3 Minute Organic Face Routine

Do you really need multiple cleansers, moisturisers and exfoliators? it may seem necessary, but more products equals more time spent in the mornings and an increased exposure to chemicals.

According to an article published by Sheerluxe, between skincare, make-up and perfume, women apply on average 168 chemicals to their faces and bodies everyday. Whilst some are completely harmless, others have been proven to disrupt hormones as well as being neurotoxins.

I’ve always been a huge fan of organic skincare and when it comes to my face routine, I like to keep it simple. And by simple, I mean simple!

Every morning I wash my face with cold water (mainly to wake myself up!), pat dry and then apply a small amount of moisturiser. No cleansers and no toners. I’ve been doing this routine since I was a teenager and I very rarely experience breakouts.

Now when switching to natural products, unexpected breakouts can occur, but it’s not the product causing it like most people would think. A friend of mine who is a naturopath says that when switching to a natural product, if your skin is full of toxins or quite oily, then breakouts will occur. It’s your skins way of detoxifying itself. To avoid this, she suggests not to switch all your products at once. And yes, the breakouts will be annoying but if you stick with it, your skin will be cleaner and healthier in the long run.

My go to moisturiser is Natio’s Aromatherapy Intensive Moisturising Day Cream. This plant derived moisturiser keeps my skin soft and hydrated and I like that it not only feels light on my skin but that it doesn’t leave any oily residue. I’ve always suffered from dry skin, especially during winter time, but since using a small amount on my face every morning, it’s no longer a problem. I also love that it’s made in Australia, it’s like having a piece of home with me whilst I’m travelling.

At night, my face routine is just as simple. I wash my face with warm water and exfoliate with a dehydrated facial sponge. I have one that’s made from vegetable fiber, it honestly works better than any facial scrub I’ve tried in the past. I came across it during my travels in London and now I don’t travel without it. What’s great is that it’s so small it takes up the tiniest amount of space in my bag.


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