How To Spend A Weekend In Copenhagen


For the last few years Copenhagen has been voted the happiest city in the world, and I must admit, indulging in their incredible pastries every chance I got – I was extremely happy!


This was by far my favourite area of Copenhagen. Lined with colourful seventeenth century townhouses, cute cafes and incredible boutiques, I had the best afternoon strolling along the river, a cup of hot chocolate in hand as I passed locals who unlike me, were seemingly unaffected by the cold.




If you’re into interior design then the shopping area of Stroget is where you want to be. I’ve never seen so many boutiques in one spot, focused entirely on items to make your home cosy. I wanted to buy everything in sight! We did our shopping (or in my case window shopping) on Saturday, which was lucky because had we decided to do it on Sunday, the majority of stores would have be closed.

We stumbled upon an interiors store called Hay House, which I highly recommend a visit too if you have time. Because even if you’re not in the market for a new chair or lampshade, a trip to the stores top floor will have you seeing an incredible view of the cities square.



After forty minutes queuing up, we made our way through security and into an elevator that had an old world charm to it. Reaching the top, I can say with certainty that the view was well worth the wait. Seeing the city from above, the architecture of the houses, snow blanketing the streets, it was truly amazing.



This sculpture is the most famous mermaid statue in the world. Located at Langelinje Pier it’s the second most photographed site in Copenhagen after Nyhavn. Inspired by Hans Christian Andersons’s fairytale, it’s over 100 years old. Tourists flock to this area so to beat the crowds an early morning trip is best.



For an amazing meal you can’t beat Zalt Aps. We went here for dinner and it was so good we returned the next day for breakfast. They do a great mixture of both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes, and I opted for the braised beef. It was the best braised beef I’ve ever had and the portion size was huge. If I ever go back to Copenhagen, this place will definitely be one of my first stops.


For dessert, or even just a sweet treat, Lagkagehuset is where you want to be. Copenhagen is known for having some of the best bakeries around and I couldn’t agree more. My sweet tooth, and the baker in me, was in absolute heaven!


Located a two minute walk from the main Copenhagen station, Hotel Astoria makes a great base for exploring the city. Providing guests with a free glass of wine in the evenings and free coffee in the mornings, we were all smiles when the concierge informed us of these extra perks.

The hotel is situated within the red light district, however having said this, Copenhagen’s red light district is considered one of the safest in the world. We didn’t actually realise we were in said area until we got back from our trip and a friend mentioned it to us. The only indication thinking back on it now, was the odd erotic shop we walked past.


24 thoughts on “How To Spend A Weekend In Copenhagen

    • Nerissa Templin says:

      Omg no! I had no idea this library even existed and as a book lover and someone who loves beautiful libraries, I can’t believe I missed this! I’ll definitely have to go back and check it out.


  1. Candy Waltrip says:

    I didn’t know that Copenhagen was voted the happiest city in the world. Now, this really makes me want to visit. I love that mermaid statue and it’s impressive that it’s 100 years old!


  2. Life of Nomads says:

    wow your pictures make me want to go to Copenhagen right now!! I’ve been before when I was a lot younger and didn’t get to explore the way I would now. Adding it to our list of travels and pinning this guide for later!


  3. Kaisa Wayrynen says:

    Holy molies your pictures are stunning. Can I ask, what camera/presets you recommend? Whenever I see some that jump out at me like this I can’t help myself 😛
    Awesome post!! Copenhagen seems like a magical place for sure.


  4. Valerie Hansen says:

    Loved reading this and seeing your pics..I am so dying to go to Europe..I have never 54 ..I better hurry up..lots to see!



  5. olyboly92 says:

    Great post. Copenhagen is actually pretty beautiful from what I saw so far online and would like to go there once. Is a weekend enough or should I do a longer trip? And how many days would you recommend?


    • Nerissa Templin says:

      I thought a weekend was enough time to hit all the major spots within the city and it didn’t feel too rushed either. There are neighbourhood areas you can visit which I’ve heard are quite nice, but I haven’t actually done these myself. If you want to add this to your list then I’d recommend at least four days.


  6. JC says:

    Copenhagen seems as if it were designed to be the perfect weekend visit – hoping to stop here shortly, even if it’s just for an extended layover. Drooling over your braised beef from Zalt Aps – one of my favorite meals.


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