A set of exercises on a step platform

One of the most popular exercises for developing powerful arm muscles is standing barbell curls. It is great for both beginners who have just recently come to the gym, and for experienced athletes with impressive muscle volumes. The main advantage of this exercise is that it can be performed in different variations. These can be classic biceps curls, and standing reverse grip curls with a barbell, and other effective methods of execution, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Classic curls with a barbell standing on biceps Rules of execution

To maximize the effect of standing curls with a barbell, you need to do the exercise in the following technique:

Correct execution technique

  • Starting position - back straight, legs shoulder-width apart, feet parallel, toes slightly apart. Grab the bar with a grip from below (palms facing up). The spine is in a neutral position, do not strain the shoulder girdle.
  • While inhaling, slowly, without jerking, lift the bar to the vertical position of the forearms. Do not press your elbows against your torso and do not spread to the sides. Lift weights with only your biceps. You cannot connect inertia, hands, bend in the back, help yourself with a torso. During a short pause at the top, turn on the heat with even more muscle tension.
  • Exhale while lowering the barbell down, fully extending your arms. The torso remains motionless.

Frequent mistakes

While standing curls seem like a simple exercise, many mistakes can be made that can adversely affect both the athlete's performance and health. The most common errors are as follows:

  • Incorrect bar weight. Quite often, you can meet newcomers who, due to their big ego, take on an outrageous weight and, as a result, cannot lift it. At best, such a careless exercise can lead to a lack of expected results, at worst - to serious injury. To avoid this, you need to select such a barbell weight that would be heavy, but at the same time not causing discomfort during execution. You need to focus on 8-12 clean reps without jerking.
  • Incorrect elbow position. If you do not keep your elbows in a fixed position, spread them in different directions and twist them in every possible way to throw the barbell, then the biceps will receive a minimum load, which will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.
  • Cheating. Another problem that many novice athletes suffer from. Trying to lift more weight, many beginners begin to go to various tricks: they strongly bend their legs at the knee joints, help themselves with their entire body, throw the projectile back, and so on. As in the previous situation, there is no point in doing this. If you perform curls with a barbell while standing with pulls and throws, then you can forget about beautiful and effective biceps forever.

Standing Parallel Grip Barbell Curls

This exercise requires a dedicated parallel grip bar. It is an oval neck with two vertical bars inside that act as handles.

When lifting with such a projectile, you can work with very large weights, as when gripping the "hammer". Or, you can choose a lighter weight and achieve more muscle growth by increasing the number of repetitions. At the same time, there is no bend in the arms at the top point, which is very important if there are problems with the elbows or old biceps injuries. If your gym does not have such a bar, you can replace it with an EZ bar or kettlebell.

Step aerobics at home pros and cons

Reebok University Master Trainers design classes for clubs only. There is no official video series for practicing at home. But free video hosting services come to the rescue. On them, some instructors lay out full lessons with a group in their discipline. And all that remains is to purchase the platform.

Training can be safe if a person has good coordination of movements, and he has the time and desire to familiarize himself with the basic steps before starting to work with step, and watch the video at least once from start to finish.

Step exercise or basic steps

The list of basic steps required for a beginner to learn is not that long.

Basic step or basic step

Stand in front of the platform, step with the full foot of your right foot on it, transfer your weight to your right leg, put your left to it, lower your right foot to the ground, and put your left. This is the step to the right. The step on the left is done in mirror image.

Step with your right foot at the corner of the step, bend your left at the knee and bring it as close to the waist as possible. Make balance movements with your arms to maintain stability. This step can be repeated, for example "three knees". It is often used to change direction of movement or to change the working leg.

Turn around to face the narrow part of the platform. Step to the center with your right foot, put your left to it, now lower your right and left legs alternately from the wide sides of the step to the floor. The platform will be between your legs. Then reverse the movement.

Do a BASIC step with your right foot, but don't step down fully. Just touch the floor behind the platform with your right foot, put it back, and do the movement with your left foot. At the end, descend from the platform with the leg that started the movement.

Contraindications to step aerobics

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