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Step-by-step instructions for insulating a balcony with foam blocks

The foam blocks are lightweight, both in weight and in use. With minimal construction skills, you can easily build foam blocks on the balcony and on your own.

Reading time 10 minutes
Training program for gaining muscle mass in the legs for girls

What does the fantastic growth of bitcoin mean? Why do Americans not need a dialogue with Russia? Why black actors are now playing whites? What can Lukashenko expect from Tikhanovskaya's "fantastic plan"

Reading time 21 minutes
Cute octopus for the development of fine motor skills with your own hands

Merry Octopus: a lesson in the macrame technique for children of primary and secondary school age - the magazine "Games and Toys. Expert" issue №2 2020

Reading time 21 minutes
Replacing mica in the microwave with your own hands - easy and simple

All Electrolux dishwasher error codes known to the service center. Detailed description of errors i10, i20, i30, etc.

Reading time 18 minutes
The best oven cleaner from grease and deposits at home quickly and easily

The magazine "Consumer" has already talked about glass ceramics: what kind of material it is, what are its advantages, how it should be looked after and what is glass ceramics afraid of. This time we decided to carry out practical tests of the commercially available glass ceramic cleaning agents.

Reading time 15 minutes
Features of the use of acrylic putty for wall decoration

Removing beacons after plastering - is it necessary to pull it out, why do it. Is it possible to leave the lighthouses in the plaster without consequences, in which cases it is not worth removing. Technology for removing beacons from the wall, how not to damage the coating

Reading time 17 minutes
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