Solo In Edinburgh: Highlights And Climbing Arthurs Seat


Happy Sunday! What’s everyone up to this weekend? I have been working hard on my book, writing away and I feel like I haven’t seen much of the outside world lately. But then again, I am currently in London and it’s winter, so there’s not much of the outside world to see except rain, rain, and well, more rain. I’m already counting down the days until summer!!

One place that doesn’t seem to get much of the sunshine is Edinburgh, Scotland. So when I was booking my ticket, it didn’t really matter what month I picked, I knew the weather conditions would be relatively the same all year around. Well besides winter. Those months can be freezing!

The best way to explore this beautiful city is by foot, so pack an umbrella (just in case!), get out your most comfortable shoes and start walking! If you’re pressed for time, there’s a lot you can still get done in a day or over a weekend. I spent two days exploring the Scottish capital and here’s what it involved.


Fo the best views of Edinburgh, you can’t beat Arthur’s Seat. You’ll want to allocate at least one hour to climb up and down the peaks, more if you’re like me and can’t resist stopping every second to take photos. The trail is easy to navigate and although it’s all uphill, if you go at a leisurely pace, it’s not difficult to reach the top.



Filled with bright coloured houses, boutiques and pretty cafés, it’s not hard to see why visitors follow the cities cobblestone pathways to this part of town. Some people say Candlemaker Row was inspiration for Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley, but even if it wasn’t, it’s still a great place to admire the architecture and explore some of the old town.


Perched up on Castle Rock is world famous Edinburgh Castle. Best enjoyed mid-morning when the fog has cleared and fellow tourists are still enjoying their morning coffee. You can tour this wonder for as little as £17 for an adult and you’ll want to allocate yourself a few hours in order to get the full experience. If the tour isn’t up your alley, then simply head down to the street below and marvel in its beauty from afar.



From the castle wonder down the road or steps (I chose the steps, as they’re the quickest way down) and be pleasantly greeted with an ancient market space, that not only showcases great views of Edinburgh, but this old part of the city is perfect for your latest Instagram shot.


As a writer, I quite enjoy visiting places where well known authors spent time writing, or gaining inspiration. So of course, I had to visit The Elephant House where none other than JK Rowling spent some her time writing the earlier Harry Potter novels. I would say today that it’s a bit of a tourist trap, with a cup of coffee costing more than the average price and typical merchandise available to buy. But in saying this, it’s still nice to check out, and a trip to the bathroom will have you snapping away at the graffiti covered cubicles.






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