In Flight Beauty Tips


After years of travelling, I’ve certainly had my fair share of times where I’ve landed in a new destination hoping to look fresh and fabulous, but instead arrive looking dehydrated, blotchy and fatigued. After trial and error, I can now say with confidence that those days are well and truly behind me. So here are some tips from me to you, on hw to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh whilst in the air. 

Place your hair in a braid or plait. This prevents oil and dirt from getting on your skin and causing breakouts. As a bonus, when you land, you’ll have some natural waves to set you on your way.

Apply a hair treatment the night before a long flight. With your hair braided back, it will keep the treatment locked in for longer and you’ll land looking like you didn’t just spend the last 6-12 hours on an aeroplane squished between two strangers.

Don’t wear makeup. So this tip is from a good friend of mine as I don’t wear makeup in my day to day life. Dry air from the aeroplane and clogged pores from foundation and eye makeup don’t mix. They encourage breakouts and the wrong kinds of makeup can dry your skin out even more. Embrace you’re natural beauty for a few hours because you can always get glammed up when you land.

Use face wipes. Every few hours and before landing, I like to use cucumber wipes to give my face a good cleanse. Try and avoid using the bathroom water to wash your face because a flight attendant once told me the water is actually quite dirty.

Paw Paw Ointment. Probably my favourite Australian product ever. I never travel without it because it’s so versatile in its uses. I like to apply a little to my lips, keeping them moisturised from the dry environment of the aeroplane, thus reducing the chances of cracking. 


Drink plenty of water. Even if it means frequent trips to the bathroom. If you stay hydrated your skin will thank you for it later. 

Get some rest. Sleeping on flights is something I struggle with. The tiny spaces in economy make it extremely difficult, so if you’re like me, make sure to get yourself a comfortable neck pillow. Even if you sleep in increments of fifteen minutes, it’s better than nothing. And just as equally important as getting your rest, make sure you move around often enough to keep your blood flowing.

Cucumber eye pads. Simple and effective. They’re great for avoiding puffy eyes.

Moisturise just before landing. After using your facial wipes, apply a little moisturiser to give your face some extra hydration.

Pack healthy snacks. Packing your own fruit and nut mix or opting for a bag of carrot sticks is a much better option than a packet of chips. Oily food can lead to breakouts and nobody wants that. I like to pack my own tea bags too, as a cup of hot water is usually always free.


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