Exploring Sydney: Sun, Sand And Sun Kissed Skin


Yay for the weekend! What’s everyone up to? It’s cold and rainy in London and I’m getting super jealous of my friends and family back home spending their days poolside and at the beach. So now I’m reminicing. The more I travel, the more I’ve come to truly love and appreciate the beauty of Australian beaches. Especially those in Sydney – Tamarama, Manly and Freshwater to name a few of my fav. There’s nothing like laying on sand that’s as soft as pillows and having ocean waves gently brush up against you, refreshing your body on a hot summers’ day. Five years living in Sydney, sun kissed skin and salty hair became the norm for me.

Sydney was the first stop on my journey around the world. When it comes to travel I think a lot of people forget to experience the beauty of their own country. Growing up in Melbourne, for me, I was drawn to the vibrant yet relaxed atmosphere that Sydney offered. No matter what time of day there was always something to do.


My favourite weekends involved waking up early to queue alongside other Sydney-siders for the most incredible breakfast imaginable at The Grounds of Alexandria (signature avocado every time!). Or attending various classes with friends, trying to discover our hidden talents (hip hop, fencing, aerial yoga). No talents found but endless fun and laughter along the way. And the times I’d spend catching a bus to world famous Bondi Bech for a walk along the coastline where I’d end up in Cogee.. the perfect destination for the leisure walkers and the adventure seekers with so many hidden viewpoints to discover, and those calm ocean sunsets that will take your breath away.


Being by the ocean always gave me a sense of calmness. It’s the place where I discovered so much about myself so it will always hold a special place in my heart. As I travel the world, I’m always looking for that perfect beach destination. Sun, sand and tropical waters, that’s the dream.

The Sydney lifestyle overall really allows you to find your niche and be yourself. The longer I lived there the more I became the best version of me. It’s where I established my love for working in the charity sector, where I started exploring my love for cake art (my real hidden talent!), where I met lifelong friends and it’s where I first fell in love. So all things considered, my time in Sydney was nothing short of amazing.


I know I’ll go back there one day, to relax again by the ocean and to indulge in my favourite chocolate – CHERRY RIPES!! But for now I’m happy continuing to explore other beauties of the world.


20 thoughts on “Exploring Sydney: Sun, Sand And Sun Kissed Skin

  1. Kimanis Ome says:

    Nothing beats a weekend at the beach. No matter you are dreaming of your time in Australia. Being by the ocean also does my spirit so good. Gorgeous pictures and wishing you a fab weekend 🙂


  2. Anjali Wadhwa says:

    Sydney seems like a really beautiful place to be staying at. It has such wonderful vibes. I would love spending time on the lovely beaches and watch sunsets there. Your pictures are very amazing.


  3. TheGreatAmbini says:

    My Dad has literally just got on a plane to Sydney. It so cool that you have such an attachment to such a beautiful place, it’s on my must see places to visit next year. I love your photography too – such clear blue waters!


  4. Johanna Polanco says:

    These photos are just incredible! Sydney seems like such a beautiful place. I hope to visit that side of the world one day.


  5. marystange says:

    Looks like a very beautiful place! I’ve never been to Sydney but I hope to make it there one day! The color of the water looks amazing!


  6. Amy says:

    The Sydney beaches look stunning! I never realized they were so turquoise. I grew up in Naples. Florida on the Gulf. The waters there are calm and the sand like powder and the colors range from gray to green, but they are rarely clear. I love the relaxed lifestyle of being near the beach. I take that with me wherever I go (but I’d still really like to be back near the ocean! 😉 )


  7. Shelby Behr says:

    All of these gorgeous beaches are making me want to get away from the cold! I would love to visit Sydney one day soon so I can experience the laid back yet vibrant atmosphere you speak of so fondly!


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