Beautiful autumn bouquet

The end of summer has somehow imperceptibly approached ... Very soon autumn will come into its own, and nature will begin to prepare for a long rest. But before winter comes, autumn will reward people with both a generous harvest and bright, rich colors. It was not for nothing that the great Pushkin sang this time of the year, telling that he was delighted with "forests dressed in crimson and gold"! Nature itself dictates which bouquets will look best at this time of year: abundant in bright, “warm” color shades.

Moreover, it is not at all necessary to make bouquets from only flowers. An excellent addition to them will be yellow and red maple leaves, thin branches of mountain ash, strewn with round red and orange berries, physalis fruits, "packed" in delightfully beautiful bright orange shells reminiscent of Chinese paper lanterns ... You can also use wheat ears to make bouquets, rye, barley. In short, do not be afraid to show your imagination! The more varied the bouquet, the more interesting and beautiful it is.

Most often, the basis of autumn bouquets are the following flowers:

  • Asters.
  • Chrysanthemums.
  • Gladioli.
  • Phloxes.
  • Marigolds.

And, of course, don't forget about the “queen of flowers” ​​- the rose! This beauty is good in bouquets at any time of the year. a sunflower will also look good and harmonious in autumn bouquets.

The simplest "autumn bouquet" with your own hands at no cost:

Add large maple leaves (red and yellow) to the multi-colored chrysanthemums, as well as chestnut leaves that have begun to turn brown and a few straw-yellow ears of wheat. You will get an amazing flower arrangement that will decorate your home. It can also be safely given on a variety of occasions.

Autumn Leaves Bouquet Free:

Add colorful asters and thin branches of fruit trees (apples, pears, cherries) with leaves to the bright yellow flowers of the sunflower.

Or, for example, a bouquet of dried flowers will serve you well, which will retain its beauty even in the middle of winter, reminding you of the warm, sunny days. Bright orange "Chinese lanterns" of physalis will serve as a wonderful addition to it. Such a bouquet does not require maintenance and looks good either in a vase or in a decorative basket.

Well, if you doubt your abilities, our Botanica store is always at your service! We have prepared for the coming autumn by compiling a number of new flower arrangements. We can always buy flowers for schoolchildren, for the holiday of the Day of Knowledge, and bouquets for gifts to loved ones and to decorate your own home. Contact, experienced florists "Botanica" will help you!

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The beauty of autumn was not praised only by the lazy. It is not surprising, because those bright colors that this time of the year gives are truly multifaceted and intricately intertwined with each other, creating masterpieces. And how many different natural materials can be prepared for creativity! It is simply impossible to count. A nice bonus - all the blanks are absolutely free, available and they are collected during a walk, which gives a great mood, positive and positive emotions. Apparently, it is this energy that imbues natural material and wonderful crafts are made from it. DIY autumn bouquets of fallen leaves, fruits and berries, cones and moss - this is a small list of how you can prolong the charm of this time of year for a long time.

It is in the fall in all general educational institutions for children that various contests are held for the best craft from the gifts of nature or a harvest festival. At this event, you can see a huge number of truly unusual, bright, creative creations. Of course, every child dreams of winning the competition. But more important than victory may be the understanding that your craft is unique and inimitable and that another one similar to it simply does not exist.

Consider a few handicrafts made from natural materials that you can build with your child for a school competition.

Children's Art Gallery

Children's fantasy is not limited by the framework and is not subject to conventions. Toddlers see the world differently than adults. On this fertile soil, shoots of future masterpieces sprout. If you add the skill and experience of parents to the child's thinking, then everything together is embodied in creative masterpieces. An example of such a combination is shown in the following photos.

Roses from leaves

In almost every craft for school, children use fallen leaves. A properly dried and ironed sheet of a bizarre shape and color is already beautiful. But it is very commonplace and uninteresting to collect a bouquet of leaves. A more creative idea would be to make roses from them that are very similar to real ones. In addition, the leaves for this craft do not even have to be dried.

Step-by-step instructions, which detail the process of creating a flower, are presented in the photo.

Depending on how many maple leaves and what color will be used to make a rose, the size of the bud and the color of the final product depend. It is very good to use leaves of contrasting shades for crafts - straw, lemon, red and ocher colors.

Live beauty

The simplest, but no less spectacular, bouquet can be assembled from flowers that delight the eye in flower beds almost until the first snow.

Asters, phloxes, rudbeckia are suitable for such a composition. Their bright and juicy color will create a sunny mood even in cloudy weather.

Marigolds are the kings of flower beds in autumn. They do not fade for a long time, and with their color range, which varies from pale yellow to rich orange, awaken the vital energy of the human body. A bouquet of these flowers will look unusually good and cozy both in the kitchen and in the office.

Crafts from leaves, do-it-yourself photo panels

How is it done? These are lotus leaves that are glued to each other. The relief is created by veins. After painting with paints, drying, the surface on top is carefully processed with gold paint so that the golden glow remains only on the protruding parts, from here a light metallic effect is created.

This is how a lotus leaf looks large (photo below). An amazing color in my opinion. As much as I dislike abstract painting, I love this painting made of natural natural material. A great interior decoration.

It is the most practical among all those given here - dust does not accumulate on it, it is covered with a layer of varnish, in extreme cases it can be wiped with a cloth.

You can think a little in this direction, it is not necessary to use the leaves of such a rare plant, you can use other, more accessible ones. The idea must be taken into service.

Other leaves, different color, they are simply fixed parallel to each other. You can use liquid glue to fix it. Nobody forbids taking oak, aspen, mountain ash, their foliage is no less decorative.

I'll show you a piece so that you can see that these are natural leaves, with streaks, dots. In childhood, for a herbarium, plants were ironed through paper and thus dried. Perhaps, if you cover them with varnish on top, then they will retain their appearance and color longer.

This is also a very interesting panel - "Lavrushka". Yes, yes, this is the very seasoning that we put in the soup for smell and taste. Not suitable for every interior, but I can vividly imagine how good this picture will look in a room with dark furniture and dark leather sofas. The dense, shiny leaves give the impression of a dark forest.

As always, the fragment is larger. Nothing complicated. The relief is clearly visible, it's even good that they are not closely adjacent to each other.

DIY autumn bouquets: compositions with photos

Master class "Bouquet of maple leaves in a basket"

Maria DmitrievaMaster-class "Bouquet of maple leaves in a basket"

Description: this master class is recommended for preschoolers, educators, teachers of additional education and all lovers of creating interesting crafts.

Purpose: to create a beautiful bouquet of autumn leaves.

1. To consolidate the knowledge of children about the seasons, about the peculiarities of autumn.

2. Reinforce children's ideas about fallen leaves.

3. To develop in children the desire to engage in manual labor.

4. Develop creativity, imagination, patience, bring the work started to the end.

5. Develop ingenuity, ingenuity, and a sustained interest in creativity.

6. To form creativity, spiritual culture, aesthetic taste.

Autumn is a hot season not only for gardeners and gardeners, but also for all kinds of handicrafts. With the help of her generous gifts, various interesting ideas can be brought to life. For example, make an autumn bouquet with your own hands. He is suitable for a gift, and just decorate the house. Moreover, you can use not only flowers for a bouquet. Everything you need is literally under your feet. Leaves, berries, cones and even vegetables and fruits easily turn into flower arrangements. You just need to show a little imagination.

What can be used to make an autumn bouquet, colors

For the design of autumn collections from natural materials, the following components are suitable:

A beautiful autumn bouquet (photo) can be made of flowers, branches, natural material, fruits, vegetables and berries. Florists recommend choosing a color palette according to the season, these are the natural tones of autumn:

  • crimson ;
  • yellow ;
  • shades of orange;
  • terracotta;
  • purple;
  • red.

They compose both monochromatic collections and multi-colored variegated mixes. Autumn natural sets, if desired, are diluted with greens, its contrast with the yellow-red gamut looks spectacular. Compositions are made in both cold and warm shades. The main condition is that the bouquet should look natural and fresh.

Autumn leaf bouquets

A beautiful autumn bouquet (photos clearly represent floristic selections) are formed from foliage.

List of bundles:

  • A bunch of roses is made from maple leaves. To form 1 inflorescence, 10 dried leaves are required. You should start with a small part by bending the tips towards you. Next, from the 1st side, the workpiece is twisted with a roll in the form of a bud.

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