Our Winter Weekend In Copenhagen

For the last few years Copenhagen has been voted the happiest city in the world. And I must admit, indulging in their incredible pastries every chance I got – I was extremely happy!

what’s there to do

Nyhavn Lined with colourful seventeenth century townhouses, Nyhavn is a photographers dream. It’s also a popular spot with romantic couples who travel to leave their locks of love on Copenhagen bridges. As Luca and I strolled through the area, we stumbled upon quaint little cafes and watched on as locals huddled around cups of coffee, seemingly unaffected by the cold weather.

Stroget Situated in the heart of the city, the shopping area of Stroget is the number one place to buy the latest fashion trends and everything home ware. If you’re there on a Sunday, majority of stores will be closed, but Hay House remains open, and if you take a trip to the top floor you’ll be treated with an incredible view of the square.

Christiansburg Palace Tower After queuing up for fourty minutes, we finally made our way through security and into an elevator that had an old world charm about it. Fitting a maximum of eight people in the lift, we squished ourselves in and road the elevator to the top floor. As we came to a stop, the all familiar ping went off, signalling we had reached our destination. The only problem, the doors remained shut. Eight strangers squished together in this tiny box all mirrored the same look, “you’ve got to be kidding me.”

Fifteen minutes later, with all technical issues fixed, Luca and I exchanged looks of relief as the doors open successfully. Stepping out, I can say with certainty that it was well worth the wait. Seeing the city from above, the architecture of the houses, snow blanketing the streets – it was truly amazing.


For an amazing meal you can’t beat Zalt Aps. Ordering braised beef from the menu, every bite was better than the last. If I ever go back to Copenhagen, this would definitely be my first stop.

For dessert or even just a sweet treat, Lagkagehuset is where you want to be. Copenhagen is known for having some of the best bakeries around and I couldn’t agree more. The apple crumble was incredible!

where to stay

Located a two minute walk from the main Copenhagen station, Hotel Astoria makes a great base for exploring the city. Providing guests with a free glass of wine in the evenings and free coffee in the mornings, the hotel has never looked more appealing. The hotel is situated in the red light district, however having said this, Copenhagen’s red light district is concidered one of the safest in the world. We didn’t actually realise we were in said area until we got back from our trip and a friend mentioned it to us. The only indication thinking back on it now, was the odd erotic shop we walked past.

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