A bouquet of handprints with your own hands

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If damage has been directed at a person, it will be difficult for him to be in a holy place, near the icons, and this again confirms the magical effect on a person. After any person has become the object of a magical ritual, he is naturally visited by the idea - how can one protect oneself, cleanse oneself from magical influences? Of course, you can do this, even at home on your own - it is enough to follow all the procedures exactly with the instructions, with a bit of patience. In order to take off all the negativity that has stuck to you during the day, rub your palms together until warmth appears. Next, bring them to your face and use your hand movements to create such a protective barrier around your head.

In this case, it is worth starting with 4 peas, which during the rotation should fill the space between you and the conditional boundary of your biofield. Moreover, such peas, presented as protection, should be mentally rotated counterclockwise around themselves. If you did everything correctly, lightness appears in the body, a kind of feeling of weightlessness, and over time, a picture of such a rotating object resembling a cocoon appears in front of your inner gaze.

Such movements should be done in the direction of fire or running water, earth, or simply into the toilet, after which the water is flushed in it. This ritual is especially good to perform before cooking - in the process of cooking you will not add to the dishes the negativity and evil that has stuck to you.

Visit holy places according to your ability, or simply visit the temple more often - venerate the icons and relics of the saints.

A decoction prepared in advance should be drunk exclusively with a young, rising moon. Also in order to get rid of the negative of induced damage and the evil eye - chew rhubarb grass more often. Did you like the article?

To protect yourself from negative influences - sit comfortably, your eyes are closed, and you are focused. Further, imagine that your face, body is caressed by the warm sun, warming with its rays. Presenting this picture, place your hands in front of you a wall, as tall as your own height. Do this exercise every day for 2-3 minutes and in a week you will feel better.

For this 1 tsp. collection, pour boiling water over, leave for half an hour and drink like aromatic tea. An equally effective decoction is an infusion of Starodubka herb, which is infused in milk, insisting it for half an hour and drinking it three times a day for one to two months. If you feel that this does not help - the spoilage is most likely, so to speak, "old", you should drink an infusion of herbs from blueberries and hops, taken equally.

Also, to protect your own home and households from evil forces - you can use the angelica root in practice. Specifically, you should always wear it for yourself. Alternatively, you can use a pillow stuffed with birch, mint and thyme leaves in your household - sometimes sleep on it, or put it next to your head at night and the warlock will not be able to hurt you during sleep. The very same protection should be exhibited at the first time, both in the afternoon and in the evening - it costs about one and a half to 2 months to carry out this or that ritual, and after that you can limit yourself to only morning rituals. In a standard situation, it is enough to choose from the 3 methods presented below, and if you do not feel that this is not much, then you can resort to other rituals, placed according to your own growing strength.

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