My Favourite Jewellery with Ettika

New seasons bring on new trends to invest in. From chokers and delicate bracelets to holiday themed rings and statement earrings, jewellery is a staple in every girls closet.

When it comes to my style, well, it changes a lot. I dress depending on my mood and my purchases are often influenced by my travels. I’m all about simple elegance, accessorising my outfits with a cute pair of heels, a pop of colour on my lips or adding a statement jewellery piece.

As you all know, when I travel, I pack super light and I don’t tend to pack a lot of jewellery with me. However, in saying this, the one thing I can’t leave home without is my Ettika necklaces! My collection is quickly becoming seasoned travellers and I love getting creative with them, turning a choker into a head piece for that festival feel, or layering my items together for a fun day out with the girls.

In my opinion beautiful jewellery shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions. I say wear it wherever you go, however you want. With Ettika’s handmade bohemian jewelry, I’m reminded of just how easy it is to bring a touch of glam into my everyday life.

My favourite pieces right now are my down the spiral staircase choker and delicate balance necklace. For a relaxed day look, I like to pair them with jeans and an off the shoulder jumper or a cute summer dress. At night, I’ll often layer them together to spice things up.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’m gifting their celebutante bracelet in gold and cream to my soul sisters. Every year on Valentine’s Day we buy each other a little something, because to us, love for a bestie is just as important as love for a partner.

Annnnnnd from now until, well forever, you can use code hannah_mollyrose to receive 15% off Ettika online!  (discount cannot be combined with any other offer, exclusions apply).

My love for this jewellery range is strong. So strong that I’m now an Ettika ambassador and I’m so excited to be able to share these beautiful pieces with you! I hope you love them just as much as I do.

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