Alexander Gudkov - jokes without borders, scandals in KVN and a mysterious bride

The captain of the Fyodor Dvinyatin team won the audience over, but the KVN jury repeatedly criticized Alexander Gudkov and his associates for a kind of humor. However, it was Gudkov with his unique style and original ideas who managed to achieve colossal success in show business.

On February 24, Alexander Gudkov celebrates his 38th birthday, whose name is known to every Internet user today. Some remembered him from the KVN games, others recognized him as a scriptwriter for the Comment Out show, and others watched the programs of the Chicken Curry video channel and clips of the Cream Soda group.

The more often projects in which Gudkov participated are published, the more questions the public has for the author. Doesn't Alexander himself think that sometimes he goes too far with harsh jokes? Is he ashamed of the scandalous scripts? And finally, did the showman with a specific sense of humor find a second half? Let's try to answer.

Non-standard caveman

The childhood and youth of the future star were held in Stupino near Moscow. As a teenager, Gudkov lost his father, and this tragedy brought him very close to his mother, Raisa Alexandrovna, and his older sister, Natasha. “We still have some kind of strong, tough trio,” the humorist noted.

At school, Sasha was an excellent student and often faced the aggression of his peers. At that moment, humor and eccentric behavior became his defense against offenders. “Of course, they didn't beat me that much, but a strange person, he speaks in an unusual way, and his voice is like that. I wanted to turn everything into a joke, and a couple of times because of this nothing happened to me. “Oh, this is ridiculous, but what a holy fool is this! Let it start there, don't touch it. " He was weak and thin, but always funny ", - Gudkov shared with StarHit.

A sense of self-irony was instilled in her son and daughter by her mother, who always made a pretty tough joke both on herself and on the children. “Mom is the quintessence of me, if Sasha Gudkov is passed through gauze, then she will be. A squeeze of all this snobbery, homely folk humor. She loves to use foul language, she is not shy in expressions in front of my sister and me, "the artist admitted.

It is interesting that, despite his natural artistry, Gudkov did not go to a theater university: he graduated from the University of Technology with a degree in Materials Science. And although my mother insisted that the heir was engaged in a frivolous business and it would be time to get a job at the plant, Alexander did not have to work by profession.

Alexander brought his surprisingly positive attitude, ability to be funny, antics and grotesque antics to the school KVN. Of course, the witty thin young man was noticed and invited to the city team. Together with his sister Natasha, the guy played for "Natural Disaster" and "Family-2", and gained wide popularity in the "Fedor Dvinyatin" team. The guys joked outside the box, built the program on a play on words, the absurdity of situations, special intonations and puns. The audience was delighted, but the jury often criticized the participants.

So, after Alexander showed a parody of Valery Leontiev in the competition for one song, the audience burst into applause. But Julius Gusman compared what was happening with a circus and expressed doubt that Fyodor Dvinyatin with such an approach has a future in KVN, because the number was quite simple and far from intellectual humor. When the question hung in the air whether it was right that the team won this game, the frustrated Gudkov left the stage, and his sister began to cry.

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