Bad taste: 6 photos that are not; worth putting in; social network

Do you exhibit such photos?

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Today people rate each other through social media. They look at everything: the avatar, the posts on the wall and, of course, the photo. It only takes a few seconds to identify someone with outdated views and bad taste. We have compiled a list of photos that are considered taboo for modern social networks. Don't post them!

Photos with filters that hurt the eyes

Instagram's built-in filters are a prime example. They were relevant when this social network first appeared. More than 10 years have passed since then, and the choice in the application is still the same ... If a person does not like the light or the main color of the photo, then it is better to correct it in the "Edit" section right on the smartphone or in the same Instagram.

Today, photos with a minimum of processing and without retouching are valued. So it is worth trying to make initially high-quality shots.

Selfie with a bouquet

Many girls and women still sin with this. It is clear that they really want to show everyone how much they are loved and appreciated. But poking this in the face of subscribers is not necessary. You can boast of a bouquet more modestly. For example, take a picture of your home office, where the donated flowers will stand by chance.

Strange blur photo

Photos with a minimum of corrections are relevant today. So, artificial blur literally screams that the person tried very hard to make the picture even better. In fact, this is an unnecessary effect that only gets in the way. You should leave the natural background, and entrust the blur to professional cameras or portrait mode.

Fuses Ford Focus 2

The time has come when people have been surfing the Internet since infancy and up to gray hair! And this means that it is possible for these people, regardless of their gender, age and place of residence, to show their goods and services. That is why in today's article we will figure out what you can sell on the Internet to make money.

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Why can you sell anything on the Internet?

First, let's see why you can really sell everything on the Internet? There is a rather simple answer to this: “Because the Internet has everything!”.

And, in fact, this is so, every year the number of people to whom you can sell something is growing on the Internet and this is a great opportunity to earn money without leaving your home or without leaving your native city.

People spend the lion's share of their time on the Internet, they sit in it in the morning while drinking coffee and having breakfast, then on the way to work they also scroll through the feed on Instagram or news sites, at work they also do not miss opportunities look into your browser and get some more fresh information.

Yes, even now, no matter how much time you have, you sit and read these lines on the Internet! This article is visited equally often at 7 am and 5 pm and at 1 am.

All this from different sleep patterns, daily routine and, of course, the big difference in time zones between regions.

This means that you can reach absolutely every person so that you do not want to sell, there is such a person on the network and you can reach him in order to offer a product and make money.

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