5 mistakes that will ruin your walking workout

Playing sports is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Everyone who goes in for sports mainly uses a variety of sports equipment, simulators and many devices in their workouts. One of the most effective devices is leg weights. They are very effective in activities such as running, walking, fitness, and various gym workouts.

They are cuffs, bracelets made of dense types of fabrics with many different compartments, which are filled with various weighting materials: salt, sand, metal plates. Sports equipment is put on the legs where the ankle area is, and fixed with special straps or Velcro. With the help of such fasteners, the size can be adjusted. The bracelet covers and fixes the ankle well, thereby keeping it comfortable on the leg and does not cause discomfort during training.

Weights create excess weight, the load falls on the gluteal and femoral muscles. During training, a person spends a lot of strength and energy, thereby a lot of effort is spent on performing exercises. Because of this, the effectiveness of training increases, as a result of which a huge amount of calories is burned.


The benefit is to increase efficiency, especially while walking and running - the muscles of the thighs and buttocks work better. This is a great endurance workout as you can choose from different weights, adjusting the load if you want to burn more fat. So, their pros:

Wearing a leg weight that is too heavy will injure your joints and spine, your choices and actions should be supervised by a professional trainer.

It is unacceptable to wear leg constructions for more than six hours, as they constrict key arteries and veins, provoking edema that affects mobility. Heavy lead cuffs can cause poisoning. Impact movements in heavy weights can lead you straight to the emergency room due to a dislocated knee joint.

Wearing a leg weight that is too heavy will injure your joints and spine. Again, it should be mentioned that your choices and actions should be supervised by a professional trainer. For example, the use of weighting materials is unacceptable:

  • if you have varicose veins;
  • for chronic diseases of the stomach and cardiovascular system, kidneys, biliary system;
  • in those cases if you have survived any surgery, the deadline from its implementation is less than one year ago.

Benefits of Weight Exercise

This sports equipment is not the most common and popular compared to more familiar equipment such as a barbell, dumbbells, an expander, etc. Let's understand the benefits of systematic training with leg weights.

After systematic and regular exercise with weights, you yourself will notice the effect of training and how your performance and health will improve.

Doctor's recommendations

5 mistakes that will ruin your walking workout

If at first, in the era of antiquity, the most attractive was the figure with long legs. In the Middle Ages, a woman became a true symbol of motherhood, but with the Inquisition, a new fashion came. Love for curvaceous forms was replaced by close attention to the thinness and pallor of the silhouette. Curvy forms became feminine again only during the renaissance. At this time, a woman with natural rounded shapes and all the folds and irregularities of the body was considered perfect.

The figure of the 20th century is a triangle. Women with tight arms and legs, flat stomachs and narrow hips breathed a sigh of relief. But fashion is so fleeting that in the 21st century we again took aim at large budras, lush breasts and a clear waist line.


You can find out your body type using body proportion measurements. Leonardo Da Vinci spoke about them. His theory of the ideal proportions of a person is used by all fashion designers and stylists, as well as artists. First of all, it is necessary for fashion designers to create clothes for any type of figure.

There are 5 main body types. They depend on the structure of the skeleton, the distribution of fat mass and the shape of the muscles. As well as the proportions between the shoulders, chest, waist and hips. You can be very thin or a bun, but the body type will still be preserved.

1. Rectangle - approximately the same volume of the waist, chest and hips.

2. Triangle - the shoulders and bust are wider than the hips.

3. Hourglass - narrow waist, equal volume of chest and hips.

4. Apple - approximately the same size of the waist, chest and hips with a smooth line.

5. Pear - narrow shoulders, wide hips.

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