15 “sweet” ideas of candy bouquets for every holiday with your own hands

How to make a bouquet of sweets

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the master class of Oksana Maslova “How to make a bouquet of sweets”. You can learn how to make a beautiful bouquet of sweets on your own at home with your own hands.

How to make a bouquet of sweets

Candy bouquets are very sweet gifts. It can be presented to any woman - it will be a great surprise and also they will never fade. Such bouquets are original and unique, they will delight the person to whom you presented. Later you can make out this bouquet, and the candies that are there to eat at tea.

How to make a bouquet of sweets is becoming very popular and recently many people have started to make their own. If you do not know how to make them, then in this master class from Oksana Maslova, study everything in detail. Each video lesson describes in detail how the bouquet is made.

Artichokes and crocuses

In this lesson you will get acquainted with Oksana Maslova's master class on making bouquets from sweets. To make flowers, we need scissors, paper, glue guns, lilac corrugated paper, candy. We start making a bouquet, about this in more detail in the lesson.


This video tutorial will guide you through the steps to create complex Ranunculus flowers, they are very complex as they have a large number of layers. Oksana will show you the technique of performing and creating complex petals, you will learn how to properly shape a flower. At first glance, it seems very easy and simple, but the first time it may not work. You will need a lot of patience and the result will not keep you waiting.

Decoration and decor

How to make a bouquet of sweets (educational video tutorial)

Bouquets of sweets are currently a fashionable trend in the technique of sweet-design. Today it's hard to surprise anyone with a box of chocolates. Now it is possible to create an everlasting tasty bouquet from scrap materials, sweets and corrugated paper, which will delight both an adult and a child.

For beginners, this article is required to view and read. The following articles will be easier to follow (after reading this article).

And then you will learn the beauty of making different bouquets of candies with your own hands:

Check out useful information to help you create such bouquets or better.

Necessary materials for making a bouquet of sweets with your own hands


The main material used for making bouquets is candy. Only individually wrapped candies are suitable for creativity. Assorted box candies - not suitable. And if only they are wrapped in foil or paper wrapper, then they are suitable.

In the process of work, the integrity of the wrapper is not allowed to be violated, except for those cases when it is necessary to cut the tail.

Tip: Before starting work, sweets, even with a hard filling, are recommended to be kept in the refrigerator.

Fondant or liqueur-filled pastries are easily deformed. Therefore, it is easier to work with sweets with praline filling or gelling.

Tip: When buying sweets in the store, do not forget to be interested in the production date and expiration date. After all, your gift for some time will become an interior decoration and a reminder of the event for which it was made.

Educational video lessons

Bouquets of candies have long been an excellent alternative to fresh flowers for any occasion, as they combine their beauty and sweetness of confectionery (instead of a box of chocolates). In addition, such a gift is original and will leave unforgettable impressions in your memory. We offer 15 candy bouquet ideas for all occasions.

The best gift for a sweet tooth for March!

The most successful occasion to present flowers and sweets to your beloved women in one bouquet.

Valentine's Day - For Valentine's Day, try your best. Any girl will appreciate the original gift from "Rafaello" on sticks. Making such a surprise with your own hands is not at all difficult.


If a girl loves sweets, the best birthday present for her will be a bouquet of sweets - they can be her favorite variety (if it is known what she prefers), or assorted. The design depends on the creative imagination of the donor.

A bouquet of sweets as the embodiment of romance

Romance should always be accompanied by beautiful and tasty gifts, and candy bouquets are the best option. So, what can you donate to:

  • declaration of love;
  • engagement (proposal);
  • wedding.

A declaration of love is one of the most reverent moments in relation to a couple in love. And to emphasize the importance of this moment, it is worth collecting a bouquet of sweets, complementing it with a touching soft bear or heart.

Offer. This is a huge event in the life of every couple - a new stage for both can begin with it - if, of course, the girl says "yes". And in order to increase your chances of success, it is worth showing your loved one the importance of what is happening, supporting the proposal with an original candy bouquet, which may contain the proposal itself.

A wedding is one of the most important and joyful holidays in the life of every person, make it sweet and memorable with the help of handmade compositions of sweets and jewelry. When creating such bouquets, you can and should use doves, swans, hearts, rings or other symbols of a couple in love.

An anniversary is the anniversary of a relationship, and there is nothing better than telling your beloved about your feelings that have not cooled down over the years, presenting a luxurious handmade bouquet of fruits, chocolates and sweets. You can use symbols of love when decorating it.

As an original gift, you can make a bouquet of sweets with your own hands. This is the best option for any holiday, both for the New Year and for a birthday. Such a gift will turn out to be both beautiful and delicious. Moreover, you can choose sweets yourself. To make a bouquet of sweets on their own, novice needlewomen should use step-by-step instructions with photos and videos. The main thing is to decide on the idea, the rest is a matter of technology.

Preparatory work

Before you understand how to make a bouquet of sweets with your own hands, you need to determine exactly the preferences of the person for whom the gift is being prepared, and only then choose the type of flowers.

You also need to decide how to decorate the bouquet. It can be standard, in the form of flowers in a box, on a marshmallow stand, in a basket. Any idea can be brought to life.

Note! Depending on the design of the bouquet and types of flowers, the shape and wrapping of the sweets are selected.

For decoration, you can use ribbons, flowers, artificial butterflies and other decorative elements. They are easy to buy in the store or do it yourself. Below are some ideas for candy bouquets.

Master class: simple bouquet of "Roses" candies for beginners

Step-by-step photos are presented for making a simple bouquet of candies with your own hands.

But first you need to prepare the required tools and materials:

  • candy ;
  • corrugated paper;
  • scissors;
  • floral tape;
  • skewer or wire.

To make a sweet bouquet of roses from candies and corrugated paper with your own hands for a gift for a girl or a woman, the following master class with step-by-step photos is presented for beginners:

    Cut figures in the shape of petals of different types from corrugated paper with scissors sizes.

  • In the end, all that remains is to spread the petals.
  • Make several of these flowers and combine them into a bouquet.

    Almost the entire beautiful half of humanity prefers flowers. The best gift is flowers. This is the true truth. At the same time, it is already difficult to surprise with such a gift. Then you should pay attention to original gifts - bouquets of sweets.

    Sweet bouquets have been gaining popularity lately. There is, of course, an explanation for this - they do not fade, they are not afraid of frost, in addition, they are also edible.

    Any person will be happy with a bouquet of sweets. After all, it is known that for the presentation, in any case, they give preference to flowers and sweets. In this regard, the idea came up to combine flowers and sweets into a single whole. And so a new original and amazing gift appeared. Both mom, friend and colleague will be delighted with the sweet bouquet. On the territory of the CIS, this type of gift became known only recently.

    Can I create a sweet bouquet myself?

    For example, you decided to arrange a surprise for a dear and close person in the form of an unusual gift, then a sweet bouquet is very welcome here. Naturally, bouquets of sweets can be easily bought ready-made in a gift store, but you should take into account their cost. Such gifts are highly appreciated. There remains a good option - to create bouquets of sweets with your own hands. The creation process is not difficult, but on the contrary exciting and exciting.

    What is the best way to make bouquets

    Do not think that such bouquets can only be made by professionals - designers, florists. Everyone will get a sweet bouquet, you just have to connect your imagination and act. Arm yourself with patience, do not forget about accuracy in your actions. It will take a lot of time and labor to get a masterpiece. If you nevertheless decided, then further information will help to achieve the desired result. So, before you are bouquets of sweets master class.

    What is required to make a sweet bouquet?

    The main objects of the gift should be available - sweets. It is better to use truffle ones, they are not as difficult to use as the others. Floristic wire is needed to make flower stems. You can buy artificial flowers and use their stems. You also need floristic corrugated paper, floristic mesh, threads, multicolored satin ribbons, scotch tape, glue, scissors. As for artificial leaves, it will take a long time to create them from floristic paper, so you can use all the same purchased artificial flowers, namely their leaves.

    Interesting bouquet design

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