The Penthouse To Inspire Your Next Travel Adventure


When it comes to travelling, there’s one thing I always procrastinate on… my accommodation. I know some people love this part of the planning stage, but for me, I find myself getting overwhelmed at the endless choices. So for my last trip to Paris I decided to go straight for Airbnb and well, if this is anything to go by, then Airbnb might just become my go to for future travels.


When I began my travels, I always envisioned myself waking up in a foreign city, spending my days living how the locals live, and seeing the beauty of life from their perspective. I wanted to experience a culture as authentically as possible. Without actually living in a country for a period of time, staying in an Airbnb has been the closest thing for me.

Last year during a trip to Paris, I could have booked myself into a nice hotel, woken up in crisp white sheets, had the buffet breakfast provided and it would have been wonderful. But it also would have been nothing different to what I’d experienced on so many trips before. So with my Airbnb address in hand, I navigated my way from the station to the penthouse apartment I’d be calling home for the next few nights.


Waking up as I did, sun filtering in through the rooftop windows, crossing paths with other residents of the building on my way to a local cafe for breakfast, I could truly imagine what life would be like as a local. And I was loving every second of it!


Out of all the Aibnbs’ I have stayed in across Europe, Australia and America, this aone tops them all. Completely exceeding my expectations, the second I stepped inside, I felt like I had hit the jackpot. It was truly the perfect Parisian escape.

The first thing that caught my eye when I was the size of the apartment. I was expecting something quite small, but as I looked around at the large open space before me I was pleasantly surprised.


The décor of the apartment consisted of both modern and antique furniture, beautiful artwork hanging throughout, and with the natural light coming through the windows, everything blended together perfectly. It was large enough not to feel claustrophobic, but small enough to get that warm cozy feeling.

I especially loved the little touches that the host put together. There were water bottles on the coffee table for us when we arrived, towels neatly laid out for showering and the Wi-Fi password was clearly displayed.


We were supposed to arrive at the apartment around eleven in the morning, however due to unforeseen delays, we arrived closer to midday. Our host was great, he responded promptly to our messages and waited patiently for us to arrive so he could hand us the keys. He was also flexible regarding checkout, kindly allowing us to leave later than originally planned. All signs of being a great host in my opinion.


You’ll find this incredible penthouse apartment located on Rue Tiquetonne, Ile –de- France, only a 15 minute walk to the Louvre. This street can become a little busy at night, however with the double glazed windows you won’t hear a thing.

And there’s nothing better than waking up in the ‘city of love’ and starting off your day with a traditional Parisian breakfast. Coffee, crepes, croissants, I couldn’t have asked for more. Just a short walk from the apartment, I was definitely spoiled for choice. Seated at our tiny table amongst the locals, we spent a good hour just eating and drinking coffee as we watched the world go by.



Don’t get me wrong, I love experiencing luxury hotels as I travel, I mean who doesn’t! But with the amount of travelling I do, Airbnb is often the more affordable option.

At €140 a night I would say that’s a bargain for this place. Especially because it sleeps up to four people. That’s only €35 per person per night. Not a bad deal if you ask me!

22 thoughts on “The Penthouse To Inspire Your Next Travel Adventure

  1. tanamerarumbai says:

    You found yourselves a great Airbnb in Paris. A penthouse and spacious. Just a walking distance to a traditional Parisian breakfast. What else do you need? I’ve stayed at Airbnb twice. The first one was nice and homey, the second one was unique with adventurist feeling when we slept there.


    • Nerissa Templin says:

      When it comes to accommodation, I always stay in Airbnb if I can. this one in Paris was my favourite until last week. I just got back from Italy, exploring the Amalfi Coast etc., and the Airbnb I stayed in was beyond beautiful. The view looked like a painting, I couldn’t believe it was real!


  2. ashleyncahill says:

    I’ve only used Airbnb once so far, but I absolutely loved it. Jt gave me the chance to stay in a part of the city I would have been nowhere near in a hotel.


  3. Stella Jane says:

    That Air Bnb really does look luxurious! And how nice to be so close to the Louvre! I love the photo of the breakfast too. It’s great that your host was so accommodating. This seems like an experience that worked out really well.


  4. OurSweetAdventures says:

    We have yet to use air bnb maybe because of worry or because of not getting along with hosts or other reasons. It does sound like a great scratch that, awesome way to really experience the city and feel like a local. Great article!


    • Nerissa Templin says:

      Majority of the Airbnb’s I stay in are private, which is great because I don’t have to worry about sharing with others or getting in the hosts way. The odd few which have been a room in someone’s house have been fine. The hosts and I barely even crossed paths. I find that they’re there to answer your questions when you arrive and then they just go on with their day as do you. Do your research though and read reviews, because you can end up in a not so great place.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Annie Soul says:

    I like mixing it up – Airbnb is great but throw in a couple of hostel stays to find out whats going on too! I do need to go soak up some Parisian vibes though, thanks for the reminder!


  6. Unta says:

    I use Airbnb very often while traveling, it’s affordable, you can find amazing apartments and meet some local people. Love how you try to find apartment with a good view.


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