eBay for Charity

Living in different locations and travelling around the world is incredible, I absolutely love it! The only slight downside (if you can even call it that) is when I leave one location for another, I can’t take all my belongings with me. So what do I do?

Every time I move to a new location, I do a big clean out and sell a bunch of my items through eBay with a percentage of the sale going to charity. I absolutely love this feature that eBay offers because  it’s so easy to do,  you simply select your desired charity when creating your listing and choose a percentage of the sale to be donated.

There are so many great charities to choose from, I can never decide on just one, so I always end up choosing a different charity each time.

From clothing to home ware, my style is often influenced by my travels, so what I sell varies quite a lot. To check out my current items click here and it will take you through to my eBay account. Happy shopping!

*any questions about the items please go through eBay*

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