Travel Home Decor: How To Bring Your Travels Home With You


Happy New Year everyone and hello 2019! I swear the years go by faster and faster the older I get, BUT in saying this, it just makes me more motivated each year to get shit done! And the first thing on my list is a bedroom cleanup. Now this might seem dull to some of you, but there’s just something so therapeutic to me about de cluttering a space. A de cluttered space equals a de cluttered mind in my opinion.

I’ve always been a super tidy person, so mess isn’t really an issue here, it’s more that I want to donate clothes I no longer wear and re organise my space to reflect the me going into 2019 – which pretty much involves decorating my room with all the goodies I picked up over the last twelve months travelling. 

People often ask me what’s the one thing I collect when travelling. Is it postcards? Perhaps badges? Or is something along the lines of shot glasses? We’ve all been there before, wishing we could freeze time on a specific moment during our holiday hoping to take it home with us. For me, every place has something unique to offer, every place evokes a different feeling inside of me, and my travel purchases always reflect this. So just before I set off to re vamp my room, I thought I’d share my go to travel souvenirs with you and a little home decor inspiration.


Whether it’s something abstract, a map or an iconic image of your favourite destination, wall art is a beautiful way to keep your travel memories alive. Not only is it a great talking point, but it’s amazing how easy it can transform a somewhat plain room into an amazing one.

My favourite piece to date is the one I got from Santorini. A one of a kind painting on old wood, showcasing the famous front doors of Santorini houses. When I saw it, not only did it represent the visual beauty of Santorini but buying from a local artist, made it more than just an object I was taking home with me. I was buying  hours of hard work, frustration and pure joy, and to me, that beats a shot glass any day.



When you travel as much as I do, material items in your life can often be quite minimal. I’m definitely the girl who’d rather purchase a plane ticket than a new outfit. So when I come across a souvenir during my travels that I’ve fallen in love with AND it can double up it’s purpose, I feel like I’ve won the lottery.   

Like the time I was in Barbados and I found the prettiest handmade ceramic bowl. At first glance it looked like a pretty decoration, but the store clerk informed me it was what the locals used to store their jewellery. I knew immediately I had to have it, and now every time I walk past my nightstand or put on my favourite bracelet, I’m reminded of all the good times I had on the island.

It’s great to have pretty things to look at, but too many of them will clutter your space extremely quickly. By purchasing items that look nice, are a great reminder of your trip, and are actually useful, you’re not only doing yourself a favour (space saving wise) but you’re helping out the environment too.


While documenting your adventures on social media is fun, nothing beats a printed photo. And what better way to get it than with a polaroid camera! I got one for Christmas a few years ago and I’m still loving it. There are so many creative ways you can use your photos, all you have to do is search Pinterest and you’ll be swamped with ideas.



Nothing says you’re a woman of the world quite like a silk throw from India or a wool blanket from New Zealand. I like to pick things up during my travels that I know I can’t get back home. I may not use the items all year round, but when the seasons change and so does my home decor, I pull my items out of storage and bringing a smile to my face every time.


I don’t always pick up something when I travel (if I did, I’d have no space to walk in my room!) but if I’m visiting somewhere during the holiday season then a Christmas decoration is a must. It’s such a nice reminder when I’m decorating the tree to have little tokens from the places I’ve visited, it adds a little extra Christmas cheer.


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