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DIY gift for a motorcyclist

How to choose a motorcycle helmet? What to consider when choosing a helmet, and what to look out for first.

Reading time 11 minutes
Guardiola goes on record of the century

The main events of Saturday in European football.

Reading time 23 minutes
What to choose for a woman: be a lover or a wife who is cheated on by her husband

What should a woman choose: to be a mistress or a wife who is being cheated on by her husband? Moscow, 27.02.2021, 21:50:26, edited by PRONEDRA.RU, author Anna Fedorova. Life is so unpredictable that sometimes it is not

Reading time 22 minutes
DIY gift for a Muslim woman

Captured French generals, who bravely withstood the siege and the final assault - Chabot, Dubois, Livron and Verrier - arrived on the ship to Ushakov. The French generals, snatching out the prudent orders of the admiral and the bravery of the Russian troops, admitted that they never imagined that we with ...

Reading time 25 minutes
Doctor Komarovsky about lamblia in children: symptoms and treatment methods

It is difficult to single out a single remedy that ideally fights fleas in an apartment, a private house. However, the most popular flea remedies can be identified, which have already helped millions of people get rid of dangerous parasites in an apartment, private house.

Reading time 10 minutes
Stels 600 Benelli

Your Jupiter 5 bike stalls? The article gives recommendations on how to convert a motorcycle to a contactless ignition system and improve the standard system by revision.

Reading time 16 minutes
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