A great bouquet of candies with your own hands

It is difficult to imagine a girl who is indifferent to flowers and sweets. For any holiday, in addition to the main gift, sweets and a flower arrangement are certainly bought. Inventive needlewomen have figured out how to combine these two components and create a unique, delightful DIY gift. How to make a bouquet of sweets is a question that worries many people who want to distinguish themselves with an original, memorable gift, combining delicious and beautiful in one. The master classes presented below will help you create a delightful masterpiece with your own hands.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a bouquet of chocolates with a photo

Before starting to create a bouquet, you must do the following:

  • Decide on the type of flowers that will make up the composition - it can be roses, tulips, crocuses, snowdrops, it all depends on the degree of skill of the needlewoman and what the person for whom it is intended bouquet.
  • Choose a design option: a basket of flowers, a composition in a box, on a stand or other options, for which the author's imagination is enough.
  • Select, buy sweets (addressee's favorite sweets). It is important to remember that different candy shapes must be used for different types of flowers. For snowdrops, it is worth choosing small ones, for calla lilies - thin and long, for gerberas - round.
  • Choose decorative elements of decoration: butterflies, ladybugs, satin ribbons, artificial leaves, flowers, organza and more.
  • Prepare the necessary tools, materials - different ones can be used for each composition, but corrugated paper, sweets, scissors, adhesives (stationery glue, silicone gun or tape), a frame for a bouquet must be used.

How to make a bouquet of sweets yourself is a question that interests many, but few people really dare to find an answer to it and try to make a unique masterpiece with their own hands. For those who decided on a floral arrangement with sweets, but do not know where to start, the master classes presented in the article will come to the rescue. Detailed instructions, a step-by-step description, will help even beginners make their first bouquet.

An easy way to create a Raffaello bouquet for beginners

For a simple bouquet with delicious sweets on the frame you will need:

  • Rafaello sweets;
  • skewers;
  • styrofoam;
  • cardboard;
  • < li> scotch tape, silicone gun;
  • white corrugated paper;
  • decorative elements: beads, half-beads, ribbons, mesh, organza.

Step-by-step execution and collection of a bouquet with "Rafaello":

  • We make the frame of the bouquet: cut out the necessary size of polystyrene, glue it with white corrugated paper, insert the skewers, after dropping glue on them. We glue a cardboard tube to it so that the skewer is inside it.
  • Cut out a circle from cardboard with a hole in the middle, glue or wrap everything with decorative fabric, tape that is at hand. We attach it to the base from below, decorate the handle with corrugated paper and decorative tape.

  • We wrap the sweets in plastic bags, glue them to toothpicks or skewers.
  • Place ready-made candies on the base of the bouquet. We decorate with beads, artificial flowers.

  • A simple bouquet with amazingly delicious Raffaello is ready!

See another option for making an original bouquet with Rafaello:

Whichever holiday is approaching, it is always appropriate to give a box of good chocolates and beautiful flowers. Both women and men will surely be delighted with the delicacy. Not so long ago, bouquets of sweets appeared on the hand-made industry market. These handmade gifts are distinguished by their originality, creativity and practicality. They can be given for absolutely any reason: from the usual manifestation of care and attention, to wedding celebrations.

If you want to create bouquets of sweets with your own hands, we recommend that you watch the best free master classes on creating bouquets of sweets on the bukety-iz-konfet website. u. Here are presented unique bouquets and compositions of sweets, made by yourself.

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  • Features of bouquets of sweets
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The problem of choosing a gift is brewing every time an important date approaches. I would like to give something unusual and, at the same time, practical. An excellent option for such a gift would be a handmade bouquet of sweets.

Both the child and the work colleague will be delighted with him. After all, this is not just a sweet present, but also an abundance of all sorts of additional accessories that make the gift very beautiful.

The author of the work is Inga Golyashova

The basis of such compositions is usually the elements of dishes, baskets or simply beautifully designed legs. The choice of capacity, color scheme, shape and quantity depends only on the wishes and preferences of the author of the gift.

Moreover, such a gift can be used as a beautiful packaging for a surprise, for example, a beloved girl will be very surprised and delighted if she finds a note with a proposal for a hand and a heart or the ring itself in one of the buds.

Recently, sweet design - the creation of sweet bouquets, is extremely popular.

Firstly, due to the fact that anyone can make bouquets of sweets with their own hands, having a little artistic taste, a sense of proportion and certain knowledge and skills.

Today, the traditional candy-bouquet set for expressing sympathy is giving way to a fashionable trend - creating a composition from sweets or a sweet design. This helps to emphasize the personal attitude towards the person, pleasantly surprises, shows the creative potential of the donor. Today there are many offers to purchase a ready-made bouquet of sweets. You can do it yourself.

Candy bouquets are very popular, as it is not only a beautiful gift, but also delicious

What you need

Bouquets with Rafaello sweets are perfect as a gift for girls, girls, women and grandmothers. Sweets are selected not for cost or for filling. The final image of the sweet bouquet decides everything. A dark truffle will look strange in a delicate bouquet of white roses or snowdrops, and Rafaello's airy coconut balls are clearly out of place in a brutal masculine composition. It is a little easier to make a gift for children, young sweets will prefer bright candy wrappers and unusual shapes.

A men's bouquet of sweets can be made from truffle sweets, as well as sweets with calm flowers

Couldn't pick up candy at the store? Do not be lazy, do them yourself. This will require a chocolate bar, pastry shavings, or colored sprinkles. More experienced pastry chefs will recommend nuts or dried fruit for the filling. Even a special shape is not required, melted chocolate balls and sausages can be formed in the palms of your hands.

Gerber wire or bamboo skewers can be purchased at a flower shop. It is also worth looking at the paper tape (tape tape) for decorating the stems, and other decorative elements. You can also replenish your stock of jewelry in the handicraft department, among lace, sequins, ribbons, felt, mesh or organza. It remains to go to the stationery store and buy corrugated paper. It is she who is best suited for creating flowers, since it is easy to stretch and holds a given shape well.

Flowers for candy bouquets are most often made of corrugated paper, which perfectly holds its shape and easily bends in the shape of petals

Glue and tape are required to fix the sweets and decorative items. If not just a bouquet is conceived, but a whole composition, we find polystyrene, foam rubber or polyurethane foam. Sometimes a basket or flower pots come in handy.

A bouquet of sweets is a real find for those with a sweet tooth

Ideas for Beginners

More and more people prefer to give their loved ones unusual, original gifts. A do-it-yourself bouquet of sweets is one of these gifts. Moreover, not only women but also men will like such a surprise. Indeed, according to statistics, there are even more sweet tooth among the stronger sex. And the flowers in such a gift simply perform a decorative role, or they are absent altogether, therefore men will gladly accept such a gift. What tools and materials will be needed to create a beautiful composition, design secrets, step-by-step photos of works - everything can be found in this article.

What materials should you use?

Different materials may be needed for work, it all depends on what exactly you want to see in the bouquet. But most often they use the following:

Of course, we shouldn't forget about the main thing - about sweets. You can use any - chocolate, caramels, marmalade, candy or even marshmallows. But the design itself and the way of working often depend on which type was chosen.

The first step is to fix the candy

How to make a bouquet of sweets so that sweets do not fall apart? They need to be fixed. To do this, use:

  • toothpicks, wooden skewers, twigs or any sticks;
  • threads, ribbons;
  • glue (Moment, hot gun) or tape ...

How to work with wrapped candies

There are several ways to fix sweets in a wrapper:

The most popular design option for such a sweet is to make flowers from corrugated paper with sweets. Moreover, the flowers can be either with an open candy core, or in the form of a closed bud. If the core is open, the petals themselves can be made from any material. For example, from colored or corrugated paper, fabric, foamiran. The main thing is to give the petals the correct shape. Thus, the simplest bouquets of sweets are created, the photo will help you understand the essence of the work step by step.

You can simply twist the paper and tie it, straightening it in the form of petals.

When closing candies completely in buds, most often they use the shape of a crocus or tulip. Corrugated or crinkled paper is ideal for this.

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