A Creative Escape To Paris

As one of the most visited cities in the world, Paris is high on everyone’s bucket list. From Michelin star restaurants, designer fashion, and incredible architecture, the city of love has something for everyone. But have you ever considered ditching the tourist attractions and experiencing Paris in a more unique way? Well I did, and it was amazing!

When I told my friends in London that I was going to Paris to do a baking class, I had one common reaction. Surprise and shock. “You’re going to Paris just to do a baking class?” they all said. Paris being only a 2.5 hour train ride away, my immediate thought was Absolutely! Why not? 

A few years ago, I took a trip to Seoul, South Korea and when purchasing my ticket, I had one thing in mind – to immerse myself in the culture. Sometimes when we travel we get stuck in the routine of visiting only tourist attractions and we don’t fully embrace the culture that surrounds us. During my trip I participated in a three day temple stay and it was absolutely incredible. Since then, I always try and find something creative  to do in the places I visit.

When it comes to baking, well I absolutely love it! Pastry however, is something I’ve always struggled with, so for something fun and a learning opportunity, I enrolled in two classes at La Cuisine Paris. To be able to say I learnt how to make Parisian desserts from a Parisian chef, I mean, how amazing is that!

Arriving in Paris early morning, I had a few hours to spare before class, so I wandered the cobblestone streets filled with cute cafes and boutique shops, enjoying a coffee and croissant along the way.

Walking along the seine river as I made my way to La Cuisine Paris, the smell of freshly baked bread drew me to the nearby market stalls. I couldn’t wait to try the array of cheeses and jams, making sure to buy some for my train journey home.

Arriving at La Cuisine Paris, I was greeted by the chef and introduced to my fellow classmates. Putting my apron on and looking over my recipe, I was ready to get my bake on! First up was Eclairs. Pastry chef Segolene, was incredible. She demonstrated and talked us through each step of the recipe, pinpointing common mistakes beginners often make and letting us in on a few tricks of the trade. I learnt a lot from her and OH MY GOSH the final product was to die for! I couldn’t believe I made something so delicious!

After the Eclairs it was time for French Tarts with chef Guillaume. The group was great, very entertaining and I even met a girl from my hometown – Melbourne, Australia. The tarts turned out perfect and if I had concerns with pastry before, well I don’t anymore. My experience at La Cuisine Paris was everything I hoped for and one I’ll never forget.

I absolutely love trying new things when I travel. It not only pushes the boundaries of my comfort zone, but I leave having learnt something new about myself. I can’t wait to continue on this creative travel journey of mine, inspiring others along the way.

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