Hidden Gems In Cyprus


From the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon to the natural rock formations of Avakas Gorge, Cyprus is one of the top Mediterranean Islands to visit this summer.

Waiting for our flight to take off, I could hear the whisper of conversations amongst the other passengers, the occasional cough, babies crying, flight attendants completing their final checks… and then there’s me, head resting on Luca’s shoulder thinking all I want to do is sleep. I always sleep on flights, I’m definitely not that chatty person talking to the stranger next to me about where I’m from or where I’ve just been. I’m usually always on ridiculously early morning flights, and I’m definitely not a morning person. So I closed my eyes knowing that in about two hours’ time, I’d be waking up in Cyprus.



Cyprus is a peaceful slice of heaven, that did not disappoint. With sand that’s as soft as pillows and sunsets that will take your breath away, I was left speechless on multiple occasions at the natural beauty of the island.


A split level waterfall cascading down into aqua blue water. The baths are small, intimate feeling, and as I relaxed on a lounge chair surrounded by beautiful flowers, dragonflies and foliage I was the most relaxed I’d been in days.

Knowing that the baths can become quite crowded, we arrived early morning and were lucky enough to have it to ourselves for the majority of our time there.

The drive to the baths can be quite challenging, so you need to be prepared. We made it there and back in our Ford Fiesta rental car, although there were times when we definitely thought about turning back. A dirt road full of pot holes, rocks and unfenced cliff drops, – I’d recommend a 4X4 for this kind of drive.



With its natural rock formations that reach  up to thirty meters high, and the array of wild plants that run along the base of the gorge, I can understand why it’s been voted the best place to visit in Cyprus. During autumn and winter the gorge becomes a flowing river, but the rest of the year, it’s the perfect thirty minute hike to the centre of the gorge.



Peering down from the top of the trail to the crystal clear waters below, I immediately fell in love. Cyprus being as beautiful as it is, we decided to ditch the car and hike down to the lagoon on foot. It was a challenging hike because it was so hot, but incredibly rewarding.

Reaching the lagoon I was surprised to see that there was minimal sand, the majority of people placing their belongings and attempting to sun bake on surrounding rocks. Not wanting to waste any time, we placed our backpacks down and within seconds were swimming in the clearest water I have ever seen.



No trip to Cyprus is complete without enjoying the local cuisine. Taking flavours from signature Greek and Turkish dishes, the food found in Peyia (which is the area we were staying), was ultra fresh and ultra tasty. After indulging in freshly baked bread, hummus and tzatziki, this cuisine has quickly become one of my favourites. 


18 thoughts on “Hidden Gems In Cyprus

  1. Amy Dodd says:

    Such beautiful photos! Makes me miss the beach so much. It’s a goal of mine to visit Cyprus, and totally saving this for when I do!


  2. Mama Travels Earth says:

    Wow beautiful photos! I’ve never been to Cyprus but it looks and sounds amazing, will definitely put these places on my bucket list


  3. Emily Lush says:

    The colours of Cyprus are just divine! It’s been on my radar for a few years… Since we’re going to Italy next year, I think it’s finally time we paid Cyprus a visit. I’m always on the look out for hidden gems… I’ve discovered a few in small towns and homestays around Northern Vietnam (a very different vibe to Cyprus, of course!).


  4. NAMRASTAN says:

    I’n happy you get to sleep on planes, cause no matter how tired or sleepy I am, I can’t seem to fall asleep in a sitting position. That been said, sounds like you had a nice trip to Cyprus, it does indeed look and sound like a piece of heaven! Especially the Blue lagoon (except for all those people).


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