I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Think suburban lifestyle, with frequent trips to the beach. And by frequent, I mean frequent because Australia gets hot! Growing up, every spare moment of mine was spent at the beach. Me laying on the sand, eyes shut, ear phones in, Beyoncé playing on repeat and daydreaming away. Daydreaming of me waking up in a foreign city to breathtaking views, living how the locals live, seeing the beauty of life from their perspective and experiencing memorable moments. From a young age I always felt that I was meant to be somewhere else, that I was meant to be discovering the treasures of the world. I could say my curiosity of the wider world started with my parents, my mum from Germany and my dad from Mauritius. I was fascinated with what life was like where they grew up.

So at age 19 I booked myself a ticket to London which would be the starting point for my adventure. Looking back now, that probably wasn’t the best way to bring my daydream to fruition. I mean yes, I did wake up in a foreign city (11 to be exact) but the European scheduled tour I booked myself on was so rushed that I never had the opportunity to truly experience the different cultures and appreciate what I was seeing. I remember being in Paris and was so pressed for time that after waiting in line for one hour to enter the Louvre, that when I finally got in, I went straight to view the Mona Lisa and then literally left the museum so I didn’t miss out on seeing the Eiffel Tower and other famous Paris icons. Rush or the tour bus leaves you behind!

Upon my return to Australia I decided that in order to truly experience the world and what it has to offer, I needed to deviate from the structured path that many follow when it comes to travel. So with very little in my bank account, I packed my life into one suitcase (and one very heavy carry on), said goodbye to my family and friends and hello to the rest of the world. By doing this, it has led me to have the most incredible experiences. I’ve met lifelong friends along the way, seen nature in its breathtaking beauty, discovered secret hideaways away from tourist eyes and enjoyed authentic cuisine at its best.

As I continue to grow and achieve my dreams, whilst discovering more of this beautiful world, I hope my journey inspires you to live your best life, full of love, laughter and happiness.

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