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Decorating the balcony with a laminate with your own hands

Laminate has a number of advantages over other finishing materials, which led to its widespread use as not only flooring, but also wall covering. In order for a balcony finished with laminate plates to retain a presentable appearance for a long time, it is necessary to comply with a set of conditions and requirements for both the room and the technology of work.

Requirements for the coating and condition of the balcony

Loggias and balconies are specific premises, which are characterized by significant temperature drops, increased exposure to ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the requirements for the materials used for their finishing are more stringent.

The basis of standard grades laminate is various wood materials (MDF, fiberboard, HDF), which can swell and swell from excessive moisture. The balcony must be glazed and completely protected from atmospheric precipitation. Otherwise, only moisture-resistant, expensive plastic-based varieties are allowed.

Moisture resistant PVC laminate

It is possible to fearlessly use laminate flooring on a balcony or loggia only if the room is sufficiently insulated - double glazing and a layer of insulation on the walls and floor are obligatory. The temperature should not drop below +5, this is the only way to exclude deformation and delamination.

If you are not sure that it is possible to achieve conditions on the balcony as close to living quarters as possible, then it is better to consider other finishes.

Cons of using laminate on a balcony

Variety of colors, good hygienic and operational properties of the laminate allow you to create a cozy atmosphere in any room and implement many design ideas. However, its use for decorating loggias is not always possible and appropriate. The main disadvantages of this type of material are as follows:

  • sensitivity to temperature extremes, which often cannot be avoided even on insulated balconies,
  • susceptibility to high humidity,
  • as laminate it is originally intended for finishing floors and is a heavy material, it is necessary to use strong fasteners,
  • for installation on uneven walls and ceilings requiring subsequent insulation, it is necessary to build a crate, which reduces the already small balcony area.

Laminate installation methods

Decorating a balcony with a laminate with your own hands step by step instructions

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