Abdominal bench - a versatile full-body trainer for the home

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Having decided to download the press at home, first of all, you need to decide what is required for this. More specifically, do you need a simulator for this? But, before answering the question, remember that the equipment is very useful for training the muscles of the legs, back, arms.

Dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, parallel bars, horizontal bar - those who are interested in increasing strength indicators cannot do without them.

There are several programs for the development of abdominal muscles, which in terms of popularity and prevalence look like this:

  • the first place is taken by various crunches on the press board or on the floor;
  • the second place belongs to exercises for raising the legs on the bench, floor, uneven bars and a crossbar; <
  • followed by exercises using a fitball or gymnastic roller;
  • concludes a list of less common ab exercises performed with all kinds of machines that are heavily advertised by teleshops.

The cost of these products cannot be called low, but you can make most of the simulators for building abdominal muscles at home with your own hands, for example:

How to make a gymnastic roller with your own hands

A gymnastic roller, or a roller for the press, is the simplest exercise machine, which is not difficult to make yourself. It develops the muscles of the Persian, most notably the rectus abdominis muscle, as well as other muscle groups. The popular simulator has many varieties, which differ in the number of wheels, i.e. have more than one. One of the main advantages of this trainer is stability. The video is especially popular in the CIS countries and China, which is its main manufacturer. In others, he has not amassed such fame, which indicates his exaggerated effectiveness.

But, since many people use it, let's see how to make it with our own hands. The main thing that is needed for this is a wheel with a diameter of 10-20 centimeters. The main thing is that during the exercise, the chest does not touch the floor, and there is sufficient distance for the hands. This will allow you to make deep forward bends. A wheel from an old children's bike or stroller is fine. Perhaps it can be removed from a child's toy - there are many options. You can put two wheels next to or at a short distance from each other to make it easier to maintain balance.

The second, which is indispensable, is a plastic, or better, a metal pipe (you can also use a wooden round timber). The pipe should be at least 30 cm long and 3 cm in diameter. Well, if the size of the hole in the wheel allows it. The main thing is to choose its diameter as close as possible to the size of the hole. The pipe, which acts as an axle, is threaded into the hole in the wheel and fixed on both sides with electrical tape (the easiest way) wound on both sides of the wheel. You can use another mount (see figure 1, where I used plastic bottle caps).

There is another way to make a gymnastic roller. It allows you to build a more reliable simulator, but also more expensive. To make such a roller (see Fig. 2), you will need a wheel and a metal rod of a suitable diameter with a threaded thread, an irrigation hose, and two nuts.

Fig. 2. The second option for making a roller for the press

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