate the front part and base surface with short plants. If you cannot completely cover the foam, you can cover it with pebbles, sand, shells or decorative hay.
  • To make a tall bouquet for a vase, you need to gradually fix new flower heads on a tall plant by wrapping them with tape.

Each element in the composition must be clearly visible, therefore it is important to observe the levels of arrangement, adjusting the length of the stems by adding a piece of wire or cutting off the excess.

Decorative compositions for the interior: selection rules

Original flower arrangements will help the interior of the apartment acquire individuality and original additional charm.

How to choose the right flower arrangement:

Why do you need it at a celebration in [2019] and how to make a double bouquet for a wedding with your own hands? - a detailed master class (with video & text) how to perform a beautiful composition.

A wedding bouquet is one of the most striking details of the bride's image. To make it a real decoration, when choosing it, you need to take into account some little things, which we will now talk about. You will also learn how to make a bridal bouquet with your own hands from natural or artificial flowers and ribbons.

Order the bouquet in advance

Place your order a few days before the wedding, so as not to overpay for urgency at the very last moment. Firms that provide services for the holidays often have rush jobs, especially during the wedding season. Arrange for a convenient delivery time so that the courier brings the bride's bouquet shortly for marriage registration. Fresh flowers wither quickly, so the bouquet will last about a day.

Bridal bouquet shape

If the bride's wedding dress is lush with a voluminous bottom, the best solution would be a discreet bouquet, and vice versa.

Wedding bouquet color

The main color of the bride's bouquet should be in harmony with the wedding dress, that is, match it in color and in no case merge. If the flowers of the bouquet are close in color to the fabric of the dress, take care of decorating the bouquet with contrasting decorative elements made of ribbons, tulle, etc.

Seasonal Color Matching

Seasonal flowers are always relevant. For example, roses are a universal option, because they are grown in special conditions all year round, but snowdrops can be found only in early spring. Asters and chrysanthemums are often used to create a bright autumn bridal bouquet, and daisies and poppies are often used for summer.

The colors that are relevant for a spring bouquet are delicate pastel shades: pink, cream, ivory, light purple, light green and blue, as in the photo. A bouquet of peonies will also look beautiful - they bloom in May and with their whole appearance create a spring mood.

Summer bouquet can be of any color. An abundance of green twigs and the appropriate design of the bouquet, as in the photo, are welcomed. A variegated bouquet of multi-colored wildflowers can be a good option. For a wedding in a folk style, it is important to decorate the bouquet with ripe spikelets of wheat. If the wedding is celebrated on the shore of a pond, a combination of blue and white flowers, or a completely blue bouquet is appropriate.

Collect a cheerful bouquet that reflects the beauty of the golden age! Flowers can be yellow, orange, red and burgundy, like in the pictures. The sprigs of greenery used to decorate the bridal bouquet should be deep green. You can also use rowan twigs as decoration.

Roses are most often used to create a winter bridal bouquet. The combination of white and dark green looks very original. Some florists in the cold season decorate bouquets with live sprigs of spruce with small cones. It looks gentle, and most importantly - unusual.

Making artificial flowers with your own hands is not so difficult even for novice needlewomen. Patience, desire and imagination - this is quite enough to ignite the ideas of creating an artificial flower, which will be indistinguishable from a living analogue. The creative process requires certain skills. It will be easier for novice needlewomen to master them if you read our recommendations.

DIY artificial flowers

Making artificial flowers is an old craft. Fashionistas of the past sought to decorate their hats, dresses, fans with flowers that they created on the basis of satin, velvet or silk. A bouquet of inanimate, but very similar to them flowers, was used as a decor for living quarters.

Currently, artificial flower arrangements can be purchased in trade establishments. However, it will be more useful to learn how to make such jewelry yourself.

Professionals prefer to initially create templates, and then form artificial flowers on their basis.

Making templates is easy if you decide how the flower will look. It is very good to take a living plant as a basis. It is taken apart into its components. Each petal is gently smoothed and placed under a press to dry.

The dried material is applied to the paper and outlined. The drawn figure is cut out and glued to cardboard, signing which part of the plant it is. This preliminary work is important if you plan to create a specific artificial flower not just once, but several times.

Having templates in hand, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary items for work. The indicative toolbox consists of the following items:

  • sharp scissors;
  • sewing;
  • wire;
  • knife;
  • mortars;
  • tweezers.

[stextbox Depending on the specifics of practical work, there may be a need for additional tools and materials. It is useful for novice craftsmen to study the videos of master classes and photos of finished artificial flowers before starting work. This will make it easier to set practical goals and successfully implement them. [/ Stextbox]

A bouquet or wreath of artificial flowers can be created from a variety of materials, including paper, plastic, fabric, leather, organza, foamiran.

Paper flowers

There are several techniques for making paper flowers:

The benefits of a delicious bouquet

An edible composition is formed from the following products: meat, sausages, drinks, sweets, vegetables, fruits, fish, seafood, nuts. But at the same time, their compatibility is taken into account. You need to know the preferences of the person to whom the gift is given in order to collect suitable ingredients or collect neutral sets. The product bouquet has the following advantages over a traditional flower arrangement:

  • a grocery bouquet is an excellent gift not only for women, but also for men and children;
  • It is very easy to prepare a delicious composition with your own hands thanks to numerous master classes and simplicity of the process;
  • vegetables, fruits look original in the composition, and the gift with them is colorful and useful;
  • the practicality of the presentation, since its contents can be eaten together with the donor or offered to guests; <
  • the ingredients for a simple arrangement are cheaper than some flower bouquets.

How to make a bouquet of tea?

How to make a bouquet of tea? For tea lovers, fragrant and healthy bouquets of tea and sweets are suitable. For. To make such a table decoration you will need:

Packaging options for a bouquet

The content of the gift bouquet is the main part, but the wrapper creates the image and dictates the composition. With its help, you can improve the composition, make it brighter, more presentable:

  • Opaque thick kraft paper. A packaging option that is democratic in appearance and price. The stores sell different colors and textures. The paper hides the skewers on which vegetables and fruits are strung. But among the minuses is that it easily crumples and breaks; when in contact with fatty foods, unpresentable spots appear on it.
  • Cart. The basket holds a large amount of fruits, vegetables, drinks. With the right selection, you can be sure that it will withstand all the ingredients. Products in it look original and aesthetically pleasing. But it is inconvenient to carry it in your hands due to its large dimensions.
  • DIY box. An affordable packaging option, a box can be found in any home. For the composition, packaging from cookies and sweets is used. It is decorated with a gift wrap and filled with food. The disadvantage is that such a gift, without proper accuracy and skill, can produce an unaesthetic sight.
  • Capsho for flower plants. Pros: the composition in such a package is stable, looks aesthetically pleasing. For decoration, use twine or tape. Minus: a floral sponge, into which sticks for a gift are stuck, sometimes hard to find. Get out of the situation by gluing foam.
  • Wooden box. The food composition in a wooden box looks original; it is practical to give such a gift to a man. In addition, the packaging is strong and will withstand a large number of ingredients. But it is expensive. If you need a certain size, you will have to order the box from the workshop. Feminine composition in a large wooden box may seem heavy and unwieldy.
  • Floristic box. Large boxes can hold a lot of food, drinks. Models with rope handles are more convenient because the container is easier to carry. Flower bouquets in hat boxes for women are ideal. But the prices for boxes are high in specialized florist shops or gift shops, and it is difficult to find them in retail.

Note! Packages can be partially combined or supplemented. Craft with sausage ingredients is more appropriate in a gift for a man, a hat box with macaroons - for a woman.

Tools for assembling a grocery bouquet

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