Biography of Sergei Ivanov - Zara's husband, the singer's personal life now and her children

Zarifa Mgoyan, known under the pseudonym Zara, is one of the most beautiful Russian singers with unusually gentle vocals. Cavaliers and loyal fans have always surrounded her, but her personal life is unhappy. The singer did not agree with her first spouse, and Sergei Ivanov, Zara's second husband, gradually moved away from her. From her youth, the oriental beauty dreamed of a large and friendly family, but now she is a single mother raising two sons.

What is known about Zara's first wife

Zara got married twice, both husbands, either by chance, or by the decree of fate, were called Sergei. The singer met the son of Valentina Matvienko while studying at a theater university. The young man at that time held a leading position in the bank "St. Petersburg".

Sergey Matvienko conquered the oriental beauty for a long time and persistently. According to Zara, he became her first love. She kissed him for the first time, entered into an intimate relationship.

Sergey Matvienko: biography and appearance

Zarifa was 19 years old when she first saw a handsome, tall, charming guy. She was attracted by the groom's grooming, mannerism, delicacy. But the girl was in no hurry to get closer: nationality did not allow. Zara, coming from a Kurdish family, was brought up in austerity, observed national traditions. Intimacy before marriage was unacceptable. Therefore, for the sake of intimacy with her beloved, the singer got married so early - at the age of 20.

Sergey Matvienko was born on May 5, 1973 into a family of political figures. Childhood was happy, wealthy. Parents, being wealthy, famous people, gave the child the best.

The career of Valentina Matvienko's son is impressive:

  • started working in 1992 as a manager of the investment company "Augustina";
  • in 1995 he opened the firm "Northern Extravaganza", then - the organization "Zodchiy";
  • in 2003-2010 was the vice president of the commercial bank "Saint Petersburg";
  • since 2004 he successfully coped with the duties of the vice president of VTB;
  • < li> in 2006 opened VTB-Capital;
  • in 2010 sat in the director's chair of VTB-Development;
  • in 2011 entered the top 500 richest people Russia at number 486;
  • since 2012 he has been running the Russian esports organization Moscow Five.

In 1994, while working for "Augustine", Zara's ex-husband got involved in a criminal story. He was convicted of robbery with violence. Valentina Matvienko, then working at the embassy in Malta, managed to hush up the case. But in the early 2000s, meticulous journalists resumed their investigation, provided public access to the materials of the criminal case. Then Valentina Matvienko was preparing to become the governor of the Northern capital, and the scandalous story with her son almost cost her her career.

How the young people met

The meeting took place at a model show. Sergei immediately drew attention to the oriental beauty. Evgeny Filkenstein, who organized the event, considered it an honor to introduce the young banker to the singer.

Sergey Matvienko, who is in love, began to persistently look after the artist. Zara saw him in the forefront at all her major concerts. And once I received a huge bouquet of 1001 roses. The donor remained incognito, only asked to convey that his name was Sergei. After 3 months from the beginning of their acquaintance, the singer and the banker announced their engagement.

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