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Replacing the timing belt VAZ 2113, 2114 and 2115 with your own hands

Mental health on the EUROLAB portal - diagnostics and treatment, description of the causes and symptoms of diseases. Dyscalculia.

Reading time 24 minutes
Features of DRL according to the rules of the road

What are the requirements for DRL. Traffic rules on navigation lights by car. How to properly install DRL on a car according to the rules.

Reading time 22 minutes
Choleretic salad Marco Polo to improve the outflow of bile

The choleretic victory of our football losers at the European Football Championship 2012 melted like winter snow under the hot April sun. Our people have lost the joy of a victorious Anschluse to the giants of world football. Dick Advocaat, covering his tracks, took off to his place "nah nauz". The rest stretched out into their native borders. Booed Fisenko tries on a new throne for himself, or maybe

Reading time 20 minutes
And Lesha will come out; and 9 more will accept the beloved Soviet childhood

From the author: Each new generation, looking at children, says: “They are completely different! Nowadays ... ". I, looking at the children,

Reading time 20 minutes
Where did fortune-telling come from

Divination at Christmas is not a Christian tradition. I must say that the church has always been against fortune-telling. There are explanations for this. The fact is that the culture of the Slavs is very unique. Long before the advent of Christianity, the Slavs worshiped pagan deities. The church and the new faith did not succeed in eradicating pagan traditions and customs. Almost all Christian holidays are superimposed on top of the previous, pagan ones.

Reading time 20 minutes
How so? Celebrities with the same name who look very similar

You've definitely met alike twin stars or celebrity namesake. But we will tell you about amazing coincidences - stars with the same names, which are also very similar in appearance.

Reading time 23 minutes
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