28 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re An Aussie Living In London


Good morning all! How has everyone’s week been? Fabulous I hope. Mine had been pretty average, but a good one nonetheless. So, I’ve been living in London for over two years now and I’m still finding that people either have no idea what I’m saying, or I’m using the wrong words in the wrong context. Like the other day for example. I said to colleague that I wish I had worn pants (i was in a dress and the temperature was cooler than I originally thought) and she gave me the strangest look. After a few minutes, I realised that pants to me is trousers to her. Whereas pants to her is actually underwear to me. So basically, she thought I wasn’t wearing any underwear. 

I’ve always thought I’m pretty good at adjusting my words to the country I’m in. But the more I travel, the more I seem to get them jumbled up. Like pants for example. I feel like the words of my vocabulary nowadays are a mix between Australian, British and American. I’m surprised anyone can even understand me! So for more of a lighthearted post this week, I wanted to share with you the noticeable differences I’ve found between the UK and Australia. And of course, those words and habits that I just can’t shake.

1. People lie when they say they’re no spiders in London. There are!

2. You completely freaked out when you realised the chip packets were different colours and you almost ended up with prawn cocktail instead of salt and vinegar.

3. People love to tell you about a novelty store they know that sells Vegemite and Tim Tams.

4. People assume you live in Clapham and ‘The Ship’ is your local hangout. They may or may not be correct.

5. You thought you’d taken a wrong turn when the beach you traveled miles to was covered in pebbles. Ummmm where’s the sand?

6. You will never ever call chips crisps, lollies sweets, or pants trousers. Even if that means you get a lot of weird looks when it’s cold outside and you say “I wish I wore pants today.”

7. It’s cheaper to fly somewhere than take a train.

8. You were extremely confused the first time you saw someone sun baking in the park. And when it was only 22 degrees. Ummmmm aren’t you cold?

9. People keep comparing Tim Tams to Penguins. They’re not the same, they’re just not.

10. Cockfosters will never not be funny.

11. You have a favourite Pret wrap and you’d sell your soul to nab the last one.

12. You spend every other weekend in Europe because flights are cheap AF.

13. Calling a person fit will only ever mean they’re physically fit. If they’re attractive then they’re hot. 

14. Hot and fit have two different meanings people!


15. When someone from home sends a care package, it’s like winning the lottery.

16. You didn’t know how good you had it until you were subjected to overpriced and limited variations of sushi.

17. You laugh to yourself when people say 23 degrees is a heat wave.

18. Cadbury will always taste better back home.

19. You’ll never understand having to pay to use a public bathroom.

20. You learn to drown out those who say “Why would you ever leave Australia?”

21. You spend the summer months entertaining friends from home while they make a ‘stopover’ during their European holiday.

22. You pinch yourself at how cheap the alcohol is and that you can drink in public spaces.

23. Dessert is dessert and pudding is pudding. Simple as that.

24. You feel like you’re living the high life when your friends ask what you did on the weekend and you respond “oh I just went to Paris”, sounding just as casual as if you had said you were washing your hair.

25. You know what people mean by real pubs now.

26. You miss the days of living with less than five people.

27. You get excited when you see the words bank holiday on a calendar and you actually get the day off.

28. The confusion of “you alright” as a greeting.


3 thoughts on “28 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re An Aussie Living In London

    • Nerissa Templin says:

      Haha after being here for a while, you’ll start to recognise everything on this list. I just went back to Australia for two weeks to visit my family and I ate sooooooo much food and then stocked up on cherry ripes before leaving. Oh, Helsinki, nice. Last year I visited Rovaniemi and I absoloutly loved it!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Emma says:

        Omg cherry riles! I think I miss Tim tams the most.. I have a huge stash of Vegemite so I don’t miss that yet 😉
        Yeh Lapland is 👌


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