Advice For Solo Travellers: From Me To You


When I was growing up, I struggled to stay at friends houses for sleepovers or birthday parties. The unfamiliar surroundings made me feel uneasy and I was petrified of being away from my family and the comfort of my home. I wouldn’t even walk down a separate isle to my mum in the grocery store for fear of losing her and being on my own.

So who would have thought that years later, I’d be embarking on solo travel to foreign countries around the world, and loving every second of it.

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The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Geneva


It had been six weeks since I packed my passport into my Dakine backpack. Six weeks since I had caught the Gatwick express, and six week since I last endured the process of going through airport security. Six weeks and I was dying to go somewhere. There’s no questioning that I caught the travel bug years ago, and with a long weekend approaching in the UK, I knew this was my opportunity to cross another destination off my bucket list. 

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The Prettiest Cafe In London


Spring has arrived (finally!) and London’s cafe scene is busier than ever. With wisteria covered entryways and rooftop terraces, it’s obvious that fireplaces and warm cider have been long forgotten.

The cafe culture is big on this side of the world, and I have to admit that I’m definitely apart of it. I love finding cafe hidden gems and right now I’m seriously obsessed with one in particular. Where is it, you’re all wondering? Well that’s easy, it’s non other than Megan’s in Fulham.

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