The Prettiest Cafe In London


Spring has arrived (finally!) and London’s cafe scene is busier than ever. With wisteria covered entryways and rooftop terraces, it’s obvious that fireplaces and warm cider have been long forgotten.

The cafe culture is big on this side of the world, and I have to admit that I’m definitely apart of it. I love finding cafe hidden gems and right now I’m seriously obsessed with one in particular. Where is it, you’re all wondering? Well that’s easy, it’s non other than Megan’s in Fulham.

This cafe was the first one I dined at after moving to London and I immediately fell in love. It’s become my go to brunch spot when friends and family visit, and I’m happy to say that so far, it’s always been a hit. The great thing about the cafe is that it turns into a restaurant at night, so you don’t miss out if the cafe scene isn’t your vibe.



The minute I stepped inside I was hit with a mixture of rustic charm and modern elegance. Very few cafes are able to pull this off and I think that’s why Megan’s is so popular. Across two floors, you have a choice of either sitting amongst Parisian inspired decor with views of the street, on a nice sunny day you may opt to sit outside for some al fresco dining, or my personal favourite, inside (downstairs), surrounded by fairly lights, beautifully decorated couches and my favourite feature, the flower wall!


I find it’s the perfect spot for a catch up with friends or for a casual yet romantic date, with the interior being quite spacious without compromising the feel of a warm intimate setting.

The staff are always friendly (even offering to take photo’s of me and my friends on a few visits) and they’re more than happy to make recommendations if you’re tossing up between a few menu options. Which to be honest, is likely to happen because it’s all so good! At times you may need to wait a little for a waitress due to the business of the cafe, but the food comes out fast and you never feel rushed.



From your classic avocado on toast to more exotic dishes influenced by the Mediterranean, Megan’s has it all. There’s an abundance of healthy options, catering for vegetarians and vegans, as well as sweet options for those who are like me and basically live for cake and desserts. 


My favourite dish and usually what I always order (what can I say, it’s delicious), is one from their all day brunch menu. The vegan earth bowl. Now I’m not vegan or vegetarian but it’s full of healthy goodness that I can’t resist – smashed avocado, kale, chilli, spinach, hummus and quinoa. I usually add a poached egg and remove the chilli (I’m not a fan of spicy foods) and it’s the perfect meal to start my day. The dish always leaves me satisfied without feeling overly full, which is great for those early morning catch up’s with the girls.

On my most recent visit I tried their half baked cookie dough with pistachio, Nutella and vanilla ice cream. All I can say is yuuuuuum.



As I’m not much of a coffee drinker my go to is usually matcha lattes or my weakness… hot chocolate. And my favourite hot chocolate in London?? Well, it’s in fact the one served at Megan’s. Forget the food for a minute, I’d come back for this delicious cup of goodness alone. And to make it even better…it’s organic! I was tempted to ask for their recipe so I could make it at home, but I’m sure it’s a well kept secret.

When I’m not drinking their delicious hot chocolate, I’m usually enjoying a tall glass of Pimms. Which is actually perfect this time of year as the sunshine is finally starting to come out. 



With the rise of social media and the ‘instagrammability’ of the cafe, more and more Londoner’s are making their way to Megan’s. As such, the cafe is best visited earlier on in the day to avoid having to queue. Bookings can also be made, which is advisable. While the cafe is open every day of the week, if you’re making a trip to London mid-week then all the better. It’s quite common to turn up early morning on a weekend and still have to queue for a while.

In terms of prices, you’ll find your cheaper and more expensive items on the menu, but overall I  find it quite affordable in comparison to other London cafe’s I’ve dined at in the past. I’m already planning my next visit to try their evening menu. I have my eyes on their peri peri cauliflower wings and chicken kebab with peanut dukkah.

With two successful cafe’s already established, one in Fulham, the other Parson’s Green, Megan’s has just added a third in Balham which is set to open in June this year. So people of Balham look out! Next time I’m in the area I’ll have to check it out and maybe buy a hot chocolate… or two, or three.

Special thanks to Megan’s for making me feel so welcome during my visit



22 thoughts on “The Prettiest Cafe In London

  1. radoycheva says:

    I’m always happy to find new places in my favorite cities. I’ll pin this one on my map for my next trip to London. So cute 🙂


  2. ianandmar says:

    I don’t know what’s the problem with me but hearing all things healthy in a bowl doesn’t sound too enticing to me! LOLLL When you said nice things about the vegan earth bowl, I was like.. okay.. but then you mentioned the half baked cookie dough with pistachio, Nutella and vanilla ice cream. That’s where you got me!!! And add your favourite cup of hot choco… sounds like Megan’s is a blast!


  3. Lyne says:

    This little cafe is so pretty, I love the decoration and the foods look delicious. I had never heard of it before but keeping it for my next visit 🙂


  4. Candy & Crystal says:

    This is the cutest cafe! I would fall in love with this place too. The food looks delicious and it’s great to hear that the service is friendly too. I would love to try the vegan earth bowl.


  5. Alice Ford says:

    I have to say I am a always on the look out for a cute coffee shop or cafe as well. I’m sad I missed this one last time I was in London. It certainly would be one of my favorites too.


  6. Céline C-Ludik says:

    Love hearing about new place like this. Megan’s has some incredible food. I would love to taste the baked cookie dough with pistachio, Nutella and vanilla ice cream… Now I get my mouth watering 🙂


  7. Teresa Trumbly Lamsam says:

    You had me at wisteria, ha! I can understand why this spot is so popular. I would also choose to sit downstairs surrounded by twinkling lights. How relaxing that all sounds. Oh, and we a cup of hot chocolate too. My favorite hot drink — and I”ll drink it in any season, even summer!


    • Nerissa Templin says:

      Me toooo! People always look at me funny when I order it during summer, like it’s supposed to be purely a winter drink. You and I both know that it’s delicious enough to have all year round!


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