Santorini – Flight Mode On


I can’t believe how fast this year is going, it’s already September! That’s only four months until Christmas!!! At the same time, I feel like I’ve achieved so much. I’ve changed careers, started writing a novel, traveled to ten new destinations within Europe (that’s one place every two weeks) took up baking classes in Paris, maintained a social life and so much more. 

Because I’m always on the go, constantly looking to tick the next thing off my bucket list, before I know it, another week, another month, and another year has passed. So one thing I’m learning to do a lot more of, is to just stop. To take a deep breathe and take it all in. Acknowledge my hard work and what I’ve accomplished, and know that I don’t always have to be ‘doing something’ on my travels. Sometimes it’s just nice to go somewhere and have some much needed chill time. 

Which is exactly what I wanted from my trip to Santorini. This place has been at the top of my bucket list for as long as I can remember, and I wanted nothing more than to sit back, relax and just take it all in. 

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Real Life Fairytale Castles


It would make sense, that with my German heritage, my first solo trip to this amazing country would be thoroughly planned, right? Days filled with beautiful countryside, leisurely strolls through villages that look like giant gingerbread houses, and of course the incredible alps.

I mean, that all sounds wonderful and something I will definitely be doing in the future, but with only a weekend getaway in sight, I had one thing and one thing only on my mind. Neuschwanstein Castle. Yes, that’s right, the most famous ‘real life’ fairytale castle in the entire world, and what most people refer to as The Disney Castle.

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24 Hours In Brussels

Blog Pics

With the Amalfi Coast ticked off my bucket list, I was feeling in the mood for more of a city break for my next destination. Somewhere not overly expensive where I could walk, explore and have some much needed cafe time. 

Having heard that you can do Brussels in a day, I thought, why not? and booked myself a ticket. It still feels surreal that within two hours I can go from being in London to being in an entirely different country. I absolutely love it!

So off to Brussels it was for me – the land of world famous chocolate and waffles. And it didn’t disappoint!

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Social Media – It’s So Good But It’s So Bad


When it comes to social media, you either love it or you hate it. And for a long time, I absolutely loved it. Being able to share my life abroad with family and friends by uploading a photo or writing a blog post, definitely had it’s advantages. And well, in all honesty, still does. I no longer have to worry about expensive phone calls or sending the same picture multiple times. And as a bonus I’ve been able to connect with like minded people along the way.

But with the rise of social media and the way in which these platforms are being used, it has come to my attention that as much as it’s a blessing, it can also be a curse. 

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