85 Ways to Empower Feminine Energy

The most beautiful chrysanthemums in the world (Varieties, Photos, Wallpapers)

Bouquets of yellow chrysanthemums are given when they want to confess their love. Pink flowers symbolize nascent feelings, red ones represent passionate love, and bouquets of white chrysanthemums - sorrow.

In Italy and France, it is generally not customary to give them, because here these flowers of any color symbolize tears and the bitterness of loss. In the East, they are considered a symbol of longevity. Yellow chrysanthemums are given here as a sign of special gratitude.

Beautiful bouquets of chrysanthemums alone are obtained with a successful combination of various types of different colors. The combination of yellow and lilac flowers or burgundy inflorescences with white ones looks most harmonious. The beautiful flowers of chrysanthemums in bouquets are favorably set off by a sprig of fern or asparagus. You can combine large and small flowers in one bouquet, but observing the measure so that small flowers do not remain in the shade of large ones.

The most beautiful chrysanthemum bouquets are obtained in combination with lilies and irises, surrounded by green decorative twigs. Shrub chrysanthemums look good in combination with yellow gerberas, carnations, nasturtium and roses. A variety of bright colors allows you to create a wedding bouquet of chrysanthemums for every taste: from emphasizing a daring or romantic image to a perfect match with the color and style of the bride's dress. Such compositions can be used even at a winter wedding, because the flowers can withstand the cold.

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The most expressive bouquets are obtained from the combination of chrysanthemums and alstroemeria. Such compositions look especially magnificent and at the same time seem airy. Roses are often added to them. Such bouquets are usually presented to people who are creative and extraordinary, and also most often presented to girls on their first date.

Romantic bouquets of lush chrysanthemums and bright gerberas look no less advantageous. They symbolize joy and happiness. The combination of yellow and orange flowers looks the most romantic, and pink gerberas make the bouquet especially delicate. The combination of white carnations with pink flowers is considered a good choice for wedding bouquets. Such a composition will emphasize the touching image of the bride.

A bouquet of roses and chrysanthemums will be a worthy choice for both birthday and wedding. Purple chrysanthemums in a bridal bouquet most vividly reflect the personality of the bride. A truly royal bouquet will come out of roses in combination with “golden flowers”. Green chrysanthemums look extraordinary. In the bouquet, they go well with white roses.

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Blue chrysanthemums are not found in nature. But like colorful rainbow flowers, they are artificially created using food coloring and spray. This is done solely for the surprise of demanding customers who want to receive a miracle as a gift.

The best varieties for floristry

A popular ornamental plant originally from China, where it was first cultivated in the 500s. BC e. Later, an unusual flower, which was nicknamed "golden" for its bright yellow color, was brought to Japan, quickly conquering the hearts and gardens of local residents. Europe became acquainted with the eastern "guest" only in the 17th century. and a century later they began to grow it in Russia.

How to make a bouquet of chrysanthemums with your own hands

Refined chrysanthemums are not always appreciated, especially in wedding bouquets. To some, this flower seems too simple and inappropriate next to luxurious roses or exotic orchids. However, in Japan, it has become a symbol of the Imperial House, one of the most revered garden plants. An elegant autumn beauty - chrysanthemum is not capricious, it is easy to make a bouquet from it with your own hands, combining several varieties of different size and color.

Floristic compositions with the "flower of Japanese emperors" do not need a portbouquet holder, since they can do without water for a long time. Glamelia made from chrysanthemum petals, which are distinguished by their great splendor and brightness, are especially good.

But not all varieties are equally suitable for making a bouquet. Which ones to prefer?

  • The best varieties for floristry
  • Floral symbols
  • What to combine with
  • Chrysanthemum wedding bouquets
  • Retro bouquet for a true lady
  • Delicate image for romantic natures
  • Bouquet for a girl

How to keep the bouquet longer

Cut chrysanthemums can stand in vases for a long time. Many people are interested in how to keep this charm for longer. Florists recommend following several guidelines. It is important to choose a bouquet with loose flowers, since chrysanthemums with unblown buds placed in the water do not bloom. You should not buy ready-made compositions, since they may contain stale twigs. It is advisable that the bouquet was made with you. Before you put the flowers in the vase, you should get rid of the lower leaves. Withered buds should be removed immediately. You need to place a bouquet of chrysanthemums in a cool place.

How to keep a bouquet for a long time

What does the color of chrysanthemums symbolize?

Until now, the birthplace of this flower has not been precisely established. But many researchers believe that this is the East. It is no coincidence that the chrysanthemum in gold color occupies a place of honor in the coat of arms of Japan. This flower is called "golden", it is the "queen" of autumn. To date, more than 150 species of various shapes and colors have been bred.

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Let's start with the fact that the main purpose of a woman is to accumulate energy. This is said in all ancient scriptures in different languages ​​and in different words. This energy is meant to make the world a better place. By the hands of a man. That is, for millions of years, women have inspired their men to feats, giving them feminine energy. And men conquered countries, built cities, invented technical devices. And at the same time, there are several aspects in the accumulation of energy: What energy should a woman save? Why do you need to save it? How to do it? And in this article we will discuss 85 ways to raise feminine energy. Versatile, simple, affordable.

Taking care of our body (ways to increase female energy)


We very often underestimate the importance of massage in our life. Very often we feel sorry for his time and money. But as practice shows, any shrew can become the sun. After a quality massage.

Thus, we can get the touches we need, and disperse stagnant energy, and relieve tension, and enjoy. There are a lot of reasons for urgently doing this. The main thing is to stop coming up with excuses why this is impossible right now.

Hair Care

This can be done in a beauty salon, or at home. Any hair care will increase a woman's energy. After all, hair is our life force. By their state, one can understand the state of our psyche. Weak and dull hair speaks of overexertion and fatigue. And alive and full of health - clearly demonstrate simple female happiness.

Trim split ends in time, make a hair mask, apply medicated oils, and even - don't laugh - wash your hair in time - this is a very simple and very sure way to make your life better right now.


Very often a woman is embarrassed to show attention to herself ... due to the lack of manicure. And timidly hides his palms behind his back. But men want to kiss our beautiful fingers, put rings on them - and even just shake hands or walk by the hand. You see how much important mission we have at our hands. Therefore, it is very important to make our hands the subject of our pride.

It is not necessary to grow huge artificial nails. It is enough to make a natural jacket, support the skin of the hands with creams and masks, and regularly visit a manicurist. Vedic knowledge can help you in your personal life, the process of raising children, and your relationship with your husband.

Bath with rose petals, oils

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